8 September 2010

Recycled Makeup Storage

My makeup collection is on the modest side I must admit. I don't even really need storage for foundation, powder or concealer as I simply don't own enough as I stick to what I like really. However when it comes to blushers, nail polish and eyeshadow I do have enough to need to organise it! 

On my desk sits three of the above cracked mirror holders which are actually tea light holder from The Pier (which has now sadly closed). One for brushes, one for eyeliners and the other one for cotton buds and boring things that can be stuffed into it! 
However I have recently discovered something else that I can recycle...

No7 packaging - Anything that is classed as accessories I guess, come in these plastic zip lock pouches...No7 brushes, makeup sponges, cleansing sponges etc.

I have found that these are great for putting 'boring' stuff in that you don't use all that often or even most used products. So there are always to hand and easy to see. 

I'm also thinking these would be great for travelling with, especially one in your hand luggage because of the liquid restrictions in the EU etc. 

I would go into different storage I have, however due to moving house soon everything is packed away! 
But once I have moved in and everything is looking some what organized I think I may have to do a post on it or maybe a 'what's on my desk' type post. 

Do you recycle?


  1. Modist? I hope that was a joke! And I love your brush pot! I use a similar one with clear red glass and mirror tiles!

  2. thats such a clever idea!!!! I always try to recycle, but you've now given me a new idea to use thanks!!!!!

  3. Yes,I always try to recycle!!! This brush pot was wonderful!

  4. I always love to recycle, but right now i have way too much make up to put in makeup bags. I use storage from muji.

  5. i like the no7 pouches. and i always re-use the packaging from gift sets (the body shop have nice boxes and pouches).



  6. i love great packaging. i wish The Pier was still around. it sounds like it's similar to Pier 1 in the US?

  7. Cool!
    Yes I always recycle. :) I think sometimes, the things you recycle is even prettier and more versatile than the expensive products that are out in the market nowadays. =D

  8. Ooo what a cool idea, I use jars mainly, Dowe Egberts coffee has a great jar, when it's finished I use them to store cotton wool, grips, hair bobbles, brushes etc xx

  9. I bought a No7 brush yesterday and was just about to throw the packaging - thanks for the idea, I'll definitely be keeping it now!

  10. These are great ideas. I love the brush holders =)


  11. I recycle whenever I can. I love your mirrored holders and the plastic zip lock bags as storage is a great idea! Love it.
    Jane x

  12. Like the zip lock bags, but am not very good at recycling, I tend to chuck everything in somewhere and forget I have it...I am loathe to throw anything out though.

  13. Hey Fee love the pier's candle holders for my brushes I use a desk tidy which i customised with jewels etc I;ll up load pics on twitter
    Mya (240386 on twitter)

  14. Really cute ideas again.

    This is a slightly different kind of recyling but if you take used and washed cosmetic pots/tubs etc to an Origins counter they'll exhange them for free samples and you don't even have to have any Origins empties to do it.

  15. I hoard things but never seem to use them. I really need to start though because it's ridiculous how much stuff I have and how very little storage there is for it. :/


  16. ahah I did that with the N°7 brushes bags!!!

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