While I think we all love a bit of sunshine, these warmer summer months can make wearing makeup more of a chore than anything else. I also know I'd rather be outside than applying product after product. 

Which is why I can't get enough of my 5 minutes summer glow makeup routine right now. It's radiance-enhancing, subtle yet there, and oh so wearable for both day and night. It also only takes 6 products give or take! 


First up, this quick routine should start with some kind of glow-enhancing primer/base. For me, this is Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow as it gets dull lacklustre skin gleaming in seconds. It also works really well as a base for any makeup you apply on top.

A cheaper alternative that I also find works really well is Becca First Light Priming Filter as it magically brightens the skin and gives a perfect almost post-facial glow. Alternatively adding a few drops of a liquid highlighter in with your daily moisturiser can work wonders.

Next, it's all about a light coverage when it comes to foundation as you want the glow you have just created to show through. Which means a light whipped formula is perfect here such as the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder which appears traceless on the skin. Or for slightly higher coverage foundation application with a damp makeup sponge should help to sheer it out. By this point your skin should be looking dewy and perfected! 


For the eyes, I like to keep it simple as this not only cuts down makeup application time but will ensure your eye look looks the same at the end of the day. For a no-makeup makeup look, I'm a huge fan of using bronzers and blushers on the eyes, especially Benefit box powders such as Hoola & GALifornia. With a fluffy eyeshadow brush, I work a little Benefit GALifornia into my crease, blending it out as I go. This gives a lovely glow to the eyes which I bring down onto the lower lashline with a smaller smudger brush. Then to add a flush to the cheeks and to pull everything together I also use GALifornia as intended, on the cheeks.

As for mascara application, however quick I want to be I cannot not curl my lashes as this gives them a lifted opened eye look that I really notice a difference from. My current favourite mascara is It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara as it holds a curl well and really does add volume and length without clumps.

Lastly, to finish off my 5-minute summer glow makeup routine I brush through my brows and then apply Glossier Boy Brow which is a makeup product I can't be without. While this doesn't fill in the brows fully, it provides definition especially to the front of the eyebrows and keeps all hairs in place.

Finally, a setting spray to set everyone especially if it's a hot day is a must! My current favourite that also adds any extra glow is the Iconic Original Prep-Set-Glow. Let me know if you have your own 5-minute makeup routine!

Fee xo.

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