A Lovely Italian Makeup Swap

This week a parcel turned up from my lovely friend Fiamma, who has a really interesting blog written in both Italian and English (a definite must read). 

We arranged to do a makeup swap quite afew months back but decided to wait until the weather in Italy wasn't hot to send the parcels. Ofcourse Fiamma being alot savvy-er than me knew alot of UK brand already and wanted to try afew things from No7 and Barry M. I on the other hand didn't have a clue about brands such as Kiko or Madina so I just left it upto Fiamma! 

However I am more than pleased with what she sent me, the quality of the products is amazing and all the shades are definitely what I'd pick for myself (the pic above only being half of what she sent). 
So I thought it would be nice to go though the products I've already tried out and love! 

Kiko Luxurious Eyeshadow Palette - Moscow Chic Peach

This came in a lovely Carmel coloured soft sleeve and is actually so beautiful, from the palette with it's embellished Swarovski crystal to the five lovely shades. 
My favourites already being the second one in and the two lighter shades at the end. I thought I may not like the pink shade however it is so light and sparkly I can't not love it. The eyeshadows are also so, so soft! 

Fiamma also sent me the Kiko Mineral Khol in White Rose, which is meant for the waterline to brighten the eye, which I'm eager to use to see if it does actually make my eyes look brighter and more awake. 

Madina Milano Sea Bright Eyshadow 

Again this is just so beautiful, something you would expect to see from maybe Estee Lauder costing quite abit but this was only 4 euros (they also ship to the UK, which I'm already thinking about) As for the quality of this, it is truly amazing, really velvety! 
I really need to try more of these already. 

Kiko Nail Lacquers

Top - 278 Micro glitter Dark Orchid Bottom - 230 Sparkle Touch Rainbow Glitter

Fiamma actually sent me SEVEN nail polishes but these have to be my favourites by far! As soon as I opened the parcel I had to swatch them over the nail polish I was wearing
The Dark Orchid nail polish actually reminds me of a lovely Nars polish that I've been lusting after for ages but fail to justify the price.  As for the other polish this will be perfect for over reds and golds at Christmas, cannot wait to try it out and show it off in a Nail of the Day.

Kiko Double Glam Eyeliner in Gold and Wood 

This is actually so like the Urban Decay 24/7 liners but better and richer! The shades on both ends are so intense and creamy. Really looking forward to using wood on the upper lashline then smudging it out with a liner brush. I actually swatched these on the back of my hand and hours later I had trouble removing it with soap and warm water!

Also loving - Essense Colour & Shine Lipstick Pencil in Party Goer: This is the prettiest berry shade and applies really nicely. My kind of lipstick! 
Diego dalla palma eye pencil: I actually tried this out as soon as I could, the quality is superb, really dark brown and super long lasting. I can really see this becoming my go-to eyeliner. 
Cargo Coral Beach Blush: This is similar to the George Shimmer palette I mentioned afew days ago. Just a really lovely blush/bronzer that gives that shimmer to the cheekbones and even the collarbone!

I have to say a big, big thank you too Fiamma and I really hope your enjoy your products just as much as I'm enjoying mine! 

Fee xx 



  1. Wow! They seem amazing! Are these available on eBay? Are they drugstore brands?

  2. That gold eye liner is SOO nice!! I'm still hesitant to wear the UD ones LOL x

    Kaushal xx

  3. I'm sooo happy about that. Amazing pics as usually :***
    I posted on it too!

  4. I love these products, the packaging is pretty and the products look good quality! I love the gold liner too - where can I get one ??


  5. Amazing! Great idea, and yet another great blog post! love your blog! :)


  6. Wow the kiko range looks gorgeous, might have a look at it! Lovely pics

  7. Having a makeup swap with someone in a different country sounds like such a great idea! Asian makeup is pretty great - you should find someone with an Asian beauty blog to try and do a swap with!

  8. I'm so glad people in my country are spreading around the Kiko and Madina goodness :)
    We usually moan about the lack of good cheap products here (I'm not an exception) but forget about all the good stuff we have!

  9. I've never heard of Kiko, but goshhh, that palette is GORGEOUS. The casing itself is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  10. great swap! all the products you got were absolutely gorgeous!

  11. I'm loving the eye pencils, they look super duper pigmented!

  12. @Meowcake - There are afew eyeliners/lipliners by Madina on Ebay..but you can actually buy Madina makeup online here - http://www.madina.it the postage to the UK is around 4 euros.

    Think Madina is more of a drugstore brand and Kiko is abit more expensive!

    @Kaushal - The gold eyeliner is really beautiful, but I do know what you mean about the UD ones.

    @Olivia- Thanks so much for the lovely products, mwah. x

    @Bettina - Sadly they only sell Kiko products in Italy, France, Germany and Spain!

    @Gem - They all really are!

    Fee x

  13. @Sam - It was a lovely swap to do! Also thanks for the nice comment :)

    @Kirsty - I know, I'd never heard of Kiko before but love all the products especially the eye pencil and nail polishes.

    @Rachel - It was a really lovely swap to do...totally know what you been about Asian makeup brands...they have so many interesting products and ofcourse sell alot of Anna Sui, which seems impossible to get here anymore!

    @Stregalice - Yes, Fiamma did mention that makeup isn't that cheap...but you really do have great quality makeup to make up for it :)

    @Susalie - The palette is gorgeous isn't it!

    @Dani - They really are aren't they..think I will be definitel doing a swap again. Such a good way to explore didn't brands.

    @Wande's World - They really are and so creamy! Just perfect.

    Fee x

  14. The Kiko palette is gorgeous! I love the colours and the packaging is really nice. What a great swap. Lots of fun things to try out there!
    Jane x

  15. Ooooh, they look beautiful! Love the palette and the gold liner looks stunning. It must've been pretty exciting to get a box full of stuff you'd never used before. I'd have been like a kid in a candy store! :)

    Looking forward to some reviews if you get a chance - it's be nice to see how the stuff compares to what we have available in the UK ♥

  16. I love KIKO! You can find it in Westfield London.

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