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Since discovering how incredible cheaper makeup alternatives can be I've enjoyed perfume dupes just as much as premium scents as well. It came with the realisation that premium fragrances are ever-increasing in value and spending £60, if not more, on a single scent isn't just confined to Chanel No.5 these days but most other scents

In this time I've discovered countless perfume dupes that have most importantly saved me money but also you never know where your next new fragrance is going to be found. 

From the beauty counter to your local supermarkets the fragrance industry has evolved and if you have been wanting to dive into the world of cheap perfume alternatives this is your sign to do so, with an amazing dupe for the summer favourite that is Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess


Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess has been hailed as the ultimate summer fragrance since it launched in 2011 due to its beachy floral and coconut notes. For me, it gives freshly applied sun cream on warm summer skin vibes so I totally understand the hype. But at £60 for 50ml this fragrance is firmly in the premium category. 

With notes of white flower, vanilla, musk, coconut and amber Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess seems like it would be hard to replicate. Especially as it does have that 'high-end luxurious aroma to it, making it sophisticated and feminine. 

But with a new wave of summer fragrances launched I have managed to find a perfect perfume dupe with Summer Empress Eau De Parfum from the Lacura range that can be found in Aldi stores for only £4.99.


This Aldi speacialbuy fragrance comes boxed and in a 100ml pretty sleek looking glass bottle which I was impressed with regardless of its dupe status. But on wearing it for the first time I really couldn't love it more as a fragrance on its own and as a Bronze Goddess perfume dupe. 

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Before getting into a fragrance comparison I wanted to give a heads up on how Aldi specialbuys work because if you aren't an Aldi shopper then it can be both confusing and frustrating when you discover the specialbuy you want is out of stock within a day. 

New stock arrives in-store and online every Thursday and Sunday with a heads up on what will be available in their leaflet that can be found online here and in-store. 

Often beauty products will sell out immediately only to return a few weeks later. This is what I expect to happen with Lacura Summer Empress so if you want it it's worth checking the weekly leaflet or heading online to see if you can buy it that way. 

Just remember you have to be fairly quick about it! 


Lacura Summer Empress is without a doubt a lighter version of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess with a stronger coconut note but with the same powdery softness. In fact, I have a feeling this is more of a dupe for Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent (£48) which is a lighter more everyday scent to the original. 

For me, the biggest difference is that Lacura Summer Empress lacks sharpness which I imagine is the exclusion of amber but this isn't a bad thing as I find this seriously budget-friendly scent to be perfect for daytime wear. With its stronger coconut notes, it's also seriously addictive smelling without smelling simply like suncream. 

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As for longevity, you would expect any Eau De Parfum to last on the skin, supermarket fragrance or not. And I'm glad to say it does, lasting a good 3-4 hours. 

With a £55 saving, I'm truly impressed with Lacura Summer Empress. Most importantly there isn't a hint that this is a cheap perfume in any way shape or form. 

It also feels like it can stand on its own beyond being a dupe; this is a scent I feel many shoppers will pick up and love without knowing it's a Bronze Goddess alternative. But if you are here simply for the fact it is a dupe then I hope I've convinced you to give it a spritz. 

This Bronze Goddess alternative is truly one to try! 

Fee xo. 

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