7 of the Best Long-Lasting Makeup Products

With summer here I've been opting for long-lasting makeup products over what I would normally reach for, especially come hot days. This got me thinking to what the very best long-lasting makeup products actually are because let's face it, some products can be fading, melting off the skin or completely gone within a matter of hours after application.

Which is why knowing of good long-lasting makeup products is a good idea. From the best long-lasting primer from the drugstore to a lipstick with longevity that stays put through eating and drinking while still feeling comfortable on the lips. 

Here I have the best of the best that are all worth picking up if you have oily skin, a special occasion coming up or simply want your makeup to last.

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Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer (£9)
With limited edition packaging - £6.95 here 
The first step to ensuring makeup lasts longer on the face is with a primer. With such a wide array of primers for all different jobs to now pick from it can be tricky to actually find one that truly makes foundation and concealer last well on the skin. But I feel like I've definitely come across the best on the hightstreet/drugstore. 

While this primer does feel a little paste-like, it applies evenly to the skin, mattifying and soaking up excess oils. It then soaks into the skin fully meaning the skin doesn't feel heavy or like you are blocking up any pores. I find when wearing this primer my foundation stays perfect for most of the day. Not wearing in oily areas such as around the nose and keeping oil from breaking through which can cause foundation to separate and rub off. If you have oily skin and want a heavy-duty but light feeling primer then this is without a doubt the best to go for.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer (£25)
When blemishes and under-eye circles are real only a longlasting full coverage concealer will do. This is where It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye comes in, as so little is needed yet it's one of the best coverage and long-lasting concealers I've ever come by. 

Again, this is one thick seeming product but literally, a touch under the eyes or even on spots is enough to cover the area. I personally like to then set the area with powder to remove shine and to give a velvet-like finish but even without it's a formula that simply lasts all day and doesn't wear off. 

Side note: I've been using a mini size for over a year now so if you can pick up a sample to try out then DO because it will seriously last a long time and save you spending £25. 

Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer (£26)
Mini size - £13 here
Hoola is undeniably one of the best-selling bronzers out there due to its non-orange tone and being perfectly matte yet blendable. But it also has the benefit (no pun intended) of having amazing staying power. Now I know what you are thinking, powder products, especially on the cheeks, generally last well but depending on your skin texture and type, powder products can wear off. So if you are someone that notices their bronzer or contour fading after just a few hours of application then this is the one for you. 


Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Eyeshadow (£4.99)
If there's a product I won't ever shut up about it's these incredible cream eyeshadows from Maybelline. They tick all the boxes of what you would want from a cream eyeshadow; great pigmentation, crease-proof, smooth, easy to work with. And they only cost £5 and last a million years! 

They also last so so well on the eyes both as a shadow and as a base/primer, reminding me very much of MAC Paint Pots but even better as they don't dry out and crack. 

I'm a huge fan of the classic shimmer shades as they can be worn alone on the eyes and really look enough but if you can find a matte shade similar to your own skintone then you will most likely find it will become your go-to eyeshadow base to keep all eyeshadow in place.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Clear Brow Gel (£23)
Okay, so I know spend £23 on a clear brow gel is pushing it! I mean before trying this one I seriously thought a clear brow gel was just a clear brow gel and spending £4 would be my limit. But then I realised the benefits of opting for a premium brow gel, which still may not warrant the price tag for some but for others with unruly brow or brows they simply want to keep to a perfect shape this is truly the answer. 

Unlike other clear brow gels, the formula is simply magic. While making each brow hair stay in place until you remove your makeup it also doesn't look like it adds anything to the brows - it's magic! No crispy look, no added shine... nothing! Yes, your brows will feel much harder than usual but that's to be expected but this little tube is seriously worth it if you don't want your brow makeup fading or any brow hairs pinging up throughout the day.  

Also, perfect if you want to waterproof your brows on holiday while in the heat or when swimming!

NYX Epic Ink Liner - Black (£9)
Whether you suffer from hayfever or watery eyes in general, most liquid eyeliner will smudge or simply disappear at the sight of a tear. So while I was instantly impressed with the pigmentation of this budget liner from NYX I didn't expect it to last throughout the day, much like most other eyeliners I've used. But it did! 

This has to be the best drugstore liquid liner I've used; 1. because it's jet black 2. it stays put so so well! The only other eyeliner that I have found to work this well is Kat Von D Tattoo Liner but at a saving of £8 with more product as well I know which one I will be repurchasing over and over again. 



Kat Von D Studded Lipstick (from £12)
Find a traditional style lipstick that lasts on the lips through eating and drinking is certainly a challenge (actually 'the best long-lasting lipsticks' seems like a good post to write). Hell, even finding a lipstick to last without eating or drinking can be tricky. But it's the nature of them, isn't it? If you want something comfortable and not heavily waxy and old-lady feeling then it's going to wear off within a few hours. But thankfully there are a few formulas that cleverly have been designed to last, granted they don't last the day, but they will certainly give an extra few hours wear and won't disappear after a sip of water. 

My favourite longlasting lipstick formula that always comes to mind is that of Kat Von D. All her lip products last well to be fair but for the creaminess and comfortability of her lipsticks I've certainly been impressed with. While creamy and easy to apply there is a slight grittiness there which is unlike any other lipstick I've tried and this is what I put down to them lasting so well. Kat Von D also ofter some cute minis with two for £12 which is a great way to try out the formula and see how you get on. 

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick (£18)
If you want to ensure lip colour will last throughout the day then opting for a liquid lipstick or stain is your best option. But even then the uncomfortable drying effect can sometimes not be worth the longevity or the formula can sometimes be patchy. 

However, I've found the best long-lasting liquid lipstick formula to be that of Huda Beauty. While the liquid lipsticks offer a good veil of colour the formula truly feels liquid thus feeling lightweight on the lips and drying down to an almost invisible feel, then lasting exceedingly well even though eating, as the liquid lipstick feels almost like a stain that's soaked into the lips. These truly are amazing! 


Some brands just know how to create long-lasting formulas and so everything they seem to launch is great for when you want your makeup to last all day or simply look fresh. Premium brands that are great at long-lasting makeup formulas include Kat Von D, Estee Lauder, Stila and ABH, especially for brows and lipstick! As for drugstore brands, both Max Factor and Rimmel offer lots of good long-lasting products but NYX seems to be the best for the price, especially when it comes to their eyeliner, brow products and matte lip formulas.

Let me know if you have any of your own long-lasting makeup favourites? 

Fee xo.

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