Top 10 eBay Makeup Brushes 2019

Over the past few years, I've shared endless cheap makeup brush finds from eBay - because I got a little obsessed with the high quality for such low prices. So much so that I felt I need to stop the overkill, because while I was fine with amassing endless brush sets I assumed you didn't.

However, I feel enough time has passed to talk ultra bargainous makeup brushes again, especially as I've picked up a few new sets recently and been super pleased with them all. As always the listing I've found below are from both UK and China Sellers with free delivery and no custom fees to pay!

If you are in the market for a new brush set then I hope you find something here!

1. Metallic Silver 12 Piece Face/Eye Brush Set £5.81 HERE 
If you are looking for a simple but stylish new brush set then look no further than these. Densely packed and super soft these brushes not only look good but match in quality too. For such a large array of both face and eye brushes this is one hell of an affordable set!

2. Various Pencil Eye Blending Brushes £2.99 each HERE 
Next, I found a really great listing for 13 different types of eye blending brushes. These kind of brushes are great for adding colour to the crease or outer corners of the eye or even smudging eyeshadow or kohl liner along the bottom lash line - I have a few of this type of brush! Which is why I wanted to include this gem find as the designs are all so unique and £3 for a brush with so many handy uses is great.

3. Sequin Brush Set 10 Piece £5.72 HERE
If girly sparkly brushes are your thing then I have you covered with this amazing set! As you may be able to see these brushes come with sleek acrylic handles embedded with glitter, meaning no glitter will transfer onto your hands as you use them! The ferrules are also pretty extra in a pink metallic finish. Again, another set that offers a good mix of brush types for both the face and eyes for such a low price!

4. Gold Makeup Brush Set 4 Piece £2.56 HERE
When looking for new makeup brushes I find I'm often wanting extra eye shadow brushes because let's face it... who wants to be cleaning makeup brushes too often. So a listing of stylish eye blending brushes for under £3.00, plus a handy highlighter fan brush is pretty perfect. I've ordered very similar brushes to these in the past and been so pleased with how soft they are and how well they blend out both eyeshadow and concealer.

5. BH Cosmetics Crystal Quartz Brush Set 12 Piece with Bag £12.99 HERE
Out of all my eBay finds here this is the most expensive brush set, well if you can call £1 per brush expensive. But I wanted to include them as they are branded and I know some people like to go with brands they know and while BH Cosmetics is a budget brand, it's known for its good quality products. I also love that this set comes with a makeup bag, great if you want to travel with them, store them away or give as a gift. To me, these look very similar quality to Real Techniques brushes, but for a fraction of the cost.

6. Curve White Makeup Brush Set 8 Piece £6.99 HERE
If ultra soft and aesthetically pleasing brush are your thing then you may be tempted by this listing of eight brushes for under £7. Each brush comes with ultra soft bristles and is ideal for blending. The handles are also a perfect shape for holding to give an even better application. Already owning the smaller 4 piece set I can totally vouch for the quality of these and I'm even tempted to pick up this larger set as they are just so pretty and soft!

7. Silver & Blue Gradient Makeup Brushes 4 Pieces £3.60 HERE
Another set I recently picked up and again, I couldn't be more pleased with, is this unique gunmetal ombre 4-piece set. For the price, these are an absolute steal, with the two large face brushes being incredibly soft and perfect for both face powder, bronzer and blusher. While the other two brushes are firmer and great for liner and crease blending. If you are new to eBay brushes or love bargain buys then I highly recommend these – you won't be disappointed.

8. Smokey Rose Gold Brush Set 10 Pieces £7.59 HERE
If I hadn't picked up quite so many new makeup brushes in the past month or so I think I would be buying this stunning set. I mean, just look at it?! From the pink metallic handles to the dusky grey bristles this is one pretty makeup set. The set also looks super soft and with a good mix of face and eye brushes. I also really like the handle style of these brushes, something a little unique and I imagine something that would help with the application. I may not be able to justify buying these just yet, but when my brushes need refreshing these will be the ones I pick up!

9. Black Gold Makeup Brush Set 20 Pieces £6.99 HERE
If you are looking to add to your eye brush collection this huge set of 20 brushes may interest you. Another brush set with a unique design that I personally really love and think would look great on all dressing tables. I can see a few brushes that had a slightly odd shape (3-4 from looking at the listing) but for £7 that doesn't seem such a big deal. I also really like the addition of the larger blusher/powder brush and fan brush.

10. Sailor Moon Inspired Metal Makeup Brush Set 8 Piece £7.85 HERE
Lastly, I want to throw in a wild card with a novelty Sailor Moon inspired set. In the past, I've featured both Beauty & The Beast (here) and Harry Potter inspired brushes (here) which I picked up myself and couldn't believe the quality of. Not only are these something different and fun but the quality for the price is simply amazing. I say this because the detailed handles are made of solid metal and the attention to detail is just incredible. I also think you don't necessarily need to be a fan of Sailor Moon to pick up these whimsically themed brushes.

Please let me know your favourite brush set here and if you pick any of up – I'd love to know!

Fee xo.
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