First Look at New Zoella Beauty 'Cosmos' Christmas Collection 2018

Somehow it has become a tradition on Makeup Savvy for my first Christmas post of the year to be an overview of the new Zoella Beauty Christmas range. Which I actually can't complain about as I'm always excited for a new Zoella Beauty launch, especially come Christmas.

So with tradition, I picked up a few of my favourite looking gifts and products from the new Zoella Beauty Cosmos Christmas Collection 2018 to talk you through the entire range, share my thoughts on the 'Cosmos' scent and give you an idea of which gifts are worth buying (and maybe avoiding) this year!

Zoella Beauty Cosmos Christmas 2018

First of all, can we talk about the cosmo/galactic theme for a minute? What are we all thinking about it? While I love the holographic packaging especially to the fragrance mist and hand cream I can't help but feel it's not all that festive, especially compared to last years Snowella Christmas range.

But then again, do we necessarily want festively themed products after Christmas? So with that in mind, looking at it as a Winter gifting range I love it! But it's definitely not giving me excited Christmas vibes.

As for this years lineup, the Cosmos range consists of 12 products, which is one more than last years range with a price range of £5.00 to £40.00 for the largest gift set (which will most likely be on 'Star Buy' in Superdrug stores and online in the lead up to Christmas!). Gift options are very similar to last year, however, I have noticed there is a lack of makeup bag and stocking which is a bit of a shame.

It's also worth noting the entire range is likely to be on 3 for 2 once it has fully launched.

Right now you can pick up the entire Zoella Beauty Cosmos range from Superdrug online here and Feel Unique here. Only very few selected Superdrug stores have the new Christmas range so if you want anything right now you will have to snap it up online!

This year's Zoella Beauty Christmas scent

While I love seeing the exact products and gifts in the range I'm most intrigued about what the new scent smells like!

This year's Cosmos scent for Christmas 2018 is described as soothing vanilla with peppermint and while it isn't the most festive scent Zoella Beauty have come out with it does have a candy cane air about it while being light and fresh thanks to the vanilla notes. This is actually my most favourite scent to date in both the hand cream and body whip. I can imagine it smelling amazing in the body mist.

See below for the products I picked up, my thoughts and the entire Zoella Beauty Christmas 2018 range...

Zoella Mini Supernova Bathing Collection £5.50

First up, a good budget gift set that could easily be given with a box of chocolate to a friend or younger family member as a complete gift. The set includes Star Shower Body Wash (40ml) and Body Whip Body Cream (40ml).

So this is definitely a small gift set! However having used both products for the past few showers I can say they really are lovely, especially the body whip which is a light whipped texture and comes in the vanilla and peppermint scent which I can't get enough of. It also leaves the skin silky soft.

I really wish there was a larger full size of this in the range, however, I feel quite a few people will be picking up the Wish Upon A Spa Gift Collection just to get their hands on a bigger pot of the Body Whip because it really is that good!

Zoella Reach for the Moon Hand Cream (£6.00)

Zoella hand creams are always popular and I can totally see why, due to the large size, dreamy scents and fun packaging. It's also a hand cream that will see you through both autumn and winter if you pick it up before Christmas.

Again the scent is the same soothing vanilla with peppermint, but compared to the above bath products I can detect more peppermint in the hand cream but with a very smooth vanilla edge - really lovely. The holographic stair and polka dot packaging also looks the most festive out of the entire range which I'm really pleased about. A good quality hand cream here.

If you want to treat yourself or someone else to a few things from this year's range then I'd highly recommend including this hand cream in your basket!

Zoella Scents of Wonder Rollerballs (£9.00)

Every year I like to pick up the rollerball gift set as it's a great way to try out the new Christmas scent and a few of the other previous collection scents. However this year there's a twist... the rollerball gift set doesn't contain the new 'Cosmos' scent, which if I'm totally honest is very disappointing. In fact, I have a feeling parents of younger fans may buy the gift set as a Christmas present thinking that it contains the new range scent due to the packaging matching the Christmas range - it's all a bit confusing.

So while you do receive 3 x 10ml rollerballs in Sweet Inspirations, Botanic' eau and Gelat' eau scents for the affordable price of £9.00 making it a nice gift, there is simply no rollerball version of Cosmos this year. I really don't know how I feel about this.

Zoella Milky Way Bath Bath Milk Powder (£5.00)

Lastly, I picked up my first ever bath milk powder as it's been years since I used this kind of product in the bath. Again this is in the same vanilla and peppermint scent which is lovely and you receive 120g so not a bad size at all for the price.

I had a feeling this will turn the bath a milky white colour and hydrate the skin nicely with the lovely cosy scent. I can't wait to use this now!


Zoella Cosmos Body Mist (100ml/£12) | Zoella Four Lucky Stars Gift Set ( 4 x 15ml/£16) | Zoella Milky Way Bath Milk Powder (120g/£5.50) | Zoella Mini Supernova Bathing Collection (£5.50) | Zoella Big Beauty Bang Bath and Body Cracker (£12.00) | Zoella Reach For The Moon Hand Cream (90ml/£6) | Zoella Scents of Wonder Rollerballs Gift Set (3 x 10ml/£9) | Zoella Star Glazer Lip Balm Duo (£7) | Zoella Moisturising Solid Bath Oil Melts (£8) | Zoella Cosmos Body and Mist Collection (£14) | Zoella Star Bather Gift Set (£18) | Zoella Wish Upon A Spa Gift Collection (£40)

Overall I can see this year's Cosmos Christmas range being a huge hit! The packaging although not festive is spot on with the holographic finish and starry nights sky to some of the products.

The scent is also perfectly cosy and without a doubt my favourite scent EVER from Zoella Beauty - you really do need to try it!

Let me know what you think of this collection and if you will be treating yourself or gifting others to it for Christmas.

Fee xo.

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