Brand New Coco & Eve Bali Bronzing Foam Fake Tan Review

This is a paid collaboration with Coco & Eve however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

When it comes to self tan, I'll be honest, I've always been weary. With pale skin, previously used fake tan in the form of sprays, oils and even gradual lotions have always left me with streaks and visible darkening on my hands and feet; the biggest give away your tan isn't natural in my opinion!

But with a pre-existing love for Coco & Eve (you read my rave review about their fabulous hair mask here) I jumped at the chance to try their brand new Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam; The world's first anti-ageing and anti-cellulite self tan with zero nasties AND the promise of no streaks and no bad smell! Oh, and it's of course cruelty-free & 100% vegan!

The brand new self-tan is available in Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark RRP £29.90/200ml (with fair skin I opted for shade medium) with high-quality fake tan mitt and ultra-handy kabuki tanning brush for face application. And I must say much like their hair mask, it's clear to see how every aspect of this self-tan, from packaging to usability has been developed and thought out to perfection!

While the appeal of a self-tan finally with no streaks was strong, I was also very keen to test out the new Bali Bronzing Foam to see if it lived up to its "no bad smells" claim with its stunning sounding Tropical Balinese Mango and Guava Scent, because let's face it; who wants to smell like biscuits! Find out below how I got on with both of these claims. 

Spoiler: I'm very impressed! 

The Application Process 

With Coco & Ever Bali Bronzing Foam application is as straight forward as it can be, with exfoliation prior, application with the fake tan mitt and then waiting for a minimum of 2 hours before washing it off. 

Using the ultra-soft hypoallergenic velvet tan mitt in circular motions I found the application process to be a breeze. Applying smoothly and evenly with the help of the mitt to buff out any darker patches I was instantly pleased with the colour and finish it gave, also drying to a non-sticky feel immediately - the type of tan you can get dressed with instantly and be seen in public while it develops! 

With the initial tan containing colour (so you can see exactly where you are applying it) and how well the mitt performed I also felt extremely confident of my application around areas such as my feet, knees and elbows. 

Just for reference, I found a full pump covered quite a large area. With each leg requiring 2-3 pumps each. 

The Results 

As you can see this is one natural-looking, streak-free tan! During the 2-3 hours I left the tan to develop I noticed the tan colour getting darker and on washing it off I was left with a perfect golden glow thanks to the formula having a green-grey base to prevent orange tones.

The tan also smoothed out the look of my skin thanks to the CellushapeTM Formula which helps to reduce cellulite, blur pigmentation and perfect skin. For me, this helped to dramatically hide quite a large blue vein in my upper leg and to also help reduce the look of cellulite quite a bit. I can't say I've ever experienced a self tan that does anything similar so I'm really very pleased that Bali Bronzing Foam has this added benefit! 

While I felt certain my application to my ankles, feet and knees was done well thanks to the tan itself and the use of the mitt, I was also really happy to see zero build-up of tan in those areas when I showered - this has never happened to me before! This truly is one flawless tan! 

I can also happily report the scent throughout the entire process lived up to its claims, smelling fruity and light and not lingering on the skin once developed! 

Final Verdict 

From start to finish using this new self-tan truly has been a breeze, with a quick and easy application with no hiccups to a flawless finish that actually is streak-free! 

I also really appreciate the tropical scent as time and time again I've used other self-tanners claiming a certain scent and they have always been a huge letdown. But this truly has zero biscuit-type smell to it, which really is amazing! 

As for face application, I've also really been impressed with the kabuki tanning brush which truly gives a non-heavy handed flawless finish with zero darkening around areas such as the nose and hairline. A really handy extra if you want a perfect finish to the face.

If you are a tanning newbie, scared to use self-tan due to having pale skin or an expert in bronzing I highly recommend the amazing Coco & Eve Sunny Hunny Bali Bronzing Foam... I mean the flawless application speaks for itself! 

Fee x 

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