How To Overcome New Makeup Release Fatigue

There is no denying makeup launches are coming thick and fast these days and with Christmas on the way it literally seems impossible to keep up and know what's worth buying and what isn't. Yes, choice is an amazing thing but I can't help but feel over faced at times with the rate of new makeup releases from even my most favourite brands, such as Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup Revolution and all their spin-off brands and Too Faced to name but a few. 

Basically, I've been going through New Makeup Release Fatigue! Seeing everything but not buying anything because, arghhhh, why so much?! 

Thankfully I've got myself out of this head funk and so I wanted to share what I've done to combat it. So that if you are feeling the same as we are bombarded with new makeup launches and Christmas gift sets you can see the wood for the trees and buy like it's 2005 again! Bare with me, I know this all sounds a bit of a ramble but I feel I have a point to make with this post!

Shop your stash
The first thing to do if you are feeling over faced with daily makeup launches is to look at the beauty products you already own, delving deep and pulling out products you haven't used in forever. Basically, instead of shopping for new products, try shopping from your own makeup collection. I personally like to find 5-7 makeup items I haven't worn in 6 months or more and place them on my makeup table so that I incorporate them into my routine. This feels very much like you've bought new products and shows that buying up new makeup from the latest launches isn't everything! 

Focus on the brands you love
Next, instead of browsing endless new launches online via Boots, Superdrug, ASOS and similar. Head direct to your favourite makeup brand's website and check out their 'What's New' section. This will give you a clear idea what's fresh right now without bombarding your brain and wallet with too many products. 

The same can be applied to normal shopping. Unless you enjoy looking at each makeup stand, head to the brands you use and love. This will ensure you don't take forever looking and will most likely save you money. 

Have a newsletter cull
I don't know about you but I receive more newsletters in my email inbox then anything else and I can't say I open 90% of them. However, even without opening them I'm seeing snippets of new launches just by the email headers and again that's adding to the new product release fatigue feeling that can leave you not wanting to buy any new makeup or makes you want to spend too much. 

So I highly recommend taking an hour out of your evening and going through the newsletters you have received in the past month that you never opened, even if they are in your 'deleted' folder. Then you can either mark them as spam or unsubscribe to them with the link generally found at the bottom of the newsletter. This is a boring task but I guarantee you will feel lighter for it - especially when it comes round to Black Friday and the countdown to Christmas begins! 

Write a monthly list of what you need/want to buy (& stick to it!)
Whether you are struggling with overspending or feel overwhelmed by the frequency of new makeup writing a list of what you need/want to buy can help either way. 

In the notes on my phone, I write a list of beauty essentials I need. Basically, this is anything I'm running out of or have run out of and need to be repurchased or buy similar of. Along with anything I need for say a special occasion i.e a new fake tan, a new nail polish etc. 

I also write a list of specific products and general products I'd like to buy that month. For example, currently on my list is Macadamia Deep Repair Masque and Essie Hay There nail polish, along with a new foundation and burgundy eyeliner. 

If you find your own 'want' list is simply too long, look over it and see if you can delete a few products. This should keep you focused on the products you need/want to buy without feeling overwhelmed or overspending when shopping.  

Realise you don't need to be constantly buying/consuming to enjoy your favourite blogs & social media accounts
This last point is what really changed my mindset the most! If you love makeup then I'm sure you will be following a good amount of beauty gurus and brands which will be showcasing new product after new product. But that doesn't mean you need to lust after everything. Instead, be mindful that beauty brands are money-making business's which use social media often as their's main source of marketing these days. So while you can enjoy their posts it doesn't mean you need to even consider parting with your hard-earned money, unless it truly is something that catches your eye and you know you would get use out of it. 

However, if you do follow endless beauty brand accounts and roll your eyes at the constant stream of new products being released maybe it is time to unfollow a few or balance it out by following other types of accounts.

How do you feel about the rate new makeup products are released these days? Does it overwhelm you to the point of not knowing what to buy? 

I'd love to hear your own thoughts on the subject! 

Fee xo. 

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