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When it comes to Beauty Boxes there is now an overwhelming amount of choice available. From the classic 'blind' boxes where you only find out the contents when you open the box, to one-off boxes where you know what the contents will be before you click the pay button. And of course, there's subscription versus one-off stand-alone boxes. 

For me, the latter style of beauty box simply makes sense which is why the ASOS Beauty Box is one of my favourites, if not my only favourite. You know what the contents will be and there's zero commitment - perfect! 

The ASOS beauty box also includes 5-6 products for only £12. Pretty amazing value! 

This month's ASOS beauty box contents have been left a bit of a mystery but as the box is launching today (9th August) I thought I would share the full contents along with what time it will be launching on ASOS and how it's best to snag one as they have been known to sell out in under 10 minutes in the past! 

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Find the full details for ASOS Beauty Box August 2021 below. 


As mentioned above, the ASOS Beauty Box generally retails for £12-20 and while the price hasn't been confirmed I'm pretty certain this one will retail for £12 as it contains 5 products - 3 full-size products and 2 travel-size products. The box also contains some amazing items from both Charlotte Tilbury and REN so let's jump into what you receive! 

ASOS Beauty Box Contents - August 2021 

(shop this month's box here - will be here once it's gone live!) 

1. REN Clean Skincare Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser - Full-Size 100ml

(Worth £25) 

Maybe the most exciting product in this months box is a full-size REN skin cleanser. This is a pretty new product and one I've seen great reviews of. If you aren't interested in the rest of the contents but have been wanting to try the cleanser then it's still worth picking up the box as it gives an impressive £13 saving!

2. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue - Travel Size 3ml 

(Worth £8.40 ) 

When Charlotte Tilbury is featured in a beauty box I know to run and not walk. While this 3ml same is pretty dinky it comes in a miniature version of the full-size (no card sachet here) and is a good way to try before you buy. 

3. Hair Blast Volume & Growth Elixir - Travel 40ml 

(Worth £8.99) 

This spray and leave treatment is one I've seen on ASOS recently. Not only is it supposed to enhance hair volume and shine but also make the hair thicker and stronger over time. It can also be used as a heat protectant which is really handy. A great travel-size product here. 

4. Oh K! Skin Clarify Leopard Prints Sheet Mask - Full Size 

(Worth £4.00) 

Next up we have a novelty-size sheet mask that apparently is good for oily skin. I don't personally love sheet masks as I find they have zero after effect on my skin other than it feeling a bit softer for 30 minutes. However, I know some may find this a nice little treat or it's an ideal item to re-gift at the very least. 

5. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - Full-Size 236ml (Worth £9.50) 

Lastly, a real staple product that should suit all skin types. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser has also received good reviews so you really can't go wrong here. Is it the most fun product? No. But one I think most people will enjoy using once they see the benefits.


With contents worth £56 for this £12 beauty box I'd say it's pretty great value for money, especially for the low spend! I will personally be trying to get my hands on the beauty box as I've been wanting to try the REN Jelly Oil Cleanser and I can't refuse a Charlotte Tilbury mini or trying out a new hair product. 

As for when the ASOS August 2021 Beauty Box will drop. It should be around 5:30pm BST. However, it won't be to the minute so it is worth checking 10 minutes prior and refreshing every few minutes as to no miss out. ASOS boxes have been known to sell out in minutes and others can be around for a few days - it totally depends on the popularity of the contents! 

This month there is also an ASOS Men's Grooming Box which contains 6 products from brands such as - Revolution, Carmex, Elemis and Glow Hub. Which may be worth checking out!

If you are interested in either beauty box make sure to have your alarm set and use the link below as I've found it doesn't go into the 'New in: Face + Body' section right away, so they can be tricky to find! 

SHOP ASOS August Beauty BOX 

Will you be attempting to pick up this month's ASOS beauty box? 

Fee xo. 

hereSHOP ASOS August Beauty BOX



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