This New 24 Shade Budget Concealer Should Be In Every Makeup Bag

Concealer is one of those makeup bag essentials that everyone owns. It's often a multipurpose wiz, used on dark circles, blemishes, pigmentation and is even there to correct makeup mistakes and more. There's basically no denying how invaluable concealer is! 

But for that very reason, the beauty industry is awash with every kind of concealer imaginable. From sweatproof to photo proof and industrial strength, in all formulas -  we as beauty lovers are spoilt for choice. But as you will likely know, not all concealers live up to expectation - lacking in coverage, blendable, longevity and even shade range. 

So today I have one of the lastest concealer launches to share with you that ticks all boxes, being an amazing budget base offering that requires shouting about! 

Now, if you have a sharp eye for makeup then you may have spotted that I'm talking about a new NYX product launch here. Which may also surprise you because there really hasn't been much hype around this product at all and it's seems that it's blended into NYX's array of makeup products. However, let me tell you this deserves the same hype Makeup Revolution's Conceal & Define Concealer recieved and still recieves if I'm honest! 

This new concealer is the bomb! Oh, and did I mention it costs only £8?  

Before I get into this amazing new concealer I first wanted to first talk about NYX's first liquid concealer - HD Studio Photogenic Concealer. This is a concealer that's been in my makeup collection for a good few years now and while it's not the one I reach for the most, it's a good budget staple at only £6. It comes in 20 shades plus 3 colour-corrector shades and is a nice everyday medium-coverage creamy concealer. If you can't afford Nars Creamy Concealer then this is a pretty good dupe! 

But I did always feel like NYX could offer something more, something creamier with even better coverage. And somehow the makeup gods were listening because NYX launched just that! 

Meet NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Concealer

NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Concealer comes after last years foundation launch by the same name and is a 24 shade strong full coverage concealer with AMAZING staying power. 

The American drugstore brand really has put a lot of work into this budget concealer because from the first use I knew this would be the one to rival my other more premium concealers! 

Can't Stop Won't Stop Contour Concealer is described as a 'lightweight liquid', that camouflages imperfections, brightens and contours features. Much like the popular foundation, the concealer is full-coverage, transfer proof and leaves a matte finish. The other benefit is this concealer doesn't require setting and really does stay in place all day, pretty much living up to its 24-hour stay claims. 

While this may not be a concealer for the driest of skin types I feel the formula is the best it's going to get for a matte finish. I say this because I first used this after a week of being ill, when my skincare routine was none existent and my under eyes felt crepe-y, so I was expecting the concealer to cling to fine lines and enhance any dryness I had. But it just didn't! Yes, it looked a little too matte on those drier areas of skin but it was still untraceable on the skin - you couldn't see the concealer sitting there! 

Since then my skincare routine is back in full force and while my skin still isn't as hydrated as I would like, this concealer sits perfectly on the skin and really is the only full coverage concealer with matte finish that gives such a finish. 

I will say the only thing I've noticed is that the full coverage benefits just aren't there if you apply this with a makeup sponge or beauty blender, which did surprise me. The concealer simply gets absorbed into the sponge and lifted off the face - so it's a no-no for this kind of application unless you wanted less coverage. 

The best way to apply Can't Stop Won't Stop Concealer is either patted in with an index finger or with a small concealer buffing brush, again stippled over the skin rather than blended out. This will give a flawless even finish to the skin without having to apply more concealer. One swipe under the eyes and a dot on any spots is enough. 

Overall this concealer is truly something to shout about and I really can't believe this isn't any hype around it! 

Truly a new budget favourite here that will be staying in my daily makeup routine for good. 

Fee xo.
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