Here Are The Beauty Products I've Used All Summer

For the past few months I have been using a huge array of beauty products that have been perfect for summer. These include both high and low priced products from an interesting mousse SPF for the face to a berry flavoured lip scrub and even a roll-on eye shimmer that works amazingly well. 

Blog posts like these remind me of favourites posts that I use to write many years ago. So I've excited to share with you my current summer favourites today that could be useful if you have a holiday planned or to simply used beyond the summer months. I hope you find a few new products to try out here! 

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SVR Sun Secure Blur SPF50 (£11.10) 
Over the past few years, facial sunscreens have really taken off, becoming more advanced in their formulation but also importantly becoming more affordable. So you can now pick up what feels more like a premium makeup base/primer than a high factor SPF for around £10! 

I've tried quite a few different sunscreens for the face this summer but this one from a brand I've never tried before has been such a favourite. With a light, foam-like texture this pleasant smelling SPF glides over the skin blurring imperfections and evening out the complexion meaning you can easily go bare-faced or apply makeup on top.

This SPF can also be applied straight onto wet skin for pool-side top-ups and is water-resistant. Basically, this ticks a lot of boxes and if I didn't know I could easily think it was a makeup primer due to the smooth pore-diffusing formula. I also believe this would suit all skin types and tones as it's light on the skin with its non-cream formula and has zero white cast. 

For the price, this is an amazing facial SPF that I know I will be picking up every summer from now on! 

L'Occitane Raspberry Crush Delicious Lip Scrub (£14.00)
Whatever the time of year a lip scrub is a handy product to have. I personally struggle with dry lips both in the summer heat and the dry indoor climates of winter so I've tried my fair share of lip scrubs over the years and use one 1-2 times per week. 

My favourite this summer has been a fruity offering from the new L'occitane Delicious Lip Scrub range (see the full range here) that contains three flavours; Raspberry Crush, Fabulous Fig and Marmalade Kiss. As you would expect the scents are very fresh and moreish but what I love most about the Raspberry Crush Lip Scrub is the jam-like formula that contains small exfoliation sugars and seeds to exfoliate the lips with. 

Compared to other lip scrubs, such as the ones from Lush, this feels like a much more natural affair being less harsh on the lips while buffing away any dead skin and softening the lips with various natural oils making it an enjoyable product to use while applying your skincare routine. 

A little goes a long way so this small pot will last a long time! 

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick 'Simply Nude' (£8.99) 
While I have the largest collection of nude lipsticks (it's actually ridiculous) this summer I've been reaching for this inexpensive lipstick even over some of my Charlotte Tilbury favourites! I love the Max Factor Elixir range in general but the lipstick range really is perfection with creamy formulas that last on the lips and don't look too glossy or wet, just plumping and luscious. 

This specific shade is a medium pink-nude and I can imagine it would flatter a lot of skin tones, especially those with paler skin. I love when I come across staple makeup items like this at the drugstore! 

By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Serum 'Sunny Flash' (£61) 
Okay, so I was tempted to leave this product out after realising the price of the full-size product (this mini is from a Christmas trio set) but as I had already included it in the photos I thought I would still keep it in. Apologies for featuring such a premium product!

Adding a tint to the skin that's glowy yet non-greasy can be tricky, but this summer I've been using this amazing CC Serum mixed in with my foundation to create an amazing natural-looking glow. The formula is runny yet blends down well when used alone and mixes with all base products really well. On good skin days, I will add just a few dots of this on my face and blend and it's truly all I need as it diffuses imperfections, evens out my complexion and adds a natural glow. By Terry products are always amazing quality but this truly stands out to me as the perfect addition to a glowy makeup routine especially for those you want to add a glow or enhance a tan. 

While I'm not sure I would ever spend £60 on a base product, my maximum spend is around £40 on a single product, I'm pretty confident By Terry will be bringing back the CC Serum Set again this Christmas and then it will go into the sale so much like I did, you may be able to pick up the trio of By Terry CC Serums to try out for around £20 which is definitely worth it! 

MUA Glow X Roll On Eye Shadow 'Desert Shimmer' (£2.40) 
I really wanted to include this product in my summer favourites as I truly think it will be overlooked due to the type of product it is and the low price point making buyers assume it won't be good quality. Because lets face it when has a roll-on makeup product ever been great?! 

But this along with the two other shades in the range break the 90's perception of roll-on eye products. I think this is probably due to the shimmer eyeshadow in the packaging being very fine and really adhering to the lids as the rollerball glides over the skin. The colour payoff and shimmer to this specific shade is truly lovely and easy to use and the shade itself is a lovely coppery tone that's highly pigmented. 

I know I will be continuing to use this product throughout summer and well into autumn for warm glowy eye looks. 

Skinny Tan Body Glow Tinted After Sun Gel (£9.99) 
Over the course of the summer I've tried out a few different tanning products and having done so I've found my new favourite wash-off tan. Now, this is supposed to be used after you have been in the sun to add to the tan you already have. However, being a pale girl that doesn't naturally tan I have found this to be a great easy-to-use wash off self-tan to apply to my arms and legs when I'm feeling pale. 

I can't say I overly noticed a cooling effect or that it moisturises the skin in any way but the tinted gel rubs into the skin easily and is pretty foolproof and streak-free. It also doesn't sweat off during the day! 

For a huge 250ml tube I think this is a really affordable product that is ideal for someone that wants to easily fake tan now and again without the worry of it developing too dark or looking patchy because once you have applied it that's the colour it is. It's truly been such a summer staple for me when I want to wear dresses! 

Mugler Aura Sensuelle EDP (30ml - £44)
This summer I've been lucky enough to add a few new scents to my collection, from the summer edition of Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf to some lovely travel scents from Shay & Blue and Jean Paul Gaultier's latest fragrance; Scandal A Paris. But the everyday fragrance that I have been reaching for most is a lighter summery take on Aura with Aura Sensuelle. For me, this is quite a green fresh scent that is made creamy and soft with vanilla notes. 

It's unique while feeling familiar and gentle and something most people would enjoy I think. It's a scent perfect for the heat but also breezy summer days. I also adore the stunning bottle design with its frosted iridescent glass. 

I have also noticed that this new fragrance can only be picked up from Thierry Mugler online and at their counters and isn't in general retail stores such as Boots and Selfridges, making it a little more exclusive and special. 

Lacura Booty Balm (£6.99)
Lastly, I've been using the dupe for Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream (RRP £44) for the past few months and loving it. Much like the original and more expensive Bum Bum Cream, Booty Balm is a thick tropical scented cream that glides over the skin well and soaks in easily however liberal you are with application.

This is the type of cream you simply want to slather over your arms and leg, and of course, your bum to make skin softer, smoother and looking more toned. 

I've never been one to be loyal to a body lotion before but I've reached for this after every shower recently, especially before tanning and can say it thoroughly moisturises the skin without feeling sticky. The scent also really helps to give it holiday/summer vibes and couldn't be any nicer! 

I'd love to know your own summer favourites this year, from fragrance to makeup products! 

Fee xo. 

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