The Best Simple Yet Effective Makeup Application Tips

Over the years I've picked up quite a few makeup tips and tricks that I use every time I apply makeup. I've found simple makeup tips to generally be most effective, and they is really are a few gems! 

So today I wanted to share with you the best easy makeup tips that I personally recommend trying out. From how to perfectly blend eyeshadow to creating a smooth eyeliner flick every time, I really hope you pick up a few things here! 

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Where you hold your makeup brush matters 
For the longest time I couldn't seem to master eyeshadow blending however much I tried. Even with the best quality blending brushes eyeshadow would always turn into a muddy mix of shades rather than a smooth transition. Then I watched an in-depth YouTube video on all things eyeshadow and discovered I'd been holding my brush way to near the bristle end and in fact the farther away you can hold your brush the better. So why does this work so well even though it feels unnatural and like you have less control? It simply forces you to apply and blend eyeshadow with a much lighter hand that's really barely touching the skin, giving almost fluffy circular strokes without moving around each eyeshadow much.

If you have always found your eyeshadow doesn't look anywhere similar to the standard of beauty gurus or makeup artists I highly suggest starting with holding a fluffy blending brush as near to the end as possible, keeping the hand relaxed and blending a single shade into the lid crease. Soon you will see a seamless transition from eyeshadow to skin that will look airbrushed on, then it's simply a case of using one or two more eyeshadow shades along with a little practice!

The little finger eyeliner technique 
Another eye makeup technique that is hard to master is a winged eyeliner - it's understandable really! From overextending the flick to somewhere up near your temple to a wobbly uneven line however slow you go, using liquid eyeliner is tricky at the best of times.

However, the basis of a smooth eyeliner flick is keeping the hand steady and working slowly. To do this you want to balance the tip of your little finger on your cheek. This simply anchors the hand giving it much needed stability to create a perfect line however subtle or dramatic you like your eyeliner. Super simple yet beyond effective!

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Translucent loose powder is your friend  
When it comes to makeup application translucent loose powder is very helpful beyond simply setting makeup in place and removing shine. Which is why I really couldn't be without loose powder every time I apply makeup now!

The first trick is to use any translucent loose powder as a base for eye shadow after applying any concealer or cream eyeshadow primer to the lid. Dusting and blending loose powder over the eye will create the smoothest base for eyeshadow possible allowing blending to be as smooth and seamless.

My other simple yet effective makeup tip is to pat translucent loose powder over any lipstick you want to completely mattify. For this, I either use a shader brush or my fingers to pat loose powder over the lips, dusting off with a fluffy brush. This will mattify even glossy lipsticks giving a totally different and chicer look.

The mascara 'wiggle' 
I'm sure if you are reading this post you are fairly confident in how to apply mascara. I mean, other than a few slips on the mascara wand into the eye causing a world of pain, applying mascara is pretty straight forward. 

However, I've found with this wiggle technique you can make any mascara look amazing on the lashes. Simply by looking down as you apply your favourite mascara, wiggle back and forth at the base of the lashes. Doing this applies more product to the base of the lashes without weighing down the tips making your eyelashes look instantly fuller. This technique works even better when done with a volumising mascara as the back and forth wiggle motion fluffs up (not the technical term, I'm guessing) the natural fibres in the mascara to pretty dramatic results.

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Makeup Sponge etiquette
For years I used makeup sponges however which way I wanted, generally on their side, and while this wasn't awful I recently discovered the OG makeup sponge of them all; Beauty Blender is designed to be used by bouncing the bottom of it over the skin. This is a super simple change to make and actually makes such a difference to foundation application!

Let me know if you have any of your own simple yet effective makeup tips that I need to try out!

Fee xo.

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