Unglamorous Products In My Everyday Routine

Just the other day I fell down the rabbit hole that is the Instagram discover page and as of course look at beauty related content on a regular basis it was showing me lots of aesthetically pleasing images of people's bathroom cabinets. 

Somehow I got a string of similar images and due to this, it dawned on me that pretty much everything is glossed and edited in this online world. I already knew this to I'm not sure to this leve! I mean for one where was the mouthwash and the discarded razor blades? And don't even get me started on the lack of clutter! 

It's simply not real life and although that's fine to a point I kind of sometimes wish bloggers or influencers if we have to call them that would at least acknowledge that real life exists and mention the product they use for mouth ulcers and share the everyday unglamorous and mundane stuff, you know? 

So today I thought I would because I'm guilty of it too. Below you will find what I shave my face with (yes, I shave my face and no, it doesn't grow back thicker), the all-purpose cream I use and even getting down to the full-on mundane,  sharing my go-to deodorant and toothpaste. You are in for a treat! 

Spot Treatment 
The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution (£4.20)
First up a total bathroom cabinet staple. I really couldn't be without at least one spot treatment in my life. My OG has to be Origins Super Spot Remover (£15.50) as it really is a miracle worker especially on large volcano-like spots that seem to spring up from nowhere. However, for such a small item I've put off buying it online but will when I eventually visit an Origins counter. So in the meantime The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution is doing the job. It's not as amazing however it can nip spots in the bud if you apply it early enough and definitely heals and shrinks spots so they don't linger or spread. It also now available in a larger 30ml size which once I'm done with this this one I will be picking up as you can also use it as a treatment for oily/blemish prone areas to decongest. 

All-Purpose Cream 
Egyptian Magic  All Purpose Skin Cream (£29.00)
For a good few years coconut oil was my go-to all-purpose type product however due to our sadly cold climate here in the UK I found I was spending more time trying to chip away at the solid oil than actually using it. So a new all-purpose cream was found in this cult favourite. Due to the fact that this is mainly made up of olive oil, beeswax, honey and bee pollen (there are only 6 ingredients in it!) its a product that can be used literally everywhere so there's no having to check if it will be ok to use on X or as a hair mask or a lip balm or skin conditions etc. You just know it will be fine and generally works great! I use this mainly on dry patches of skin and my feet as I suffer in winter from Raynauds Disease and my feet need extra attention, sadly. I have yet to try it as a scalp/hair mask which I've heard good things about so that may be my next use for it! Oh, and a little goes a long way so the steep price tag is worth it. 

Dry Shampoo
Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo (£8.95/115g)
Another staple in my bathroom cabinet is non-aerosol dry shampoo. I point this out because I can't stand how quickly aerosol dry shampoos get used up. I mean I was easily going through 12-15 cans per year and now I  probably go through a single Lush powder version in 2 years. A huge difference! Lightly scent and slight in texture this does the job. I prefer to apply it to my roots as soon as I wake up and leave it and then shake/brush it out and add a little more before doing my hair as this really absorbs any excess oil that's there. It also comes in a smaller cheaper 50g size which again will most likely last a year or more.

Dove Maximum Protection Anti-perspirant Cream (£4.99)
Deodorant is a pretty boring subject to talk about and while we all use it not all deodorants are made equally. Much like the above-mentioned aerosol dry shampoo I used a standard deodorant for years not being loyal to any one brand but to any offer that was on when I was in need of a new one. But that changed when I tried Dove Maximum Protection that I was initially sent and was 90% sure I would dislike, vowing cream/liquid deodorants had never worked for me and felt weird and sticky on the underarms. But amazingly this was different; soaking into the skin and not just sitting there! The claims of maximum protection are also true, which seem to work even better if you apply it before bed. It is pricer than others deodorants but not only does it last longer but it really does work well! Dove, please sponsor me already, haha! 

Facial razor for Dermaplaning 
Twinkle Eyebrow Razor Trimmers (£2.49 for 6)
For the past few years I've been shaving my face on a bi-weekly basis. I initially tried it after watching this slightly annoying Youtube video that totally convinced me to give it a try and although it initially felt very odd (not the doing of it but how soft and baby like your skin will feel afterwards) I soon couldn't get enough of the results. Not only does your face feel smooth but makeup sits so much better, especially foundation, and lasts longer. I also just like that the sides of my face don't have that peach fuzz look to them anymore and I'm also shaving the dead skin cells off in the process. The pack of facial razors I buy I renew every 2 months (they are cheap so it's fine) which are the Pro Tinkle Eyebrow Razors. Now I don't know who would want to shave close to their eyebrows, that's certainly risky business, but these work perfectly on dry skin and there's zero risks of cutting yourself. I'm pretty sure I will forever buy these!

Crest Decay Preventing Toothpaste £1.00 from Poundland
Anyone else remember when Crest products were very hard to come by and sold for 10 x times their RRP online? Well thankfully them days are over and you can find Crest Toothpaste in Poundworld and other discounted stores. There isn't much to say about toothpaste is there? This one does the job and while it doesn't mention about whitening I'm sure I've seen a difference since using it. As it's so cheap I now stockpile it and store it in my bathroom cabinet.

Body Soap 
Dead Sea  Magik Black Mud Soap (£4.05)
SLS-free and pH balanced this is the soap I have used for years in my shower. I find it's good for both sensitive areas and back acne which has since cleared up with using this soap. I generally find soaps such a Dove and similar to be full of ingredients and fragrance so this along with a soap from Sebamed makes a nice change and won't strip the skin of its natural oils or disrupt the acid mantle of the skin. Another boring one but an essential product in my shower.

Hopefully you're still awake! 

So there you have it my most used no-so-glam beauty & skincare products. I'd be interested to know if you use any of the same products as I do. 

Fee xo.

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