5 Proven Ways To Make Blogging Easier

Everyone loves a shortcut, right? Whether it's a hack on how to tidying up quicker or getting through your to-do list in lightening speed. 

I'm definitely someone that seeks out these shortcuts, pinning them to my Pinterest page or giving them a go straight away. However, I've realised there isn't much about making blogging easier or quicker online. And while blogging is fun and a hobby for many it can be time-consuming. Which is why I thought I'd share with you a few of my own tips. 

Below you will find five proven ways I've streamlined my own blogging routine making me able to crank out two blog posts a day sometimes without losing my mind! 


Jot down content ideas as they come
I can't speak for all bloggers but blog post ideas pop into my mind at any time so for that reason wherever I am I always have a way of noting them done. If I'm out and about, maybe I've seen something that given me inspiration, I will use the notes app on my phone. If I'm on my laptop, again I will use a sticky notes app on my desktop and anywhere else, I will jot down blog post ideas in a dedicated notebook.

This means I've never without a long list of ideas (I probably have 50+ post ideas at any one time!) that I can refer to and instantly know what I'm going to write about next! This not only helps when time is limited, but also for keeping inspired and motivated.

Find a routine that works for you
Getting into a routine with blogging is key. To do this it's important to know how you work most efficiently. This could be taking blog photos in bulk, writing in bulk or doing everything as and when. If you keep your blog updated on a weekly basis then you may want to set dedicated time for taking blog images and writing as life can easily get in the way and who wants blogging to feel like a chore, right?

Initially what you think may work for you may not, so be open to switching things up before you get a solid routine in place. You really will see the benefits when you do!

Consider using your phone camera over a DSLR
I recently made the switch from a Nikon DSLR which I would use on a tripod, read: lots of setup time, to using an iPhone 7 Plus. The reason for this is that I realised using a DSLR was taking up too much of my time and was kind of hard work, from setting up a tripod to constantly changing camera settings and manually focusing my camera.

While there is a few drawback to using a phone over a professional camera, the camera quality of the latest phones, especially the iPhone, is pretty damn good, especially when shooting in 'portrait' mode for the depth of field element. I still have some perfecting to do when it comes to shooting with my phone but I really do believe there isn't much difference in quality (can you tell a difference?) and it has really made blogging so much easier and quicker for me!

Get your desktop in order 
If you write blog posts on a regular basis you will probably have a certain way of creating them. But as there are so many elements to putting a post together it can easily turn into a jumbled up process.

To streamline your blogging process you first want to look at your desktop to see if it's working for you. You will more than likely find that you need a tidy up and have a cull of folders that contain old images and general junk. Next, you may want to create a folder or even multiple folders named after the days of the week so that unedited blog photos can go into each folder. Then consider if you need somewhere to write notes or keep links handy. For this, I recommend downloading a free sticky notes app.

Write shorter content more often
Writing long blog posts is something that I'm guilty of, which although isn't such a bad thing as Google loves in-depth content, it does take time. So for that reason, I'm slowly learning to switch it up, writing longer content when it's needed and shorter posts the rest of the time. For example, this post I allotted only 30 minutes for!

Writing shorter content definitely makes blogging easier, less time and less editing. However, make sure to still include key information, links and no shorter than 300 words if you can.

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Let me know if you would like more blog tip posts like this in the future! 

I'd also love to know how you make your blogging process easier, especially when you are short on time. 

Fee xo.

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