Battle of the Dry Shampoos

I promise to not make this a typical review on dry shampoos and I am sure by now most of you have owned a dry shampoo and most likely a Bastiste one!

But what I really want to talk about is powdered dry shampoo over ones in aerosol cans, as I have found that they seem to run out rather quickly! 
Which got me thinking if powdered ones would be better. 

Here are the ones I have tried 
Fenjal Classic Delicate Body Powder 100g - £2.60
Batiste Dry Shampoo Nude 50g - £3.50
Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush 150ml - £2.05
Klorane Extra-Gentle Dry Shampoo 150ml 
(Full size) - £5.99

As you can see the Fenjal one isn't even a dry shampoo but I'll come to that later! 
I would review the Klorane one however to be honest it is over priced and works exactly the same as any other dry shampoo.

As for the Bastiste Blush Dry Shampoo - It has to be my favourite out of the range of canned ranged, it smells really nice and does the job. I also quite like how aerosols feel when you spray them, in a strange way they do feel like they are freshening up the hair. 
So if I had to pick an aerosol version it would be this. However for me it only lasts a month at the most! 

So I decided to go out and buy the Bastiste Nude eco dry shampoo (which is basically un- fragranced talc) and also an actual talcum powder! Both I have been using for the last month and I'm glad to say they both do last alot longer! 

Fenjal Delicate Body Powder 

Bastiste Nude Shampoo 

The difference being the nude shampoo is more finely milled and isn't fragrance - which I am not sure if I'm too keen on. Other than that there seems to be no difference. Both work just as well and remove the grease from the roots of the hair and also give abit of volume. 

Ofcourse the good thing with the Fenjal powder is you get double the amount of product and for 90p less than the Bastiste nude shampoo!
However the one negative about the Fenjal powder is the scent - I personally quite like it...but for some it could be that bit too much. 

However at £2.60 this really is worth a try and you never know this may become your new non dry shampoo, shampoo!


  1. Funnily enough I used some of my Mum's talcum powder yesterday morning insead of dry shampooo as I was unexpectedly staying at hers and I didn't have any with me. It worked pretty well and it sure would last longer than my Batiste. I have quite a few cans of Batiste stashed away though so it'll be a while before I make a switch to something else. Great post xx

  2. Wow Thsnk you so much for this post! I'm wondering if that kind of dry shampoo can be use to tease our hair? would love to know you answer! :)

  3. Hi!This is the firs time I visit your blog because I'm from Italy but I've to say that it's amazing!Your posts are very interesting and I'll talk about your blog with my friends because everyone shuld read it!sorry for my bad english!

  4. I used to use talc on my hair then moved to Batiste but both of them were terrible for my hair, because I have dark hair, it always made my hair look like I had dandruff. The trouble was the more and rubbed it in, the worse it got! So it wasn't a matter of not rubbing it in properly. I just saw an advert on tele for Tresemme foam dry shampoo! I'm tempted to try that one, and I've heard of another one that Lollipop27 likes too but I can't think of it on the top of my head! :p

  5. I hear Superdrugs own brand of dry shampoo is amazing and it doesn't leave your hair all white :)

  6. Great post - I don't know that I would be brave enough to go for straight powder, but agree that aerosols run out quickly and without warning. Thankful for the tips. Jan

  7. Wow, thats so weird, I just did a dry shampoo comparision post on my blog, to see how the new tresemme product faired.

    I really like your blog, I've been checking out out for the last few weeks

    xx polkadot

  8. I guess it's going back to the roots of where the idea for dry shampoo came from (pardon the pun). I don't think I would brave it, I've only just started using dry shampoo and I think I would definitely bodge it and end up with white hair! Not a good look with all of my grey roots anyway! Great idea though for more experienced dry shampoo-ers
    Jane x

  9. i'm currently using the tresemmé dry shampoo but it's rubbish. doesn't give me volume, doesn't take oil off my roots and doesn't refresh the scent of my hair. i'll have to pick up one of the batiste dry shampoos to try.


  10. amazing post! Dry shampoo never seems to work on my hair and makes it look worse, So I just usually use talcum powder and it works ALOT better I find :) and my hair looks alot better!! xx

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  17. This might sound silly but ig you have dark hair get a glass jar & weigh put equal wuantities of finely milled organic corn starch ,( cornflour for British folks like me) sieve it if posdible...mix with equal quantity of organic non sweetened cocoa powder & mix together.Put in a container with a lid with small.holes pocked in the top or buy a chea p old fashioned ground pepper shaker with the little holes in the lid..The n use very dparingly shaking on oily roots and work through the hair ,brush hsir upside down for volume.

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