6 Ways To Rethink Your Beauty Routine

Applying makeup is fun! For some it's a form of expression, others a way to feel themselves. Whatever your reason for wearing makeup it should never feel a chore.

However sometimes, especially when time is limited or you apply makeup day in day out, it can feel like it. This is the time you want to rethink your beauty routine!  Maybe you need to pair it down or even ramp up your routine or just have a good old clear out. Below you will find my tips and ideas on how to rethink your beauty routine to inject some fun back into it! 

Ask yourself if you still enjoy it
A ritual it may be but do you enjoy it? Only a few months back I was starting to feel like apply makeup was a chore. I decided to assess why that was, especially as I love makeup. I realised I was simply applying too much and there were too many steps in my routine. So I decided to slim down my everyday stash and simplified my base routine and started to take a few shortcuts like applying a touch of liner after mascara and not going for a full cat eye flick every day.

If you aren't enjoying sitting down to apply your makeup it also may be from focusing on masking your 'imperfection' and still not being pleased with the results. While makeup is about beautifying ourselves if there is shame and self-doubt there you need to nip it in the bud right away as it's doing you no favours!

However, it could be as simple as where you are applying your makeup is badly lit so it's a chore to get your makeup to look how you want it. Or your dressing table is a disorganised mess. Basically, if you have lost the fun or 'me time' element of your beauty routine get to the bottom of it and change things up!

Try the millennial approach
Okay, so 'millennial' is a hugely overused word right now and for a while there I was rolling my eyes at the whole millennial makeup trend that less is more and bushy brows with little product. However, it's worth giving a try, especially if you are someone that doesn't step out of the house without applying a bit of makeup.

Think tamed but undone brows, cream products on the eyes and cheeks and a tint on the lips. It's all about fresh youthful looking makeup which is perfect for the upcoming season. I personally love Glossier product for this kind of look (related: A Mini-Guide to Glossier) but any makeup brand should do, just remember that less is more, so no full coverage foundation or dramatic eye looks.

Consider upgrading
While I'm sure new products find their way into your makeup routine often it's always nice to upgrade something with a bit more substance now and again because it really can change up your routine. This could be a new vanity mirror, I've just changed to a LED lit one and it's made such a difference to how I apply makeup, new makeup storage or even a new hair tool. I like to treat myself once a year to keep things fresh and to try something new.

Why hold back on certain products
When it comes to makeup I think most of use have insecurities about what doesn't suit us or applications we won't be able to perfect. For example, the main one I hear and I've said myself it that I can't pull off a bold lip. It's just total nonsense! I mean I don't think I've ever though a bold lip doesn't look right one someone, so why is it only myself that can't pull it off. For you, this may be more colour on the eyes or winged eyeliner. Whatever it is first understanding that it's just a general insecurity is key and then the next step is to try it out. As for insecrities about certain makeup applications, for example contouring or false eyelashes, practice makes perfect and even if you aren't spot on with it who's looking that closely anyway!

Rethink your makeup application order
As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, makeup can easily become a ritual that you do on auto pilot. However sometimes it's good to step back and access the products you are using, do they work for you? And assess the order in which you are using them. Why? Because not only can it make makeup application easier but it can help prevent makeup mistakes. For example last year I started to apply concealer after eye makeup as I would often have eyeshadow fallout under my eyes or a few mascara smudges that would ruin my concealer. By switching up the order I now don't have that problem as I can clean up the area in seconds and then apply concealer.

You can find a post all about The Order of Makeup Application here.

Have you ever considered rethinking your beauty routine?

Fee xo.

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