14 Secrets Every Lush Shopper Should Know

The chances are that if you have clicked onto this post then it's safe to presume you've stepped foot into a Lush store before and more than likely tried their products. If you haven't then seriously get on them, like 5 years ago!

So with that in mind, you probably think you know enough about Lush products in general and may even be aware of the 'bring 5 empty black pots back and get a free fresh face mask' situation. However Lush seems to be a company that has a lot going on from their relaxed returns policy to their after-hours parties.

With a little insider knowledge and some digging, I have the total scoop on Lush!


1. Bubble Bars are intended for more than one use
Costing no more than £4.95 Bubble Bars are one of Lush's best value items. Although it may be tempting to use an entire bar in a bath they are in fact intended to give 2-4 uses depending on the size. Simply break them in half or quarters and store in the original bag or even better, cling film. 

2. Lush employees will happily give free samples if you ask - of almost all their products!
I know, it may be daunting but Lush staff really are there to help and are more than happy to give out free samples. They even have small black pots behind the till for that very purpose! If you are nervous then as you are paying you can politely ask for a few free samples or if you do get chatting to a member of staff and aren't sure about a product then simply ask if you can have a free sample to try out! 

3. New products go to the back/bottom of shelves
When fresh batches of products hit the shop floor basket and shelves are filled from the bottom and not simply placed on top. So if you want the freshest of products make sure to rummage to the bottom!

4. Lush's returns policy is pretty relaxed - whoop! 
According to their policies Lush state that you can exchange any product or gift you are not satisfied with for whatever reason (with a receipt). And, that's not all, if you aren't happy with a Lush product you can ask for a refund  - yes, even if it's been used! It's common for Lush to have returns for makeup products to hair care and even lip scrubs!

5. You can ask for pretty much anything to be demo'd
Lush staff are more than happy to show you how a product works! Whether thats demonstrating a bath bomb or giving a free mini hand massage with one of their hand creams. There's not much they won't be able to demo for you!

6. Fresh Face Masks are freezer friendly! 
If like me you have ended up using a fresh face mask from Lush only once before you  have to throw in the bin then this tip will come in handy! Now when I buy a face mask I divide the mixture into uses in cling film and place them in the freezer, leaving enough for 1 or 2 uses in the pot in my fridge. No more waste!

7. Lush host their own parties!
Did you know Lush hold their very own parties for birthdays, hen parties or just because?! There are 3 different styles of party to pick from:-

Happy Hour (1hr) £15 per person, including a £5 spend.
Focus on your favourite section of the shop, be it bath, shower or soap,  explore your favourites and discover new ones!
Fun & Games (1.5hr) £20 per person, including a £5 spend.
Exactly what it says on the tin! Games to suit you - featuring your favourite products and lots of fun!

Beauty School (1.5hr) £25 per person, including a £10 spend.
Pamper yourself and learn how to give a 5-star hand and arm massage, a mini facial and learn all about the makeup range.

8. Fancy trying out a few soaps? Just ask for a 100g slice to be cut for you
While it can be tempting to buy a pre-cut slab of soap if you are on a budget or just want to try something new you can ask a member of staff to cut as small as 100g for you.

9. They aren't in fact vegan
This one really did surprise me! I'm sure if you are vegan then you will already be aware of this fact but I think for most of us Lush definitely gives off vegan vibes, however it's sadly not. However, at least they are committed to recycling and are strongly against animal testing! 

10. Random Acts of Kindness
Any Lush employee is allowed to give a 'Randon Act of Kindness' per day (one per store) to anyone they wish. This is a little freebie, just because!

11. The baskets you shop with are made out of the black pots you bring back
Now the free fresh mask with every 5 black pots you bring back makes so much sense! 

12. Animals are allowed in Lush (with their parents of course!)
If you are someone that likes to shop with their dog then this is a good one to know! While I haven't ever seen a dog in Lush I'm now wishing for the day I do. Talking of dogs, Lush's solid shampoo bars make a perfect doggy shampoo!

13. Lush now make their own glitter!
From January 2018 natural mica is no longer used in production. Instead Lush have come up with a new kind of sparkle, made from synthetic fluorphlogopite (also referred to as synthetic mica), that will be added to bath bombs, shower gels and all kinds of cosmetics.

14. They don't just sell beauty & skincare products... but music!
If you've ever visited a Lush Spa then you may know that Lush play music in their treatment rooms which you can buy. However, in every normal store, you can also pick up these CDs! They even have a sleep-inducing album. All albums can be sampled on the Lush website here.

How many Lush facts/secrets did you already know? 

Fee xo.

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