Favourite Affordable Highlighters

Continuing along the same lines as my last post on affordable blushers, I thought I would review afew highlighter as this is something I have found that isn't hugely available at under £5 or so. 

I have tried to select my most used highlighters but also a range of different formulas - cream, powder and even an eyeshadow and blusher that can be used to highlight. 

My personal favourites above clockwise are - 17 Blush & Glow Peaches & Cream, Bourjois vintage eyeshadow Blanc Diaphane, Collection 2000 Shimmer & Shade Just Peachy, George Shimmer Creme Gold.

George Shimmer Creme 'Gold' - £4.00 (George is the makeup range in Asda supermarket's)  
I have to admit this isn't one of the best looking products with it's cheap plastic packaging and tacky pink lid but it really is a highlighter I use alot. You really need the smallest amount from the 11g pot which can be rubbed into the skin to leave the skin not tacky or greasy at all. But with just a lovely golden glow. The product is also un-fragranced and does last on the skin. As this is a cream highlight I also find it alot easier to work with as it is highly pigmented. Also like the fact that the more you blend this out with your fingers the more subtle the shimmer gets. 

17 Blush & Glow 'Peaches and Cream' - £3.69 
 I did review the blush side here, however I do think the highlight side also deserves a mention as for the price it really is a lovely highlight. Where as the George shimmer creme is a purely gold highlight, this is almost a mix of a gold and white shimmer which adds more dimension to the product. Overall for two products that work great separately and also really well together this is the best £3.69 you could spend if you are looking for a cheap cheek product.

Bourjois Ombre a Paupieres eyeshadow 'Blanc Diaphane' - £5.85
 Bourjois products are always great quality and this really doesn't fail to please even though it technically is an eyeshadow and not a highlighter. However Blanc Diaphane works perfectly as a highlight product especially on the brow bone. Also having the added benefit of not being priced at £6.85 which is what a Bourjois blusher would cost and of course you can use it as it's intended - as an eyeshadow! The only thing I was wasn't impressed with when I bought it, was the amount of products - a measly 1.5g. Having said that I've had this for around 6 months now and have yet to even see any flattening to the domed pressed powder. 

Collection 200 Shimmer & Shade Blush 'Just Peachy' - £ 3.99
 I was considering not including this product due to it being abit weak. However in a certain way this is a good thing as it means you can use this to highlight down the nose or the cupids bow without looking like you have a disco ball for a face. It's basically just a subtle highlight that isn't over glittery or cheap looking, it's just highlights in a nice way (is slightly chalky though). 
 So really it is just a 'nice' product...and at £3.99 for 10g of product I would say it's worth it! 

I've tried my best to cover some cheaper highlighter however there are afew that are worth a mention that I don't own or have used up! - Something that is definitely worth mentioning is the Elf Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal which is supposed to be very similar to Benefit's High Beam (you just need to google it too see some comparisons) personally I'd say it's nearly there just abit more pinker than High Beam. But at a tiny £1.50 this has to be worth it! 
I was also going to mention the Eyeko Touch up & Glow highlighter pen which is/was a really lovely product. However it has sadly been discontinued, the Eyeko cream with extra glow (£8.00) is very similar though and you get a huge pot that will probably last you the next 5 years! 

I'm thinking of focusing on metallic/shimmery eyeshadows in my next post, however if you would like to see a particular type of product make sure to let me know in the comment section! 


  1. i love these posts! i think you should do matte eyeshadows, that would be a challenge they're pretty hard to come by on the high street! xxx

  2. Another great helpful post, I am a complete makeup snob, so it is really helpful and enlightening to find that there is more quality out there than when I last looked around 1978!! Thanks Jan x

  3. I love these posts as well. I think some budget concealers or mascaras would be good as there is such a variety of good products out there - it's hard to know which ones to go for sometimes!

  4. i used the same bourjois e/s as highlight as their blush and e/s looks the same to me, so why not pay for less. :-)


  5. Thanks this is great! Thinking of getting all of these now! :) xx

  6. These all look fantastic, but I'm really loving the shimmery gold 'moonbeam' powder in the Topshop makeup collection - I've ended up wearing it every day!

  7. Love these posts! The Eyeko 3-in-1 cream is worth a mention, however I like the original one!

  8. I've given you an award on my blog x

  9. I'd like to try the George one because the swatch looks really nice.. I might have to pop into Asda! Your posts on affordable products are great xx

  10. This is a great series of posts- carry on with them :D
    I really wanna try the george one, i've never seen it before!

  11. i wouldn't mind seeing some metallic shadows. i'm getting used to highlighting too.


  12. The highlighters are wonderful. I enjoy your posts so much! I would love to take a nosy in your collection you always seem to post the products with the cutest packaging! I always highlight I think it's a need while making up your face :)

  13. Cool post, I think a mascara one would be good :D

  14. This is such a good post. I have blanc diaphane already although i use it more as a shadow rather than a highligher and would not qualify it as a highlighter. I need 'george shimmer' and that collection 2000 one in my life: simply gorgeous!!

  15. i love these posts! could you do one on affordable cheek stains/tints please?

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