Autumn Bucket List 2019

As it's now officially Autumn I've been thinking how I want to make the most of one of my favourite seasons before I go full-on Christmas mode come November. To do this I feel I need to be semi pro-active with a seasonal bucket list or Autumn will pass me by.

Below I've listed a few of my favourite things to do this time of year plus a few other ideas that I really to tick off this Autumn. If you are looking for easy autumnal recipes, book recommendations for autumn or simply love this time of year then read on! 

Bringing out my slow cooker 

Around about October time I like to dig out my trusty slow cooker that I bought a good few years ago now and has served me well over quite a few autumn and winter seasons. Not only is a one-pot meal easy to make, with no actual physical cooking involved, but I love both my home filling with yummy smells as I work at home during the day and also coming home to a warming meal I just need to serve. 

My go-to recipe has always been this amazing hearty Campfire Stew that I cook every Autumn, this year I will be trying it without the meat and with mixed beans and more peppers instead which I know will work well as the smokey sauce is really what makes this dish. I'm also a huge fan of making Chilli Con Carne in a slow cooker as it's much richer in taste and texture compared to cooking it other ways. Also this Autumn I've vowed to try and make Slow Cooker Rice Pudding, especially on a really cold day that lends well to a warm comforting dessert. 

Take a trip to Homesense (a.k.a pumpkin candle paradise) 

Okay, so I love Homesense all year round, but come Autumn/Winter it becomes an Aladdin's cave of seasonal items. Unlike most UK homeware stores, Homesense goes full-on with its selection of decorative pumpkins and autumn-themed candles so taking a trip specifically to Homesense for me is exciting! 

While I do like to decorate for Autumn a little I'm more about picking up a few new candles with my favourite brand being DW Home candles that you are guaranteed to be found in Homesense from only £2.99. It never feels fully Autumn before a trip to Homesense to stock up my excessive supply of candles. 

Read Autumn new book releases 

Reading has to be my favourite past time in Autumn, especially when it's raining and I don't want to leave the house. Basically, there's nothing like getting stuck in a good book and not knowing what time it is because you haven't checked your phone in hours! 

So it's all about finding those kinds of page-turning reads come colder weather, for me. I'm currently already on with this, just finishing The Tattooist of Auschwitz which is undeniably a heartbreaking read but I powered through it none the less, if not simply for needing to know what happened to the main character, who is actually a real person (I didn't realise the book was based on a true story until I started reading it!). Interestingly the author has just released a kind of sequel to The Tattooist of Auschwitz with Cilka's Journey, telling the story of a young woman who was seen in Heather Morris's first novel, but now following on her journey after liberation. I'm not usually a huge fan of such bleak subjects but now knowing of Heather's easy style of writing I'm sure I will be picking up her sequal this Autumn. 

Two other new releases perfect for Autumn are The Familiars by Stacey Halls and The Confession by Jessie Burton, which I have sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read. While The Confession has all the markings of a book you want to read in a single weekend, The Familiars seems a little slower with an underlying theme of witchcraft giving Pendle witch vibes. I'm really looking forward to reading both books in October. 

Bake a pumpkin pie... for the 1st time! 

Each Autumn I think about making a pumpkin pie but I simply never get around to it. I love the idea because it seems a very America tradition to partake in/steal and also because I haven't a clue what Pumpkin pie actually tastes like as it's not sold in any supermarket, cafe or bakery I've been to! 

So this year I will be find an easy recipe and trying my hardest to pick up all the ingredients and give it a go. If you happen to be American or are simply more worldly than I and have tried Pumpkin Pie I'd love to know how sweet or savoury it is and if you like it - I literally know nothing about it, can you tell? 

Autumn Walks & Deer Spotting

Putting autumn walks on an autumn bucket list is a bit of a weak one I know. But I do truly always regret not going for more walks when the weather is turning and the leaves are falling. Which is why it's firmly on my bucket list of things to do this Autumn.

Of course, dog walks through crispy leaves will happen but I also have plans of visiting the beach on a cold but sunny day and braving the wind. Plus I'd also love the idea of taking a trip to Dunham Massey Park to spot deer and walk around the amazing gardens there. 

Decorate for Autumn 

Lastly, as always I will be decorating for Autumn with just a few touches that I find make an impact. The first has to be adding throws and blankets to both the bed and sofa, along with extra cushions in a mix of textiles. I also love to decorate shelves with autumnl candles and fake leaf garlands (I pick mine up from eBay here). I also enjoy bringing copper tones back to add to the cosy vibe I'm trying to create on a budget. 

I'd love to know how you plan to spend this Autumn? 

Fee xo. 
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