These 10 New Budget Eyeshadows Rival Expensive Ones For Only £1.50 Each

In recent years there's been a surge of love for eyeshadow palette which has essentially fazed out the need to buy single compact eyeshadows. There's without a doubt less single options around and I know I personally only ever pick up single eyeshadows when they are extra special or in pan form to add into a custom palette.

However, I've recently come across a new and improved single eyeshadow range that is not only spectacularly pigmented but costs only £1.50! They also come with the cutest seasonal shade names, such as Gingerbread, Cinnamon and Pecan.

Read below to find out where you can pick up these amazing budget eyeshadows along with some swoon-worthy swatches!

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As mentioned above the collection consists of 10 different eyeshadows in a selection of more neutral/seasonal winter shades and is from the MUA Essential range. The compact shadows are 2.4g in size and perfect for keeping a few of in your makeup bag (I already have my favourites - see below!). 

Formula wise the matte and shimmer formulas feel ultra-smooth and soft under the finger, with the matte shades seeming light on the eyes with good payoff and the shimmer/pearl shades having a heavier buttery texture that adheres to the eyelids amazingly well when applied with fingers. Of course the shimmer shades here are the true gems (matte shadows are hard to get spot-on at the best of times I think) are they're beyond pigmented in a single swipe with a jewel-toned look to them. I'm really very impressed with the six pearl shades and can't get my head around the fact they are only £1.50 each. 

L-R: Sand Quartz, Gingerbread, Ember

MUA Essential Eyeshadow - Pearl finish shades 

Cinnamon (pearl) - A stunning orange-toned gold with a foil finish and shimmer flecks
Ember (pearl) - True crimson foil with a slight duo-chrome violet shift
Sand Quartz (pearl) - A highly foiled champagne shade with the smoothest buttery formula
Bark (pearl) - Deep golden brown shimmer with a beautiful sheen
Gingerbread (pearl) - Orange copper-toned shimmer, again with a highly foiled finish 
Golden Honey (pearl) - A true gold foil perfect for the festive season 

L-R: Bark, Golden Honey, Cinnamon

My personal favourite shades here are Ember, Sand Quartz and Golden Honey. Ember truly is the stand out shade from this range as it's such a stunning tone and looks amazing on the eyes. I also find Sand Quartz just amazing for the price as it's so smooth and foiled and reminds me more of a Becca eyeshadow in tone and quality! As for Golden Honey I already know I will be reaching for this shade more and more for festive eye look - it's just so pretty and flattering. 

Available online & in-store at Superdrug here or MUA store online here 

L-R: Sandshell, Mushroom, Pecan, Burnt Umber

MUA Essential Eyeshadow - Matte finish shades 

Pecan (matte) - A buildable cool-toned brown ideal for the crease 
Sandshell (matte) - Light beige soft matte shade perfect as a base eyeshadow all over the lids 
Mushroom (matte) - A perfect transitional cool-toned shade that's nicely buildable 
Burnt Umber (matte) - Cool-toned deep brown shade. I found this a little patchy if I'm honest

Favourite shades here have to be Pecan as it's a perfect cool-toned brown that I don't have in my collection and Sandshell has been a new favourite all over lid and crease shade that I start off eye looks with. 

Available online & in-store at Superdrug here or MUA store online here 

As you will be able to see the shimmer shade game is strong with these budget MUA eyeshadows and really do apply much like much more expensive eyeshadows. I would have loved if the shades could have been slotted together to make a kind of palette, however I think I'd asking a little too much for £1.50 eyeshadows! This range really has blown me away! 

Are you tempted to pick up any of the shades mentioned? 

Fee xo. 
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