Fish Pedicure at Appy Feet

Yesterday I popped to the newly opened Appy Feet in Preston, Fishergate - the most appropriate place for it don't you think? 

I really didn't know how I'd react, seeing as I'd never put my feet in what is practically a fish tank before, however thankfully I really enjoyed it! 

So I thought it would be worthwhile to explain the process and the actual feeling of little teethless fish sucking at your toes!

Now if I'm right in thinking all the Appy Feet stores are situated in shopping centres or atleast on busy highstreet with lots of shops, which is such a good idea. Because if you anything like me - after hours of shopping in the Trafford Centre you would give anything to dip a toe into of one there fountains. However sadly it isn't really allowed!  

But now there's Appy Feet were you can sit back and rest your tired, achey feet for 15-30 minutes while the little Garra Rufa fish get to work! Then walking out feeling refreshed (has to be better than sitting on a bench to get the strength to shop some more)!

As for the shop itself it's really open plan and while I was there lots of people freely came in to have a look at what it was about and definitely weren't pounced apon or asked in they had an appointment (as no appointment is ever needed, you can just drop in while out shopping).

Also I noticed a really mix of people having it done - actually quite afew men! I really think this is because it's alot less intrusive than a foot pedicure in a salon and also alot more fun. 

Anyway onto the treatment itself...

First of all your assigned a member of staff who gives you some stylish Croc shoes to wear...then your taken over to the foot washing area to simply rinse away any sock fluff or body cream under warm water. 

After than it's simply a matter of sitting at a pod and placing your feet into the warmish water when your ready! 
I have to say I was slightly hesitant as I placed my feet over the water as they start to pool under them almost waiting to feast! 
But there was actually no need to be worried, at all.  

The sensation is weird, I'm not going to lie, but something that you almost get use to within afew minutes. 
It's a combination of a slight tingling similar to pins and needles and a bubbly feeling!

Also as the pods are in sets of fours there almost a social aspect to it which is quite nice! You end up talking about what it feels like with the person in front of you.
As for the end of the treatment your given a little Appy Feet towel to dry your feet on and some foot lotion.  At this point my feet did feel alot less achy and definitely ready to do more shopping! 

The Results - There in no denying that I can feel a difference in my feet, especially on the tops of my toes and strangely on the tops of my feet! I really think if I kept this up and maybe visited every month I would remove the horrible build up of hard skin around the back of my heels that I've never managed to shift. 

Overall this is actually a really nice experience and something I thoroughly enjoyed. This is also something that would make a great gift at Christmas...and actually something that wouldn't sit in the back of a drawer, unused for months! I already know that atleast three people in my family will be getting a lovely Appy Feet voucher this year. 

As for costs - £10 for 15 minutes or £20 for 35 minutes. 
If your going for the Gift Voucher option again they start at £10 or for £15 you can buy a Appy Feet towel which comes with a £10 voucher. 

All in all this was a really different experience, abit odd but very cool!



  1. Aaahhh I just don't think I could do it! I'm pathetic ;)

  2. i remember thinking this was so bizarre when news of this treatment first started coming out. but i have to say, i'm quite intrigued!

  3. Wow! That's really strange :/ I would probably give it a go if I didn't have such ticklish feet. When I was ill and had to visit the doctors, I had to go without socks because I just couldn't let my mum put them on for me. xoxo

  4. ive always wanted to try this out but we dont have anywhere like this in my home town :)

  5. I think I might treat myself to this at Christmas as i'd love to give it a go! I can't seem to convince anyone I know to come with me though! xx

  6. Even though I live in Preston, I never go there! I really should more often. I remember the last time I went, I was like WHAT THE HELL IS THE MALL!? Haha.

  7. I really wanted this done at the weekend but I didn't get round to it after all the Christmas shopping! It looks really good :)

  8. there's one of these next to my work, and i went in for a look yesterday. i'm absolutely terrified of fish, so when i was offered a try, i was almost in tears at the thought. definitely a great christmas present for someone that isn't scared of fish though!

  9. Oh so going to give it a go! Work in Preston so may pop at lunch.


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  11. wow thats so crazy. i am scared of fish but i actually really want to try this now. Im not sure where I would find one of these places in Canada.

  12. We have one in York and I'm trying to build up the courage to go in - I'm just a bit scared of fish near my feet (I hate the sea!) x

  13. ohh this looks so good I'm going to go when I'm in Edinburgh next week :) eee!!


  14. They have one of these in the shopping centres in Aberdeen. The only problem is that its opposite my work and I can imagine the staff laughing.

  15. This pedicure has intrigued me for quite some time which is weird because I have a foot phobia, I don't think I'd be able to bring myself to actually do it though!!!

  16. I think I'd definitely try this!

  17. *Eeeep* I really want to go give this a whirl my feet are pretty neglected I'm embarrassed to rock up for a pedi and have a human deal with me feet :P

  18. I've had this done too and absolutely loved it! Its wierd but in a good way lol!

    Here's my post about the experience:

  19. Wow. I'd never try it, but I wish I'd want to!

  20. That looks so fun. I've seen a photo of this before and thought I'd like to give it a go but without fully knowing what it involved I didn't pursue it further. Your detailed description has really led me to want to go now and I'm in the process of searching for my nearest store now :-D

  21. hi, are you aware that appyfeet allow people with warts and verruccas into their tanks and theres nothing to stop you picking these up and being contaminated either at the wash stations or the tanks ?

    every boutique place ive spoken to, have exclusions for people with these conditions

    I even spoke to appyfeet pr rep and she had no idea the filtration system would not erradicate these infections

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  23. Lovely and clean, I agree. I know people who have had very different reactions to the whole experience. One of the most entertaining ones has wound up on YouTube, surprise surprise, for your viewing pleasure:

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