Wet n Wild arrives in the UK - Here are the products you need to own


Based in Los Angeles, Wet n Wild have been going nearly 40 years, however, it's only this month that the affordable beauty brand has finally become available to buy in the UK at both Beauty Bay and Boots!

Rivalling e.lf. on price and quality, beauty lovers on a budget are sure to be impressed, with prices ranging from £1.50 to £6.00 and featuring everything you would expect from an already established makeup brand: base makeup, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, highlighters and much more. There are even a few beauty dupes to be found!

So, of course, being the beauty addict I am I couldn't resist picking up a few items to share with you and most likely enable a little spend with this introduction to Wet n Wild.

Update: Wet n Wild is now available at Boots online here

MegaGlo Highlighting Powder - Blossom Glow £3.75

Available in two shades; Precious Petals and Blossom Glow, MegaGlo Highlighting Powder was the first Wet n Wild product I knew I needed to own... I mean look at how stunning it is and for under £4?!

With a silky smooth almost buttery texture this isn't a highlighter that kicks up loose powder as you dip your fingers into it or swirl over it with a brush, which is something I'm so pleased about because 1. No fall out onto the face creating what I like to call 'disco-ball' face 2. The gorgeous design to the compact isn't disturbed or worn away after a handful of uses (I'm looking at you Benefit box blushers) and 3. It's just a gorgeous formula to work with that applies exactly where you want it and stays put!

Formula aside, I picked Blossom Glow as I knew it would work best with my pale skin tone, however, this amazing light gold/pink pearlescent finish would look amazing against all skin tones on trying it out.
As for pigmentation, it's also really impressive, creating such a stunning highlight to the cheeks or wherever you apply it when any light reflects it.

This is definitely a product I'd strongly recommend picking up if you are planning on placing a lil' Wet n Wild order! In fact, the next time I'm buying anything from Beauty Bay 'Precious Petals' will be going in my basket - fact.

Color Icon Eyeshadow Quads in Walking on Eggshells £2.95

Having lusted after Wet n Wild products for the best part of 5 years the item I most wanted to try out was the incredibly affordable eyeshadow palettes that continually received glowing reviews. And now I finally can!

But before getting into the Colour Icon Eyeshadow Quads and the palette I went for, I just wanted to highlight the amazingly low price point! I mean under £3 is pretty damn amazing, right? Especially if you consider that a beauty brand such as Rimmel is considered budget and their 5-pan compact eyeshadow palettes cost £6.99 and aren't as good as Wet n Wild, bluntly put.

So yes, I'm pretty amazed at the price... and you bet I will be buying a few more even though I don't need any more eyeshadow palettes!

As for what you can expect for such a budget-friendly palette, only good thing! Yes, no lie, these eyeshadows are pretty damn lovely. Feeling like velvet under the finger yet lighter than light in texture with good pigmentation that can be built up however much you want.
I also really like how the four eyeshadows are a complete eyeshadow look with a brow bone highlight, crease, eyelid and transition shades, making this ideal for beginners while still being great for those more experienced just on a budget.

My only slight criticism would be that the transition shade in particular is very soft, which means it blends a dream on the lids but does result in almost flaking off in the pan which I could see ending in 'hitting pan' rather quickly due to the fall out shadow. But for £2.95 I really have been blown away at the overall quality of these eyeshadow quads!

Color Icon 10 Pan Palette in Rose in the Air £3.75

Next, onto a large 10 pan eyeshadow palette, which at only 80p more than the above eyeshadow quad is outstanding value for money! 

With only 3 options to chose from choice is limited but thankfully all three palettes are neutral in tone and very wearable. Again, you can expect buttery-soft formulas that glide over the lids and blend a dream. Simply amazing quality for the low price tag! 

The palette I went for is the stunning Rose in the Air, which contains pink, orange and neutral shades. It's also an amazing dupe for the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette which retails for over £40 which I think is one of the best beauty dupes of the year!

Each eyeshadow palette also consists of two transition shades that are perfectly light and ultra blendable and very handy to have but thankfully aren't too soft that they are flaky or kick up product like the transition shades in the above Color Icon Eyeshadow Quads. So it seems only a problem exclusive to the smaller palettes - something to keep in mind. 

Another absolutely amazing eyeshadow palette!

MegaCushion Color Corrector in Green £5.00

Over the years I've tried endless green colour corrector type products to counteract redness in my skin. But both liquid and cream products both in tubes and pots have been either too thick or opaque under makeup. 

Which is why I decided to give this Korean-inspired colour corrector cushion compact (available in green and yellow shades) a try, hoping for a lighter application. And thankfully that's exactly what you can expect from this product! 

Complete with an almost rubber-like powder puff to apply the lightweight colour corrector that you bounce off the skin the colour corrector provides a light veil of product that neutralises any redness without leaving a green cast or cakey look. Making this ideal for anyone with a little redness or more obvious areas of discolouration as the product can be gradually built up. 

The product also provides a good base for foundation or concealer to be applied on top of as it dries down to a velvet feel on the skin. 

I don't believe there is such a thing as a dream colour corrector, however, this cushion compact is one of the more natural buildable offerings I've come across making it perfect under makeup and easy to use - well done Wet n Wild!

MegaLast Lip Color in Bare It All £3.00

Lastly, I thought I would include a MegaLast Lip Color which I actually picked up last year when Wet n Wild wasn't available in the UK. In fact, I paid £5+ on Amazon for the shade 'Bare it All' as it's a shade loved by many and also a dupe for cult classic MAC Velvet Teddy!

But now 'Bare it All' along with the 25 strong shade range can be picked up from Beauty Bay with ease and for only £3 each - a bargain for a range of quality long wear lipsticks if you ask me. But it is worth noting there is an even cheaper range of Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks for only £2 if you prefer a satin finish over matte.

Again, this is another product I can only rave about as the formula glides over the lips feeling wearable while being long lasting for a good few hours at a time. Bare it All is also definitely very similar in shade and tone to MAC Velvet Teddy, maybe a touch darker, so if you want to bag a good MAC dupe then it's worth picking up this particular shade.

If you are looking for a new budget makeup brand to try out and update your stash with then this is it! Of course there are a few products such as the Mega Clear Mascara and Eyeliner Pencils that look on the cheap side but on the whole, both the packaging and formulas of Wet n Wild makeup look much more than the low spend and definitely rival other affordable beauty brands such as e.l.f and even NYX! 

If you already own products from Wet n Wild please let me know your own favourite products as I'm sure to be placing another order on Beauty Bay before the year is out. 

Fee xo.

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