Another great offer from No7!


As you may of guessed I do like a good offer - but then again who doesn't, we are still in a recession after all!
But most of all I love offers on products that I was already planning on buying and the new No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara was something that I had mentally noted to pick up next time I was in Boots. 

If you are wondering which No7 Stay Perfect Eye Palette the offer is talking about...I can only persume it's the Stay Perfect Trio Eyeshadow palette (£9.75) other than that there's only solo eyeshadows (£7.50). But don't take my word for it! I will find out though. 

It's actually a special palette (see below) that isn't in there normal range...that comes with some lovely Autumn shades.



However it gets better! 
You can also use the No7 free £5 voucher in conjunction with the offer and still get the eye palette free! 
Making the mascara and eye palette only £7.00 in total.


However the window to do this is quite small - the vouchers are valid until 12th September and the other offer starts on the 8th September, so it's really a matter of 4 days to get the free eye palette and also get £5 off the mascara! 

So make sure you make a note of the dates if you have any spare No7 vouchers! 

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  1. They've got a new LE palette for A/W, I wonder if that's the one they're giving away? You'll have to let us know.

  2. oooooh interesting. will keep an eye out x x

  3. ooh thanks for letting us know!I think I will keep hold of my voucher for this xx

  4. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! i love these kind of offers, I've still got 2 vouchers left so def know what I will be spending them on =) x

  5. I got two vouchers and i've been meaning to get that mascara....more reason to buy it now!!! thanks :)

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  7. @Primp and Preen - No it's not the A/W limited edition one, it's one made especially for this offer

    Everyone please enter my blog giveaway, 2 prizes to be won!

  8. Wow that's great wish I was able to take advantage of this!

  9. I got this mascara and it is brilliant.

    The free palette I got was the No 7 Define & Shimmer eye palette which says it will give a touch of Autumn chic.

    To be honest I am not keen on the colours (there are 4) and only really like the third one which is a dark brown colour.

    At least the mascara is fab!

    Thanks for the post! x

  10. amazing palette! the shades are lovely :)

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