The Product This Glossier Addict Wishes She Hadn't Bought

Firstly, apologies for the 3rd person blog title - I kind of made myself cringe! 

Secondly, yes... this Glossier millennial has found a product she doesn't like... hates in fact! Oh god, I'm doing it again. I promised I will stop right now. 

Since Glossier's UK launch back in October last year I have accumulated nine of their products. NINE! Which I can understand may not seem a lot to some but for me, it's a sign that I'm a girl obsessed, especially when I realised I own fewer products from Kiko; a brand I adore that's been around for years! 

I guess you could say I fell for the hype and the aesthetics of the brand. And on the whole, I'm totally fine with that because I've discovered some amazing new products that have made their way into my everyday makeup vanity case (it's my new way of staying tidy/organised, you can read about that here). Namely Glossier Balm Dotcom (that Cake flavour, omg!), Boy Brow and for skincare, Milky Jelly Cleanser

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However, my second to last Glossier purchase was a total flop. Oh, how I wanted to love it, even giving it multiple tries but alas it's not meant to be. 

What is the Glossier product I hear you cry? Body Hero Daily Oil Wash.

Okay, so it's not their most popular product but I was sure it would be love at first use after reading countless glowing reviews online and I'm pretty gutted about. Mainly because I don't spend £15 on what is effectively a body wash, lightly. 

I dislike this oil body wash for six reasons:

1. It broke me out after my first use in small whitehead spots *insert crying emoji face* 
2. It left me feeling like I hadn't washed... well like it hadn't done anything.
3. The fairly strong scent makes me think of a NEOM Neroli candle I use to love. Nice if you want to bathe in a candle. I just don't! 
4. Even if I did like it, which I don't, I feel it would be used up much quicker than other body washes. 
5. I expected the oil formula to feel luxurious, instead, it feels thin and watery (hence why you end up using more than you'd like).
6. The bottle leaks.

So as you can see it's not as simple as "I had a reaction to it" or "It doesn't foam enough". 

That said, after my first use of it I went to the Glossier website to check out the reviews thus far and for the most part they're pretty good. However, if you look at the 1-3 star reviews you will find lots of comments on the scent, how much you need and quite a few reviewers reporting rashes and breaking out! 

Now I will say that if the skin on your body isn't sensitive and on the dry side you may really like this body wash. It's certainly something different! However, if your skin is sensitive to fragrance, oily or acne-prone I would highly advise you skip this and spend your money on something else.

Fragrance and thin formula aside, I think the main problem for me is that while an oil cleanser works well on the face to break down makeup and performs even better when followed up with a 2nd non-oil based cleanser, I don't think it's necessarily needed on the body. Or if Glossier wants to do that then at least state it's mainly targeted at drier skin types and not a 'one-fits-all' kind of product.

That said I'm still a huge Glossier fan but wanted to simply share a less than glowing review of a product from a much-loved brand right now! 

If you are new to Glossier and I haven't totally put you off (haha!) then you can receive 10% off your first order using my referral link here

Fee xo.

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