eBay Bargains: Budget Beauty Gadgets

Over the past few years I've come to realise I love a good beauty gadget! Of course, they have to work and be practical, generally for me saving time or enhancing my beauty routine in some way.

So today I thought I would round up my favourite budget beauty gadgets from eBay, a lot of which I have tried and loved, to pass on some time saving and ingenious finds!

Compressed DIY Sheet Face Masks x 20 - £1.41 here
If you are firmly on the sheet mask train right now then something really fun to pick up are these compressed sheet masks. You can use them in 3 different ways - soaking the mask in a skincare product of your choice (toner, serum etc), soaked in water then applied over a DIY or shop bought face mask or soaked in water and applied over a thicker layer of skincare such as a moisturiser or toner. All three ways allow the product you are using to soak into the skin more effectively making it a lovely treat for the skin. Totally inexpensive and great if you love trying out new things in skincare.

Electronic Makeup Brush Cleaner - £9.99 here
I think by now we all pretty much find brush cleaning a total chore so this is a gadget I've personally been thinking I need for a while now. Generally these spinny makeup brush cleaners (as I like to call them) retail for around £40 so this is quite the bargain and great for trying it out in case it is a bit of a gimmick!

Spot Clean Dry Makeup Brush Cleaner - £1.29 here
Another great brush cleansing option is this ultra handy tin that I personally use and now couldn't be without! Ideal for when you want to clean your brushes but don't want to go to the hassle of washing them and waiting for them to dry. I personally use the tin to clean my brush of any eyeshadow when I want to use another eyeshadow on the same brush and it simply works every time! 

Gold Bar Facial Roller - £3.29 here
Back to another skincare gadget perfect for firming and aiding the absorption of products is this simple yet effective bar roller that is perfect for using over the jawline and neck. Again, another expensive item usually but not if you pick it up from eBay! 

Dermaplane Facial Razors x 3 - £1.37 here
I've spoken about the fact I shave my face a few times now. You can read about it here and see that it isn't half as scary as it sounds. So I thought I'd share the handy tools I use that are so cheap and do the job perfectly well.  I really wouldn't pick up any other brand!

Makeup Blender Sponger Holder/Drier -99p here
Another inexpensive buy but invaluable if you use a makeup sponge. Not only does this makeup sponge holder keep your sponge from bouncing onto the floor but it keeps it bacteria-free as it dries from being washed or used. A handy little thing to pick up! 

Nail Polish Remover Finger Clips for glitter & gel nails - £2.18 here
If like me you love either glitter nail polish or at home gel nails then this is an item you need in your life! These simply clips clip over each nail with an acetone soaked cotton pad under then allowing for the easy removal of both hard to remove glitters and gel manicures without damaging the nails. I have a set of these and they have come in very handy for removing my own DIY gel nails.

Electronic Silicone Cleansing Tool - £5.99 here
If you want to try something new when it comes to cleansing then opting for a silicone cleansing brush is a good place to start. However, they can be fairly pricey, which is why I can't get over the price of this little device! Such a bargain! 

Travel Perfume Atomiser - £1.74 here
Another item I own here, in fact I have a few, as they are simply so handy for travel and keeping in your handbag. You simply spray your fragrance of choice into the atomiser and you are good to go with about a months worth of use per full vial. A must-have travel accessory in my option! 

Suction LED Magnifying Mirror - £9.58 here
Okay, so this isn't as cheap as I'd have liked but I love the concept of this as it can be suck to any mirror and be used on its own. Very handy for when dermaplanning or for spot extractions! It also looks pretty good quality. 

Jade Face Roller - £1.91 here
Another facial roller here that I'm just picked up as I'm intrigued to see how it performs. The idea behind this roller is that it aims to reduce puffiness under the eyes, sculpt the face (not sure about that one!) and even clear sinuses. As it is made out of stone I'm also assuming it will be nice and cool against the skin making ideal for using as part of your morning routine in summer. But I think I will still store mine in the fridge for that extra cooling awakening effect. 

Decorative Lotus Cotton Bud Holder - £2.99 here
A totally unnecessary purchase here but you know - it's cute! As I'm someone that uses cotton buds to apply spot treatment and to tidy up makeup mistakes I always have a  tub of cotton buds on my desk and they do look kind of bland in their original packaging so why not pretty them up! Okay, it's totally pointless... but you bet I'm still buying it!

Gel Nails at Home Kit with 4 gel shades - £19.99 here
If you didn't know already eBay is a pretty great place for cheap Gel nail polishes, they work just as good as salon branded polishes and come in every shade, colour and glitter imaginable. But if you haven't yet to try gel nails at home then picking up a starter kit is a must. Not only do these kits include a UV lamp (an essential step for gel nails) but they provide you with everything you need to get started, including 4 gel polish shades to pick from! This is such a great offer/price and definitely worth considering if you have a holiday booked, want to save money by doing your own gels at home or to simply give it a try!

Waterpik Teeth Water Flosser - £14.62 here
Lastly, quite a practical beauty gadget perfect for people that find traditional flossing makes their gums bleeds or anyone with braces. Once filled up with tap water the cordless water flosser flossers the teeth with ease to keep teeth clean and for healthy gums. Another item you would expect to pay quite a bit more for! 

There are so many clever and handy beauty gadgets here so be sure to let me know if you pick any up! 

Fee xo.

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