The Best Budget Shower Products Right Now

Are you a shower or a bath person? I'd like to say I'm both, however not having a bath in my bathroom does hinder things slightly. Instead, I really make the most out of taking a shower. This includes spending an excessive amount of time in there and using a lot of different products - I counted 14 shower gels in there, alone!

So today, while my shower is more overflowing with products than usual, I thought I'd run through some of my favourite shower products right now that also happen to be affordable and easy to pick up. 

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Best Budget Shower Gel 

Soap & Glory Smart Foam Mouldable Shower Mouse Call of Fruity (£6.50) 
Recently S&G have released a range of new products that include some fun & fruity shower products and my absolute favourite has been this luxurious feeling shower mousse. One pump goes a very long way and the 'smart foam' functionality, which at first confused me, means the foam can be almost moulded over the body before being massaged over the skin and lathered up, feeling oh so smooth and silky. Basically, this feels like one luxury shower product! 

The scent is also light and fruity making it perfect for summer, smelling quite tropical and fresh. This is a new scent for Soap & Glory and I really do like it. 

Comparing this to other shower mousses I've tried in the past it truly stands out due to the thick lather and the fact it leaves the skin soft and moisturised. It also makes the most perfect shaving foam! 

Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle (£8)
Much like Soap & Glory, Sanctuary Spa products have always been a shower staple for me. I adore their classic scent and every product feels high quality. My current favourite and most used product from them is Wet Skin Moisture Miracle which is basically a moisturiser for wet skin. So for that reason, I keep it in my shower and apply it all over once I've turned the water off. What I most love about this product is how it feels over the skin, feeling thin and silky without being runny thus applying quickly. Once you have patted the skin dry that is it, no residue but enough hydration to feel like it's done something - there aren't any gimmicks with this product. 

For days when I know I don't have time to moisturise with a body butter I use this and it certainly does the job. You can also pick this product up in the newer White Lily & Damask Rose scent, which actually smells heavenly (I actually love it more than the classic scent) so this is the one I will be picking up next. 

Best Budget Shampoo

OGX Frizz-Defy Moisture Shea Soft & Smooth Shampoo (£5.33 - on sale) 
When it comes to drugstore shampoo brands I always gravitate towards OGX, mainly because they cater to so many different hair types and problems and because quite a few of their shampoos are sulphate-free, such as this one. Oh, and I always like to pick them up when they are on offer which they often are! 

Now I will admit, while I always go for a shampoo that will help with damaged or dry hair I mainly go off the scent, which is how I came across this Shea Soft & Smooth Shampoo. Containing Shea Butter and Agave Nectar the scent is very gourmand and to me smells like a Christmas drink you would find in Starbucks! This may not appeal to everyone but for me, on days that feel like summer has disappeared or showers just before bed, I find this a really comforting scent. However, I should note the scent doesn't linger in the hair, which is a good thing as it's a rich scent. 

The shampoo leaves the hair in good condition, with fewer tangles even before conditioning and definitely helps to tame frizz. Although I wouldn't recommend this for anyone with fine hair. 

Soap & Glory PINK BIG Weightless Shampoo (£7)
Feeling almost like the opposite of the above shampoo, I wanted to include this one as I've been loving it for over a month now and it feels like the perfect summer shampoo! As the name suggests this is great for fine, normal and even damaged hair to add shine and moisture without weighing it down at all. 

The gel formula foams really well, cleansing the hair quickly, leaving it smelling fruity and fresh. It's also both sulphate and paraben-free, which is a huge plus. Simply a really nice shampoo that works well ay keeping the hair cleansed, bouncy and grease-free for longer. 

You can also pick up this S&G shampoo along with the matching conditioner, Wonditioner hair mask (another favourite!) and Wonder Serum for only £15 here, giving a great saving of £15.50! 

Best Budget Conditioner

Lacura Moisture Conditioner (99p) 
Over the years I've repurchased the amazing bubblegum scented Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor (RRP £4.99) time and time again. That was until I came across this 99p dupe that is just so similar. With the same bubblegum scent and moisturising properties, it leaves the hair tangle-free and silky soft. 

While this isn't as nourishing as a hair mask, especially if you have damaged hair, I feel this is a better than average daily hair conditioner that maintains softness and adds shine. For the price this is definitely a conditioner to try out if you shop in Aldi. 

As I'm all about shower products I would love some good body scrub recommendations right now. I've been thinking of picking up an old favourite with the Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub as I adore the scent and texture, but if you know of any others that offer good exfoliation please let me know in the comments below. 

Fee xo. 

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