9 Cult Classic Fragrance Dupes

Lately, I've been on a mission to find cheaper alternatives for makeup products I love. For me, this makes sense for three reasons - 1. It feeds my savvy nature and brings me joy 2. I have a much cheaper back-up once I run out of my favourite product and 3. I like 'dupes' for frivolous use... you know using on non-special occasions and for throwing in a handbag without worrying it will get damaged or worn looking.

From my favourite bronzer to endless Charlotte Tilbury products (you can see my huge CT dupe post here!) I'm a woman obsessed and so I'm now focusing on duping my most worn fragrances, again that I can throw in my bag, spray liberally and use whenever I feel like it because the spend with perfume dupes is always going to be low!

Below you will find quite a few fragrance dupes for some of my favourites that all fit into the 'cult classics' category, so I thought I'd add to it and make it a round-up of the best cult classic fragrance dupes - I hope you find a dupe for your own favourite perfume here.

1) Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (50ml EDP, £77)
Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour - In-store (50ml EDP, £3.99)
Chanel's oriental floral fragrance is one that is instantly recognisable if you have worn it before. It's also wonderfully heady and long lasting, making it a daily perfume for a lot of Chanel fragrance fans. But when I smelt Lidl's £3.99 version quite a few years ago I couldn't believe just how similar it was. While the bottle is pretty cheap looking and it does smell like a lighter version (which some may actually prefer) the scent is practically the same. A dupe hard to tell isn't the real thing!  

2) Marc Jacobs Daisy (100ml EDT, £79)
Avon Eve Truth  (100ml EDP, £14.00)
Over the years Marc Jacobs Daisy has become pretty iconic and for good reason. This sweet floral perfume is uplifting and perfect for spring/summer months. It's also a scent that if you've worn it you will instantly recognise it on others! 

But thankfully there's a pretty impressive dupe from Avon that's just landed that smells the exact same and was in fact created by French perfumer Laurent Le Guernec, who has actually worked on a Marc Jacobs fragrance! 

I've yet to smell this affordable dupe but the reviews say it's spot on so I'm keen to try it out. Does Avon still do their 'scratch and sniff' scented pages? 

3) YSL Black Opium (90ml EDP, £82)
Superdrug Layering Lab Exotic (100ml Body Mist, £3.49)
If you love intense sweet yet spicy scents then hopefully you will have tried YSL Black Opium. This is one stunning fragrance that has gained in popularity over the years but does sadly come with quite a heft price tag. 

But thanks to Superdrugs new Layering Lab Body Mist's there's now an inexpensive dupe that basically smells exactly like it! Yes, it sounds too good to be true but trust me, no one will know the difference! The only drawback is it doesn't last as long but that can definitely be overlooked for the £3.50 price tag!  

4)  Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb (50ml EDP, £76)
Milton Lloyd Summertime (55ml EDT, £2.99)
Flowerbomb is one of my all time favourite fragrances that I wear for special ocassions and when I'm feeling fancy! It's deep, it's rich and it's floral with a peppery twist and I LOVE IT! 

But like all premuim fragrances it comes with quite the price tag, and while I will always repurchase it, I'd love to have a dupe that I can throw in my handbag to top up with throughout an evening. This is where Milton Lloyd's Summertime comes in.  While it doesn't look like much it's  basically the exact same scent with less sillage.

I've tried a few Milton Lloyd fragrance dupes now and they have all impressed me so I will be picking this up ASAP. I really can't wait to try it!  

5) Thierry Mugler Alien (90ml EDP, £95)
Superdrug Layering Lab Blossom - In-store (100ml Body Mist, £3.49)
I featured this dupe in my recent best dupes of 2019 post and so I couldn't leave it out here as I know Thierry Mugler Alien is a favourite of many. It's also such a unique fragrance that is very recognisable which is why I've been so impressed with Superdrug's Layering Lab range, managing to achieve such a similar scent. 

As this is such an amazing dupe it's all sold out on the Superdrug website and alot of Superdrug stores but if you do love Thierry Mugler Alien I would seriously recommend hunting it down. Everyone that smells this body mist is amazed! 

6) Jo Malone Pomegrante Noir (100ml Cologne, £94)
Primark Pomegranate and Black Tea - In-store (100ml EDP, £8)
Along with Aldi, Primark have a whole 'Jo Malone' inspired range of fragrances so while you may want to head down to Primark and smell them all, I thought I would share a dupe for Jo Malone's most loved scent - Pomegrante Noir. 

This is a deep scented fraganced that has been cleverly duped by Primark and although it's not spot on, it's similar and without a doubt worth £8! 

7)  Lancome La Vie Est Belle (100ml EDP, £92)
Lidl Aura En Rose - In-store (100ml EDP, £4.99)
Lancome's La Vie Est Belle is my mum's signature fragrance so when I tried Lidl's Aura En Rose I was shocked at how familar it smelt... and then I realised - it's a dupe! 

As you can expect with such cheap perfumes the sillage/staying power is much less however on first application it's just as strong and then fades to something softer than the original fragrance. Lidl's Aura En Rose is a total hidden gem that deserves a lot more love. 

8)  Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess (100ml EDP, £84)
Next Summer Sun (100ml EDP, £14)
Come summer Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess is loved by many and for good reason - it's summer in a bottle! Giving a sense of hot days and holidays with a mix of floral and cocnut this is one dreamy scent. 

But what if there was a dupe?! Thanks to Next we have Summer Sun, which is just as beachy and gorgeous! It's also so so So much cheaper! 

Side note: Next are the underdog's of fragrance dupes so it's worth heading in-store to try them all out! 

9) Dior J'adore (100ml EDT, £94)
Zara Rose (100ml EDT, £9.99)
Dior J'adore has been around for years and is one luxury smelling scent. It's also a scent that if you love it you are loyal to it. 

But an inexpensive dupe can't hurt, right? Especially if you like Dior J'adore but could never justify the price. Again, Zara is one of those highstreet retailers that is known for duping a few fragrances from time to time and while the name and botttle don't give this dupe away it is beyond similar to J'adore at only £10! 

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