eBay Bargains: Updated Budget Makeup Brushes


I don't know about you but recently I've felt like Spring has been in the air (halleluiah!) on the odd day that is. This has led me to organise my makeup collection (I wrote a post on it here) and having a cull of my makeup brush collection.

So I thought it was the time I shared some more eBay makeup brushes as I'm currently adding a few new sets to my own collection. Below you will find brushes from as little as £1-2 to no more than £7 which really is incredible as some of these sets contain a lot of makeup brushes and appear really nice quality!

NOTE: If you are new to buying brushes/items from eBay or my eBay finds it's worth noting that a few of the listing below are from China sellers. You will not get charged any customs fees, however, patience is a must as delivery can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks.


1. Chrome Shell Contour Brush (£1.56) HERE
Although the fish version of this brush (here) is cute I think I prefer this one, especially for the pink chrome finish. The brush also comes in quite a few shapes for contouring with or applying foundation. A cheap little pick that I love!

2. 10-Piece Pink & Blue Ombre Brush Set (£5.41) HERE
While vibrant brushes sets aren't normally my thing this set really caught my eye as it has Zoeva vibes with the rose gold ferrules and light pink handles but the touch of blue just adds something extra. You also receive a nice mix of brushes here with five face brushes and five eyeshadow brushes. A really good value brush set.

3. 3-Piece Rose Gold Metallic Brush Set (£5.49) HERE
Honestly, anything rose gold jumps out at me especially when it's beauty related. So I had to include this set of 3 brushes. I already own the large powder brush but with a metallic silver finish (far left) and it's beyond soft and wonderful quality. If you are wanting to update some of your larger face brushes this is the set to consider!

4. Chrome Mermaid Foundation Brush (£1.59) HERE
Another mermaid inspired brush here but one that's a little more grown-up with an interesting gold/silver ombre effect I'm never seen before. It also helps that it's an absolute bargain! 

5. 11-Piece Rose Gold Duo Fibre Makeup Brush Set (£3.96) HERE
Back to rose gold with this stunning set at an incredible price point. I mean really how can these brushes be only 36p each?! As I'm after some new eyeshadow brushes and love a fan brush I think I will be snapping this set up once I'm done writing this post. The set also comes in an icy blue/pink finish and you can also pick up the fan brush separately for only 99p, all within the same listing.

6. 12-Piece Silver Metallic Blending Makeup Brush Set (£6.88) HERE
This is another set I'm considering as I love a metallic silver finish and the fibres of these look densely packed and soft. Should I get these? I think so! 

7. Retractable Makeup Brushes (£3.99 each) HERE
Onto a bit of an unusual find now with a range of interesting looking retractable brushes. Now I haven't got a clue about the quality but both the orange ferrule brush and the pink-topped brush look interesting and something different. Also ideal if you want to put a powder brush in your bag without it getting damaged. 

8. 9-Piece Mini Makeup Blending Sponges (£2.69) HERE
For the past year I've been using a set of mini makeup sponges from Primark that are similar to the Beauty Blender ones but last time I checked they had stopped doing them! But thankfully I found a good alternative which includes lots of different shapes. A nice little bargain here.

9. 4-Piece Mermaid Makeup Brush Set (£2.45) HERE
Another mermaid inspired brush set that really does look lovely. Again the set includes a fan brush which always comes in handy and three nice looking eyeshadow blending brushes. 

10. 10-Piece Face & Eyes Marble Brush Set (£5.66) HERE
A bit of a dupe here as these look very similar to the Lily England Marble Luxe Makeup Brush Set but without the £45 price tag! I love the combination of the bronze ferrules with the marble design - really very nice. Another total bargain for ten full-size brushes.  


11. 10-Piece Zoeva Style Makeup Brush Set (£3.99) HERE
A nearly all eye makeup brush set here that looks very similar to Zoeva brushes. These are a good mix of natural and synthetic fibres and are ultra-affordable! 

12. 5-Piece Oval Makeup Brush Set with Stand (£7.76) HERE
If you are looking for beyond soft brushes then you can't go wrong with oval brushes. Not only are they the softest of brushes but they blend liquid product especially foundation really well. I also like that this set comes with a stand which would also be handy for when they are drying after being washed.


13. 7-Piece Glitter Brush Set with Pouch (£7.50) HERE
Although this brush set isn't my style I wanted to include them as they look like an ideal set for a teenager especially as they come with a cute pouch to store them in. I couldn't tell from the listing if the glitter inside moves but if it does then these are some magical brushes! 

14. 12-Piece Rose Gold Pink Makeup Brush Set (£6.26) HERE
Lastly, another good brush set that caters to both face and eye makeup. I really like the combination of the rose gold ferrules with the pink handles and love the look of the thick foundation style brush. 

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