Skincare from Within: Trialling Imedeen Derma One

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When it comes to looking after our skin with skincare products, statistics show we are very much tuned in and without a doubt spending like never before. 

I for one can say I'm in the savvy skincare camp, knowing my AHA from my BHA, protecting my skin from harmful and ageing rays not just when the sun is out and more times than not, double cleansing to fully remove makeup and the grime of the day.

But while topical skincare products applied daily can go some way at keeping skin looking bright and unproblematic, what if continued radiance and moisture balance could be achieved even when your skincare wanes or simply included as a helpful extra step that takes no time at all?

This is where Imedeen Derma One steps in; skincare tablets formulated to help maintain moisture balance and radiance which can diminish with the first signs of ageing. Created for women aged 25+, Derma One targets the sub-derma levels of the skin's cells, improving elasticity and radiance from the inside out.

Taking two easy to swallow tablets daily can show visible results in just 90 days. So in the name of skincare, turning thirty last year and wanting to ward off superficial fine lines due to a lack of moisture in my skin I teamed up with Imedeen to take part in a 90-day challenge, sharing my results and findings with you.

For me supplements have been a part of my daily routine for possibly the past 10 years. From starting off taking a multivitamin to branching out as my knowledge grew to targeted vitamins and minerals. Taking Vitamin D3 when my levels were low, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 for normalised energy levels and taking trusty D-Mannose when needed. I also saw lasting visible results from taking hair supplements after hair loss from very low Vitamin D which was diagnosed by my GP. So extending my use of supplements with Derma One to improve my skin made sense to me, it just simply hadn't been something I'd thought much about, until now that is.

With 10 clinical studies confirming the benefits of Imedeen and with 22 awards and commendations around the world I felt rest assured I was opting for the best skincare supplements on the market. And while it shouldn’t really matter they also appear the most sleek and up-to date with different products to suit varying age ranges. 

Throughout the three month trial I found the skincare tablets easy to take as I kept them next to my bed, taking them as soon as I woke up with a sip of water. I was pleased to find even on an empty stomach they had no after taste what so ever.

As positive changes to the skin can often be hard to detect, especially when gradual I decided to jot down how my skin was looking and behaving at the start of the trial so that I could refresh my memory at the end of the 90 days. My main concerns was my skin appearing naturally lack lustre during the day and an imbalance in both oily and dry patches which could be visibly seen by the end of the day when wearing makeup.

Since taking Derma One the results that I have most noticed is a consistent radiance to my skin, appearing more even in tone and brighter, even when I skipped my normal skincare routine. While this hasn't been a dramatic change it's definitely been noticed so much so that I'm more confident to go foundation-free whenever I want, just applying concealer to the odd blemish and my under eyes – which I could never forgo!

As for improved moisture balance this has been the hardest aspect to detect, however for the past month my skin has felt more balanced with no excess oil or dry patches making makeup application smoother and a general feeling of not having to constant delicate balance with which skincare products I use. This in turn has made me more confident to pair back by skincare to a more simplified routine which I'm so far enjoying as it saves time and is more preferred as the weather heads into Spring/Summer.

Throughout the three month trial I feel I have reassessed how I approach skincare and now believe the addition of skincare supplements to be of benefit, especially to maintain balance in moisture levels and to support an overall healthy appearance.

If like myself, you already take supplements or are willing to give them a go to see the results for yourself then Imedeen Derma One is truly the skincare supplement to go for. You can pick up a one month supply (60 tablets) via the Imedeen website or in select Boots stores. You can also find out more about Imedeen's product range here

I'd love to know if you have ever taken supplements for your skin or have ever considered that skincare goes beyond topical products.

Fee xo.

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