Post Christmas Sales Haul

If you're a long time reader of Makeup Savvy then you will know I'm never quick off the mark with things, hence why this post is a little late! However, I still thought it was worth posting as some of the sales mention her are still available and it's a nice haul post at the end of the day!

Below you will find a mix of makeup (of course), fragrance, books and candles!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette £35.55
While browsing the boxing day sales I came across the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette for the amazing price of £25 down from £39.50. This was a sale bargain I couldn't ignore so I instantly snapped it up! Having owned quite a few Naked eyeshadow palettes from UD in the past and being currently obsessed with the Naked Heat palette I knew it would be instant love. While all the Naked palettes are neutral the Naked 3 for me is a neutral lovers dream, especially if you love rose gold tones and more brown hues. For me, the stars of the show are the shimmery shades, with my most used so far being Dust, Buzz and Trick. Although Limit and Nooner really are perfect neutral matte shades that I can't get enough of, using them with every eye look I do. UD Naked Palettes really are a staple in my makeup collection and while my love for my Naked Heat palette remains strong the Naked 3 is possibly the best everyday eyeshadow palette I've come across in a long time!

Guerlain Mon Fragrance Gift Set (now only £26.99 HERE)
Before Christmas while waiting to pick up a Click and Collect order from Boots I had a spray of Guerlain's latest fragrance, Mon, and instantly loved it and how long it lasted for me. So I decided to be restraint and wait for it to be reduced in price in the Boxing Day Sales. Which is how I picked up the above lovely looking gift set for only £32 (now even lower!) when the smallest fragrance size of Mon retails for around £44. While I normally wouldn't pick up a fragrance gift set for myself they always feel extra special at Christmas, especially with the ultra stunning Guerlain box the set was presented in. Scent wise this reminds me of a much more grown-up version of Vera Wang Princess with its vanilla base and tonka bean notes, but is made more sophisticated with a subtle powdery-ness and spice which make it quite a  sexy everyday fragrance. Although I really didn't need to add anymore scents to my collection I'm very happy to have found another Guerlain fragrance I adore.

Modern Calligraphy Workshop Book £10.50
After Christmas when thinking about what I'd like to achieve in 2018 I decided it was finally time I found a hobby and tried to master a skill of some kind. The first thing that came to mind was Modern Calligraphy as it's an art form/skill I've admired for years and seems to be everywhere right now, from motivational quote art prints to on the packaging of the elderflower cordial I drink! So after some research on how best to start out practising modern calligraphy I bought Modern Calligraphy Workshop by Imogen Owen from Amazon, along with some paper, some cheap indian ink here, a pen holder here and my first nib (Zebra G nib here). Over the past 2 weeks, I've started working my way through the book and although my first practice had me thinking it would be a very tricky to master I'm now making quite a bit of progress and really have been enjoying it! Not only is modern caligraphy therapeutic but it's something that you really can take as far as you want, and the book I went with really does show that, sharing how you can write out wedding invitations or even work with paints or chalk. Although there are lots of online courses for learning modern calligraphy I really think an in-depth book makes more sense as you can have it next to you as you practise and even trace the alphabet directly from the book to help you learn the formation of each letter. Definitely one of my favourite after Christmas purchases.

Boulangerie Pumpkin Souffle Scented Candle
While I love Anthropologie I only tend to only buy from the site when there's a sale or free shipping and amazingly after Christmas, there were both. Meaning I managed to pick up a candle from a range I've lusted after for most of 2017 for only £6.37 instead of £16! As you can see this is one pretty candle in the autumnal scent of Pumpkin Souffle which for me is simply a cosy scent which is perfect for burning in wintertime. The foody spiced pumpkin scent is as good as you can imagine and really is like a baking scent that fills the room and can be smelt even when the candle isn't lit. The only problem is I now want a few other candles in the Boulangerie candle range, namely Whipped Cream & Pear and Angel Food, mmmm!

Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar 3-Wick Candle £18
Yes, another candle purchase that was solely enabled by my friend Maxi who kindly treated me to quite a few things from Bath & Body Works at Christmas. So while I was in the mood for treating myself I had a look on the Mercari app (I'm fairly new to it but it's simply a buying and selling site for predominately makeup and clothing) where there are quite a lot of re-sellers of new Bath & Body Works products from hand sanitisers to body lotions and candles. After lusting after pretty much every B&BW candle listed I decided to go for a large 3-wick candle in the gorgeous sounding Warm Vanilla Sugar scent, which also had a lovely rose gold/holographic designed label to it. Although I love the look of it, I'm sadly not sure about the scent after burning it a few times. I think unfortunately the scent isn't gourmand enough for my liking as I really was imaging a warm foody vanilla scent. I may just have to re-sell this on Mercari and pick up another candle with hopefully a warmer scent to it. If you are interested in Mercari you can use my code "WHZDVX" to join Mercari and get £2 off your first purchase here - not sponsored, just because I've bought quite a few beauty bargains from there recently and can't fault it!

Let me know if you treated yourself to anything in the Boxing Day/After Christmas sales... I'd love to know! 

Fee xo.

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