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Throughout my 10 years of beauty blogging, I’ve been prone to being slow off mark when it comes to trying out new makeup releases. It has to be something exciting for me to rush out and buy it or something that’s missing in my makeup routine. 

So when Glossier launched their new Solar Paint bronzer creme I surprised myself by ordering it within a day of spotting it online. This is because I’ve simply never seen a bronzer with such a precise applicator before (I’m sure they exist somewhere) and I’m currently missing a lightweight liquid bronzer in my everyday routine.  

I’m also a fan of any beauty brand that caters to fair skin and when I saw the lightest shade ‘flare’ I knew it was for me. 


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For me, Glossier has always been a brand that’s about easy-to-apply products that look natural. But dependant on the season I either love that fact or I’m indifferent. Basically, I feel like Glossier makes perfect lightweight summer makeup for when you want to look fresh, youthful and glowy. 

Need proof? Glossier Cloud Paint is one of the lightest liquid blushers that are almost like watercolours on the cheek. As is their foundation when paired with Futuredew (a shimmer serum) you have the most fresh glowing base you can think of. And while their Lidstar liquid eyeshadow wasn't for me (I love a stronger eye whatever the season) they are a perfect wash of colour if you are going for a minimal and fresh summer face. 

So without even trying Glossier Solar Paint I knew it would be natural, lightweight and easy to apply. 


Glossier Solar Paint is described as a luminous bronzer creme and comes in 4 shades - Flare, Ray, Heat and Volt costing £17.  It’s also surprisingly Glossier’s first-ever bronzer. 

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Described by Glossier as an almost-whipped gel creme this is quite a unique formula. Neither runny nor thick it feels more like a cooling mousse eyeshadow (yes, eyeshadow, not bronzer) compared to any other liquid bronzer I’ve tried which I instantly adored. 

In fact, when swatched on the back of my hand for the first time I did an audible ‘ooo’ at how lightweight and smooth it felt. Always a good sign. 



What I love about Glossier is they know their customers well and awkward or tricky products to apply just don’t cut it. That’s why Glossier spent a lot of time working on the packaging, in particular the doe-foot applicator. 

The long-handed doe-foot applicator not only holds just the right amount of product but can easily be dotted or swiped over the skin. For me dotting the product over my cheeks, forehead and jawline and blending out with my fingertips works best, but if you aren’t one for using your fingers then a small blending brush or makeup sponge would work just as well. 

I’ve also been impressed to discover that the liquid bronzer is buildable meaning you can create a more dynamic contoured look which is particularly flattering on the high points on the face.



While I adore the 5-second application and ease of using the doe-foot applicator as I expected I would, I’ve been most impressed with the beyond-natural skin kissed finished the bronzer gives. 

Without being dramatic the finish this bronzer gives truly is seamless and like nothing else I’ve tried before. This is a bronzer not only for those that want a natural finish but for those that can be heavy-handed or overzealous with makeup. 

All four shades lean more cool-toned while appearing warm and subtle enough on the skin which ensures a non-orange finish but one that is reminiscent of a sun-kissed tan. This is also enhanced by the ultra-fine pearl glow that gives the appearance of healthy (none shiny) radiant skin rather than chunky shimmer that can be seen with the eye. 

I've also found I don't need to set it with powder as it really lasts well on the skin - not settling into fine lines or wearing off throughout the day. 


The only negative I have about Glossier’s new product, which isn’t really much at all, is that I’d hoped I’d be able to apply it as a liquid eyeshadow to create a light contoured look in the socket.

However, due to the lightweight creme mousse formula, I find it requires blending out over a larger area and it would require building up in layers for any kind of contoured finish which would simply be too time-consuming to do. 

Overall I’m totally in love with this summer-perfect liquid bronzer. Flare suits my fair skin perfectly and it’s truly more natural and flawless than I ever expected it to be. I’m now resisting buying the shade ‘Ray’ to use as more of a contour - someone please tell me I don’t need it! 

Whether you’re a longstanding Glossier fan that can’t resist a new launch or someone on the hunt for the perfect summer bronzer you really won’t be disappointed with Glossier’s latest offering. 

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Fee xo. 

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