No7 Free Eye Palette Reminder!

I just thought I would remind you all about the No7 offer (which I mentioned last week) so that if you have a £5 No7 voucher you can use it against the Exceptional Definition Mascara (£12.00) before Sunday! As there are only valid until then. Making the mascara only £7!

Which comes with a FREE Define & Shimmer eye palette!  
(However the offer for the eye palette is available until 5th October). 

The shades are really beautiful and perfect for Autumn and also shades that I wouldn't necessarily use.

 So I thought I'd do quite an easy simple look with all four shades just to show them off abit. 
Using the 2nd and 4th shade on the lid, the lightest shades as a highlight along the brow bone and the 3rd shade under the eye, which I actually used with the angled side of the applicator provided. The rest I used one of my own eyeshadow brushes as the other side of the applicator did nothing in the way of picking up the product.

For a free product all the eyeshadows are really good quality and fairly pigmented. There are also very shimmery and quite buttery - if that's the right word!

Anyways I thought I'd leave you with a short video on how to create a new look with both the free No7 palette and the mascara.

Enjoy! x


  1. Thank you!!
    I have a voucher so will definitely be getting this.


  2. I saw this offer in a magazine the other day and I thought oh it's free so it isn't going to be very good but now you have completely changed my mind :) xx

    I'm new to blogger so please feel free to check out my blog, it would be much appreciated :)

  3. Am tempted and am not, I need a new mascara like a hole in the head, and being *cough* over 40, you name it, I've tried it. But thanks for the reminder, I do love your posts, your blog is always helpful and interesting. Thankyou Jan

  4. ooh free stuff! have you dyed your hair? xx

  5. @Lipstickmama - I'm not to sure on the mascara just yet! It really does define each lash but doesn't give any volume at the base of the lashes. But it is a nice everyday mascara.
    Also thanks for your nice words..I'm really glad you find my blog helpful :)

    @Sophie - The palette is really nice actually and even better if you have a No7 £5 voucher and yes I dyed my hair afew weeks ago now - like a chocolate brown colour.

    Fee x

  6. it really suits you, chocolate brown colours are so beautiful especially for when it gets colder! thank you for following me by the way, means a lot :) xxx

  7. wow it looks so gorgeous! and the colours are perfect for the coming season :)

  8. I got these yesterday, it's a fab freebie especially with the £5 off the mascara as well


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