The Best Sheet Masks for Oily Skin

There is no denying that sheet masks have taken the skincare world by storm in the past few years. Going from only Korean imports to making their way to the shelves of drugstores and being tried out by so many major skincare players.

But while the average sheet mask can pick up the skin and add a nice dose of hydration in under 10 minutes most brands don't take oily or blemish-prone skin into consideration. Granted, sheet masks work amazingly well at adding some serum goodness to the skin but what about us oily gals? Below I've sifted through the few sheet masks out there for oily skin, sharing my own picks & results! I hope you find a few new favourites here!

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Pore-Refining Sheet Mask 
£4.00 HERE 
First up I thought I would mention one of the most accessible sheet masks for oily skin! This inexpensive single-use mask is part of The Fab Pore range which also comes as a more traditional paint-on style mask, both having the same scent and benefits. This is a heavily drenched sheet mask that is instantly cooling and refreshing on the skin, much more than any other mask I have tried in fact making it perfect for the summer months or if you are wanting something soothing. The mask also benefits from calming spearmint scent which I personally love! As for the results, after 15-20 minutes I have found this sheet mask leaves my skin feeling cooled, smooth, mattified and with closed less visible pores. A sheet mask I've picked up quite a few times now and highly recommend.

Jeju Natural Volcanic Mask 
£5.09 for 10 HERE 
Another cooling and effective mask for oily skin is from Korean brand, Jeju. Unfortunately, this isn't a sheet mask you can pick up on the high street however £5.00 for a set of 10 online is a pretty amazing offer! Along with its cooling effect, the mask fits the contours of the face well as it's more of a tissue sheet mask with a lot of serum. It also benefits from a subtle floral scent which was a nice surprise. Results after the recommended 10-20 minutes consist of excess serum left on the skin that actually feels like skincare, rather than residue - perfect for massaging into the face. The skin is also left bright, plumper and nourished without being too much for oily skin types. An all-around love mask perfect for oily to normal skin types and such a bargain!

Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask 
£2.75 HERE 
Lastly, another accessible sheet mask for oily skin is this wonderful charcoal paper mask from Yes To! While this mask is one of the scariest sheet masks to wear (it's black) it's worth it for hydrating yet tightening effects that really do make the skin appear clearer with less noticeable pores especially around the T-zone area. While this is another cooling mask, when is a sheet mask not cooling I guess, it does have a little less serum than the other two masks which is perfect if you want something mess-free than you don't need to massage into the skin once done. The mask also states there may be a tingle, possibly due to the witch hazel content, however for me it felt more of a tightening effect than anything else while still being a comfortable mask to wear. Another lovely mask to try out that makes the skin feel plumper and brighter especially in the area of more noticeable pores. It's also currently on offer making it a perfect budget sheet mask for those with oily or combination skin. 

My favourite out of the three masks would be the Soap & Glory The Fab Pore sheet mask as I adore the scent, the cooling effect and how handy it is to pick up. However the set of 10 Jeju sheet masks really is a crazy offer! Let me know if you have any recommendations for sheet masks for oily skin as there really aren't many out there! 

Fee xo. 
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