The Best Blush For Fair Skin

Finding the right blush for fair skin can be tricky. Many a time I've tried out a new blusher purchase only to find it looks too dark, bold or harsh against my pale skin, however much I use to light hand to apply it. 

However pale blushers do exist, so today I thought I'd walk you through five of my own which I believe are some of the best blushers for fair skin. From peach tones to pale pinks I have you covered! 

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Best Pink Blush for Fair Skin 

Illamasqua Powder Blush in Katie (£23)
Described as candy pink, this Illamasqua blusher in Katie is the perfect shade for those with very fair to fair skin. As with all Illamasqua blushers, you can expect a very silk finish that blends extremely well and being matte doesn't pick up on any imperfection in the skin. 

This blusher is a favourite of mine for two reasons, firstly, the shade; it's a perfect soft blue undertoned pink that looks ultra-soft and feminine on the skin, giving that perfect natural flush of colour to the cheeks. I also enjoy using this blush as it's buildable, so the lightest of touches is perfect for a natural brightness and colour to the cheeks, while a few blended strokes is ideal for a full makeup look. 

This is truly one of the best blushers for ultra fair skin! 

theBalm FratBoy Shadow/Blush (£13.40 - on sale)
Next, my favourite blusher of all time! For once I can actually pick out an all-time favourite makeup item as it's a blusher I simply couldn't be without and have got so much wear from. This peachy-apricot pink blush is one of those 'one-shade-suits-all' kinda shades, flattering all skin tones, especially those with fair skin. 

For me, this is my own natural cheek colour but better, making it the shade to apply after foundation to bring life back to my face. The product is also described as a shadow and while I was dubious about this it does in fact work well when lightly blending into the crease of the lids with other shadows then applied to compliment. It also makes a lovely soft transitional shade. 

This blusher is currently on sale for £13.40 instead of £17 so if you have ever wondered how good it actually is, now is the time to pick it up. 

Best Peach Blush for Fair Skin 

L'Oreal Life's A Peach Blush Powder (£8.99)
Peach tones also work very well on fair skin especially if you want to warm up the skin in summer or even autumn or if you simply want to compliment brown or golden eye looks. This is why one of my favourite go-to peach blushers is this inexpensive find from L'Oreal. 

I personally love to apply this peachy shade high up on the cheeks blending with my bronzer, to create a glowy get flushed look. I also find that this is a blusher that works when my skin is at it's fairest and when tanned due to how soft and blended it appears on the skin while giving a nice glow. Silky yet pigmented this feels like a much more luxury blush.

Side note: This also makes on the nicest contour eyeshadows especially if you love warm peachy tones on the eyes! 

Glossier Cloud Paint in Beam (£15)
Keeping it peach, I also wanted to include my favourite Glossier Cloud Paint as it's a shade I opt for when my skin is looking pale and a bit lacklustre on tired mornings. This easy-to-use liquid cream blusher can be quickly applied with fingertips, blending in and lasting all day. It literally is foolproof and oh so pretty! 

Again thanks to the soft nature of this product it blends a dream, looking natural yet brightening on the palest of skin. 

Thanks to this being a liquid blush the smallest of amounts is needed meaning this little tube will last a very long time.

Milani Powder Blush in Blossom Time Rose (£12)
Last but not least I had to include one of the prettiest blushers in my collection that works well for fair to medium complexions. 

While I often feel this is a blush too pretty to use, then I use it I realise how stunning it is, almost feeling like a blush and soft-focus highlight in one. The pink terracotta tone isn't the most pigmented of blushers however it offers a lovely flush to the skin looking soft and delicate. This is a go-to of mine in both spring and summer as it's just so lovely on the skin. Milani also offers a stunning blusher trio in the same design for £14 here, that looks like it could be amazing for pale skin.

If you also have pale skin I would love to know you go-to blusher as I'm always keen to try out more. 

Fee xo. 

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