eBay Bargains - Summer Trends Edition

Today I thought I would focus on some key summer trends, but of course, put a twist on it finding budget items on eBay! I often find eBay is the best place to find unique designs and styles while saving money. This is especially great for picking up on-trend items as it generally means you will see one else wearing the item! 

From shopping the summer straw trend to finding wearable neon items and touching on my favourite; the 90's trend, I hope you find a few eBay bargains here. 

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1. Weaved Straw Headband £2.61
2. Tropical Print Straw Bag £6.79
3. Hello Sunshine Straw Sun Hat £6.99
4. Structured Round Rattan Cross Body Bag £9.66
5. Large Straw Bag with Bow £6.79
6. Natural Straw Statement Earrings £2.90

This years straw trend is one of my favourites, it's wearable, cute and feels oh so summery. I recently picked up a circular straw bag (similar to #5) and it simply suits all outfits and is perfectly lightweight. 

My favourite find here has to be the straw headbands (1) as I haven't seen anything similar on the high street and the solid structured straw bag (4) as it looks much more expensive than £9 and very chic for summer. 


1. Gold Shell Bracelet £1.89 
2. Sequin Cross Body Shell Bag £5.34
3. Shell Drop Earrings £1.55
4. Lucky Friendship Shell Bracelet £2.49 
5. Boho Shell Choker £2.95
6. Sea Shell Hair Pins Set £2.99

Another wearable trend for summer 2019 is Shell - shell bracelets, shell bags and even cute seashell hairpins. Perfect for hot summer days and beachy vibes especially if you have a holiday booked. 

While I've seen quite a few shell accessories in the shops I haven't seen anything as simple yet chic as the gold shell thread bracelet (4) before and for only £2.50 it's beyond cheap. I also really love the look of all the seashell hairpin sets (6), I've picked up so many hairpin sets from eBay in the past and have always been surprised at the high quality of them! 


1. Vintage Floral Tee £5.49
2. Floral Hair Scrunchie £2.32
3. Official Polly Pocket Cross Body Bag £29.99
4. Black Chokers £1.89
5. White 90's Oversized T-Shirt  £7.99
6. Retro Glitter Chunky Heel Jelly Shoes £5.99

The 90's trend is still going strong so it was very easy to find the above items, although I wasn't ready to see the word 'retro' on every listing - I feel old! From cute tee's to mandatory hair scrunchies I love all my finds here. However, I think my most favourite eBay item here has to be the amazing Polly Pocket Cross Body bag (3), being a huge Polly Pocket fan as a child this is just everything! 

I also adore the floral tee (1), as it could easily be paired with a pair of shorts or jeans and even style up well for Autumn. I also discovered some amazing hair scrunchies that looks much nicer than the ones I've spotted on the high street. 


1. Neon Ribbed Strappy Cami Dress £6.81
2. Neon Green Trainers £16.99
3. OPI Neon Nail Polish Mini Set £9.95
4. Neon Green Satchel Bag £12.95
5. Boho Tassel Statement Earrings £2.99
6. Neon Yellow Flatform Sandals £9.89

Now I will admit I haven't braved the neon trend and I'm not sure I ever will, but if you want to show off your skin tone or feel ultra summery, especially on holiday then I've found some bright yet wearable pieces.

As I'm not one for bold colours unless it's on my nails I loved that I discovered a budget-friendly OPI set (3) in 4 neon colours. I also really like the look of the flatform sandals (6) as they are bright but not too crazy. Can you tell I'm unsure of the neon trend! 

Let me know your favourite items from this post, I'd love to know! 

Fee xo. 

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