The Best Beauty Dupes for 2018

Whether you're on a budget or not there's something alluring about a beauty dupe. Of course, saving money is a huge plus but when you discover something that is beyond similar to a product you have lusted over or have already loved it's like you've come across a gem that most people aren't aware of. 

From the most amazing hydrating primer dupe to a palette that will save you ££, I'm running down what in my opinion are the best beauty dupes of 2018 thus far! 

Revolution Pro Prime & Hydrate £7.00 here
Dupe for: Too Faced Hangover Primer £27.00 here

When I came across Too Faced Hangover Primer is was instant love - finally, a base product that's soothing, hydrating and refreshing on the skin perfect for them tired skin mornings. But then Revolution's Pro Prime & Hydrate entered my life and while I wasn't expecting it to be a dupe for anything, but on first use it struck me how insanely similar it was to my favourite Hangover Primer. From the light coconut scent to the white creamy formula that soaks into the skin a dream to give a hydrated plump feel I was amazing at the similarities. For Revolution Pro this isn't an obvious dupe due to the packaging but don't allow that to put you off as this really is the epitome of a beauty dupe, give a huge saving of £20 and the providing the same lightweight primer that is the ideal base for tired dehydrated skin that will allow makeup to last throughout the day. 

Wet n Wild Rose in the Air Palette £3.75 here
Dupe for: ABH Modern Renaissance Palette £43.00 here 

When it comes to cult eyeshadow palettes you don't get much more cult than Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. And with a stunning array of warm tones to unique dusky pinks, it's clear to see why! However, £40+ palettes are something to consider rather than impulse buy or simply out of budget for most. Which is why I'm so thrilled that Wet n Wild is now available in the UK (here!) and I'm able to share an amazing low-cost dupe for this lust-worthy palette. 

Enter Wet n Wild Color Icon 10 Pan Palette - Rose in the Air; a lineup of pigmented shades that perfectly match that of the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette (see swatches of both palettes compared here) bar four shades. While I don't have my hands on the ABH palette this £3.75 bargain eyeshadow palette really does feel something special with intense pigmentation, buttery textures and some unique shades that most beauty lovers are unlikely to already own. This truly is an amazing beauty dupe!


e.l.f Beautifully Bare Natural Glow Lotion £7.20 here
Dupe for: Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow £38.50 here 

For the longest time Charlotte Tilbury's Wonderglow has been a go-to base of mine when I want a glow that shines through my foundation. But at nearly £40 this lightweight primer although one of my most favourite 'glow-from-within' product doesn't come cheap.

However e.l.f have an almost identical glow base product at a snip of the price that really is perfect for those on a budget. While the Natural Glow Lotion does have a stronger synthetic scent and is a shade lighter when dispensed from the tube, the overall effects on the skin are highly similar to the point I cannot tell them apart when worn under makeup. The lightweight lotion also feels similar in how hydrating and soothing it is on the skin. The only thing I would say is that I've only been able to compare the two products on my own skin (which is fair) and feel on darker skin the Glow Lotion it may give a light cast to the skin so this could be a dupe for those with light to medium skin tones.

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer (£4 here)
Dupe for: Tarte Shape Tape Concealer (£22 here

Lastly, without a doubt one of the most talked about dupes of 2018 as finally there was a dupe for cult favourite Shape Tape! 

Available in 18 shades Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer would have been a popular high street choice without being named a dupe. However it just so happens (surprising, that) that not only is the packaging and applicator beyond similar to that of Tarte' Shape Tape but the creamy high-coverage formula is too! While I haven't personally been able to compare the two products I can back up the claims that Conceal & Define is a wonderful full coverage yet light concealer especially for concealing dark circles and blemishes, never settling in fine lines or clinging to dry skin.


If you are a fellow beauty dupe lover let me know your own favourite dupe worthy products from 2018 - I'd love to discover more!

Fee xo.

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