Back to Basics - The Results

So it has been a whole 30 days since I went back to basics with my skincare and have only used soap and water since then. 
If you haven't got a clue to what I'm going on about or why, my Back to Basics post should hopefully make this post more clearer.

I must admit the first week of only using SebaMed and Simple soap was hard and also quite boring. No looking at skincare products while out shopping, no treating myself to a nice face mask and no relaxing routine of removing the day's makeup with the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser. 
I was so bored and ofcourse with it only being a week into my new routine there where no visible results to spare me on.

By week two I was feeling abit more upbeat about it. However due to not using ANY moisturizer my skin was feeling abit tight - it oddly wasn't looking dry though. So I decided to buy an exfoliating sponge from No7 (you can buy them anywhere though) and I also started to use a scrublet to really work in the soap to make sure all my makeup was removed at night! 
After the second week my skin started to show actual signs of improvement, which really give me the incentive to carry on!

Anyways before I ramble on are the much needed before and after images. The left images are the exact ones from my original Back to Basics posts and the right images are literally what I took today. I really did try to match the same lighting and didn't use flash so you can really see if there is a difference.

Feel free to click on the images to ENLARGE them - just don't inspect my enlarged pores for too long!

(without makeup)

(with makeup) 

The Results ...
I really do think there is a difference (which you can maybe see in the top images) in that the almost pigmentation around my chin/mouth area has improved. Also the dumpy texture to my skin around the same area is starting to improve - which was due to whiteheads and having lots of pores around that area. 
Overall I can see skin isn't looking as dull anymore and also not as pink on the sides of my face. So just all round brighter skin.
 As for spots - When I started my new basic routine I counted around 4 or 5 spots on my whole face and through out the whole 30 days I haven't developed any more spots and the ones I did have, have slowly faded.

As for not using moisturizer (which I know alot of people wouldn't dream of doing or think could work) by the 3rd week my nose and chin did look abit dry so I did bend my own rules slightly and used oil free moisturizer by Nivea just on them areas. 
Since then I have used it once more to clear up them same dry patches - so really the smallest amount every over the whole 30 days. Which does show that oily skin really don't need daily moisturizing. 
The main thing I did notice was that my skin has become less oily especially around the sides of my nose in the morning which has made my pores look alot better. As if my skin has adjusted and started to look after itself abit more. Which is what I really wanted. 

The Future...
As for carrying on using just soap and water, I have decided there really is no point in re- introducing products I use to use, as my skin is looking alot better. Which proves using less products is working. 
However like I mentioned I will be using moisturizer when I feel I need it and only putting it on them specific areas and not my whole face - which is what I use to do, daily. 
I'm also introducing one more product that I really do feel I need! Which is the Botanics eye makeup remover. Which I really don't think will effect my skin in anyway however will make my life alot easier, as trying to remove eyeliner and mascara with soap can be abit time consuming and soap in the eyes is never good! 

Things I will be keeping up - Ofcourse only using sulfate free soap which would be something like the SebaMed soap or with very few ingredients.
Also washing my face twice daily without fail and also keeping on using the No7 exfoliating sponge as it really does keep on top of any dry skin. I do avoid using the sponge on my cheeks though as it is too harsh. 
Also through out the 30 days I have been using the Neutrogena rapid spot treatment (which I guess was cheating!) to clear up the spots I already had. Which is something I will carry on using if I get any spot, as it really does work. 

Overall - I really have learnt alot about my skin, however cliche that sounds. I now realize that I was most likely making my skin produce even more oil than it needed too - by using way too many products especially before going to sleep at night. 
Now there is nothing better than just washing my face and it feeling clean. Rather than cleansing and then using toner and then moisturizing, by which time I had created a layer of product that would seep into my skin while I slept to create an oily mess on my skin when I woke up. Something I won't be doing again! 

I've also learnt that simple is just always best...I was actually thinking back the other day to when I had clear skin and realised it was when I was in my early teens and only used soap & water. Ofcourse I didn't have all the annoying womanly hormones that I do now...but skin can react well to just keeping it clean and not over clean. Or overloading it with potions and lotions. 

 Ofcourse this is just my experience of only using soap & water, but I really do hope it can show that maybe we all do use too many skincare product to try and achieve good healthy skin. 
The main thing I have learnt is to really study my skin to see where I have been going wrong, so if any of you are thinking of/ or wanting to improve your skin, I would highly suggest sitting in front of a mirror and just look at them areas you want to improve and work out why they maybe aren't so great and if that means less moisturizer or no more toner then so be it!

I have gone on for far too long now, however feel free to ask any questions and I will make sure to answer them!


  1. Wow - that is actually amazing!

    I personally don't use much on my face. My everyday makeup comes off in the shower with my Neutrogena face scrub and I only use Clinique Superdefence face cream if my skin feels too dry. I only use makeup remover if I've been wearing heavy/ elaborate makeup - my skin has been so much better since I stopped regularly using face creams and changed it to only one and only sometimes!

  2. smart experiment: after your experience I'm really tempted to try it out... I've always my whiterheads and spots on my chin and I can't see them anymore. but I've got my liz earle products to review!!

  3. I can really see a difference in your skin! I bought the Sebamed soap months ago with the same intentions you had and then got swept away by all kinds of other skincare items. My skin as a result is still suffering, so you've inspired me to start using just soap and water as well, and hopefully my results will be as good as yours! Thank you for doing this and for proving that it can actually work :) xx

  4. Yay someone else has tried the SebaMed soap and likes it!

    When I got my first bar I had a BIG discussion with the pharmacist, and he said once people try it they rarely go back to using anything else.

    I'm so happy you posted about it, thank you. I will keep banging the drum about this simple and cheap bar of soap, and the next time Im advising whose eyes glaze over will now be directed to your blog post =)


  5. This is an interesting experiment, there are fab reviews on MUA for using just Dove sensitive soap, but I don't know, it is the tightness that I find a problem. And btw I have my extra strong reading/magnifying glasses on and have enlarged and really your skin is very beautiful, I mean it, it is even toned all over and believe me when you get to 44 you yearn for an even tone. I think L'Oreal did a survey, and it was the uneveness of tone that aged a skin far more than wrinkles. Sorry lecture over, I'm glad it has worked for you, don't forget your sunscreen when you go out though!Now I will stop. Jan x

  6. i definitely see a difference, especially in the redness and texture of your skin.

    after my skin went through that dreaded meltdown, i also "went back to basics." except yours was much more basic than mine :p. i started using gentler cleansers and a more natural moisturizer, i stopped using a toner as well. my skin definitely improved and now, my skin's back to normal.

    i'm still a bit hesitant to try new products but if ever i introduce something new to my routine, i'll definitely choose more natural products.


  7. great post! (and experiment!) One Q; did your face not feel tight after washing? i have oily/combination skin, and whatever cleanser i use my face feels tight after washing if i do not use a moisturiser?

    just being nosey :) xxx

  8. Great post, think I may try this xx

  9. Interesting experiment! There's definitely an improvment on your skin in the "after" pictures.

    I could never stop using moisturizer as my skin is soooooooo dry -_-

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  11. YES, I'm on the soap and water thing too, does the job, though when I'm getting a spot or two I use a bit of a harsher bar (gamophen - it's harsh but does the job!)

  12. well done for keeping it up, your skin really does look great :) xx

  13. Your skin is looking amazing, looks like it was a very successful experiment all in all.

  14. Your skin definitely looks a lot brighter. Well done for keeping it up - I probably couldn't!

    You've really inspired me to take a look at my own skincare routine. I'm still struggling with teenage skin problems and I do think I often just use loads of products that claim to help and some of them might actually be doing nothing or even making things worse. I'm really going to work out what is actually necessary in my routine thanks to you!


  15. wow a fantastic read and what amazingly suprising results. i have never actually thought about ditching my skincare products, but this goes to show that less is quite possibly more x well done x

  16. Oooh Fee, I am really tempted by this - your skin really does look amazing!

    I think we're all so bamboozled into believing that our skin can only be healthy and youthful if we apply tonnes of product, but if anything, I've actually seen a bit of a downturn in the clarity and texture of my skin since I started using so many products. I may be buying a bar of SebaMed tomorrow!

    Thanks for another fab post!

    Rach x

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