Amazing Shay & Blue Fragrance Collection Offer Not To Be Missed

It's not often I feel the need to share a beauty offer with you, but sometimes I have to make an exception, especially when the saving is amazing! 

This post includes PR samples for review purposes - all opinions are my own. 

The upcoming offer is with Shay & Blue 4-Piece Today's Special Value (TSV) on QVC, from 9am Thursday 21st November to midnight Friday 22nd November (it may be sold out by then) and offers a saving of over £65. 

The four-piece fragrance collection is available in 3 fragrances - Atropa Belladonna, Blood Orange and Black Tulip, and will be priced at under £50! Each set includes a full-size 100ml EDP fragrance (worth £55 alone), Hand & Body Wash 250ml, Hand & Body Lotion 250ml (worth £16 each) and 10ml Blackberry Woods EDP fragrance (worth £25) whichever fragrance set you opt for. 

What I truly love about this offer is that if you have been wanting or planning to buy a Shay & Blue fragrance you are essentially saving over £5 with just the fragrance alone and getting the travel perfume and the two other products for free! For a company that rarely offer discounts this is an unbelievable deal. 

Shay & Blue 4-Piece Fragrance Collection choices

Black Tulip - Black tulip and plum heart notes with white chocolate base and soft woods for a smooth finish. 
Blood Orange - Top notes of juicy blood oranges with base notes of musk, charred woods and amber.
Atropa Belladonna - Rich notes of dark cassis berries along with dried down sultry patchouli and vanilla. 

Blackberry Woods (10ml EDP fragrance in each set) - Top notes of blackberry, followed by neroli and lemon and cypres woods for a warm base. 

In general, I'm a huge fragrance fan and have found some of my favourite scents are with Shay & Blue over the past few years. Blood Orange was one of my favourite fragrances this past summer as the dry bitter orange mixed with a zesty smelt amazing on hot summer days and like with all Shay & Blue scents smells very unique. However, my ultimate favourite fragrance is Black Tulip, which is why I wanted to feature the fragrance range here. Black Tulip is a beautifully rich, sweet & smooth fragrance with wonderful floral and plum notes and instantly feels perfect for both autumn and winter. It also smells very luxurious! If you are looking for a scent for yourself over the new season then I promise that Black Tulip in the best scent you will come across. 

As for Atropa Belladonna, this for me is an all-year-round scent that is sweet with cassis berries and vanilla with a powdery grown-up finish to it. If you like sweet but refined fragrances then this is for you. 

Blackberry Woods is one of Shay & Blue's newest scents if I'm correct in thinking so a 10ml travel size fragrance comes with each Fragrance Collection on the QVC TSV which is a nice touch. This is a fragrance perfect for this time of year so I was excited to try it out. On first smell, the fragrance smells almost masculine but it soon dries down to a much sweeter blackberry note. A really pleasant everyday scent here. 

If you're a fan of Shay & Blue fragrances or have been wanting to try the fragrance brand then now is the time to pick up a bargain. Last year was Shay & Blue's first-ever TSV on QVC and it sold out so I would mark Thursday 21st November at 9am down if you want to take advantage of this impressive saving. 

If you are new to QVC you can get £5 off your first order with code FIVE4U

Fee xo. 


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    I've always been a fan of Shay & Blue fragrances, and this collection on QVC sounds like a dream! Your post has me excited to explore the scents and perhaps indulge in a little fragrance shopping. Thanks for the heads-up!


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