5 Winter Beauty Heroes I Can't Be Without

Come colder weather my love of lotions and potions seems to dramatically change. From preferring gourmand inspired scent over fresh ones and upping the 'richness' of all my formulas so they perform better on my slightly drier skin type.

Below I wanted to share only five of my most used and cherished products for Winter thus far. From a hand cream that makes a visible difference to my most comforting go-to shower product and more. I hope you find a few new products here for the cold months to come.

Zoella Snow Sparkle Lip Balm
Set of 2 £4.80 HERE 
Come Winter I always suffer from dry lips, arghh! So for that reason, I'm never without a lip balm and have a slightly unhealthy stash of them. However, this year most luxury/premium lip balms have gone unloved because the one I've cherished the most is this simple lip balm from the Zoella Christmas 2017 range. While the vanilla flavour and shimmer is nice it's the formula that has totally won me over as it actually seems to act as a micro exfoliator due to the shimmer particles that are in it. I'm pretty sure this wasn't intended however my dry lips love that it's not only a pretty nourishing non-sticky balm but one that sloughs away dead skin! A really surprising winter hero find for me!

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray
£18 HERE
As drifting off to sleep with ease is often a problem for me I think I've pretty much tried every lavender based sleep spray going over the past few years. But the one that I've found to be most effective and one I've been using nightly this autumn/winter has been This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. For me, it's the well-balanced lavender/essential oils formula that isn't over heady on the lavender front but seems to work well. I simply spray the light mist on my pillow and even my self sometimes before getting in bed which instantly aids naturally deeper breathing resulting in feeling calmer and drowsier in minutes. I couldn't be without this pillow spray!

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel
Rose Jam range HERE
While Lush have annoyingly discontinued The Comforter Shower Cream which was my ultimate favourite from Lush I still have another winter favourite in Rose Jam. While this isn't overly moisturising in the shower it can be paired with Ro's Argan Body Conditioner (same scent) to really nourish dry skin. However, as my skin is always on the oiler skin I find Rose Jan Shower Gel alone does a good enough job and just the scent and fine bubbles alone feel very comforting especially come the winter months. If you haven't had a sniff of Rose Jam in-store then it's probably nothing like you imagine it to be. Discard any idea of this being a sickly sweet scent like Snow Fairy or that it may be something your grandma would like and think more of a subtle rose scent with a light jammy goodness to it! Simply a lovely shower gel all year round but especially on cold days.

The Chemistry Brand Intense Youth Complex
£6.79 Mini 100ml HERE 
Along with dry lips I often feel like my hands can get dry in winter so, yes, I have an ever-growing stash of hand creams that I guess do the job well enough. Well, that was until I came across The Chemistry Brand Intense Youth Complec - Pro-Repair Skincare for Hands! While other hand creams soften the hands this hand cream tackles much more, fighting the signs of ageing with visible results and also improving the firmness and hydration of the hands. Like any good hand cream, this soaks in pretty much immediately, leaving a vial of softness and diffused, brighter looking skin especially on the back of the hands. Truly one of my favourite hand creams that stands out from all the rest!

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm
£39.00 HERE
When it comes to thoroughly cleansing I'm normally all about liquid oil cleanser as there's something beyond easy yet effective about them. But come Winter I like to opt for something more nourishing for my skin with a balm to oil cleanser such as the one from Emma Hardie which has such a cult status. While I was instantly drawn to this specific cleanser due to its lush Moringa scent and essential oils I absolutely adore how my skin feels after using it - totally clean but perfectly soft and nourished. Amazing on all types of skin especially drier ones and simply the best cleanser I've come across for the winter months and to remove heavier/waterproof makeup in general.

Of course, these aren't all my winter product favourites but just a small selection of products that get a lot of love throughout the colder months! 

Do you find you have certain favourites for colder weather?

Fee xo.
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