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Now that the dust has finally settled down around Glossier launching in the UK (online only, mind) I thought it was about time to share my thoughts on the brand as a whole and reviews of the products I picked up so far.

First, let's rewind a bit back to 2015 when In The Gloss, owner by Glossier founder, Emily Weiss, asked Into The Gloss readers to describe their dream fash wash in hopes of creating in their own words "the best darn cleanser the world has ever seen". Which they did indeed launch, creating the first-ever Glossier product (review of the facial wash further down)! Now with around 24 products under their belt and I'm sure more to come they have amassed quite a following, I mean, they have their own merch in the form of an on-trend grey sweater with the Glossier logo, which kinda' shows the level of love around the brand in my opinion, though it could just be a sign of how on the pulse Glossier are! Rambling aside, Glossier has come out with some amazing products, along with some lacklustre ones, and today I thought I would share what I decided to spend on and how these products have been working for me. 

I should also point out that the Glossier UK website is UK based, so there's no risk of being hit with customs fees! Also if you do like any of the products you see here you can use my referral link HERE to receive 10% off your first order! 

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser £15
As Glossier started out with this product I thought it would be only right to give this a quick review first (I have a full, in-depth review here). Along with Boy Brow, reviewed below, Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser has received a lot of love, while also receiving a lot of shrugged shoulders from the people that have given it a go and have been confused at the hype of what is pretty much a fairly simple face wash. For me the low-ph gentle face wash is a pretty simple product, however, I think for a lot of us we have got confused about what the humble face wash should be. A face wash that's intended to be used first thing in the morning on bare skin and after using an oil-based cleanser at night should be low in ph (tick), non-foaming/SLS-free (tick), non-drying for most skin types (tick) and effective (tick), so this pretty much is the perfect face wash. However, if someone bought this and tried to remove their makeup with it I can see why they would think it was a pretty mediocre product! 

While I still dabble in other face washes because I love skincare the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser always gets a look in as it's non-offensive and importantly PH-balanced. I also like the milky gel consistency and the light rose scent, although I wouldn't miss it if they removed it. All in all, I'm glad I picked up Glossier only cleanser and would definitely re-purchase it. 

Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack £18
Staying with skincare, I more recently picked up the above face mask. This is one of two face masks that Glossier carry, but with my oily/combination skin type, I felt the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack would be a better match for me. Described as a juice cleanse for your face I was expecting wonders, especially with it being clay-based and being a bit of a face mask junkie. However, I was met with the gentlest of clay masks, probably the most gentle I've come across since using Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque back in the day. Although this isn't a bad thing I was expecting something a little more pore-unclogging and spot zapping for the £18 price tag. Due to its skin calming properties, it really is a soothing face treatment, this is now a mask I turn to less regularly to soothe inflamed skin or when my skin is a hormone as this is when I notice the effects of the face mask, which are a calmer complexion that feels smooth, soft and fresher. This isn't a product I would re-purchase, which is a shame as I do enjoy using it, but for me I expect clay masks to pack more of a punch.

Glossier Boy Brow £14
Being a fan of Benefit Gimme Brow for many years, although finding it a bit gloopy at times, I knew I had to try out Boy Brow - a grooming tinted brow gel available in 3 shades. With fairly dark brows I went for 'Brown' which as brow shades go I was pleased with as it wasn't warm-toned. As for the wand, I was happy with the size of it an the fact it wasn't overly covered in the product. When it came to trying this out I used it over filled in brows to add more volume and to keep my brows in place and it worked perfectly! Think much fuller brows where you need it that really doesn't budge but without looking or feeling crispy. However, it was only after a month or so of use that I decided to use it as my sole brow product on days I wanted to wear less makeup and this is when I was really impressed with it. Again, giving amazing volume with zero clumps to the first part of my brows but also taming them with the brush and setting them in place perfectly. While I still think Benefit Gimme Brow is a good product, Boy Brow really feels like a more refined product that gives better volume with a nicer more workable formula. This really is the product to try!  

Glossier Stretch Concealer £15
Another product from Glossier that I knew I needed to try was the Stretch Concealer as I had read quite a few good things about it and I fancied adding a pot-style creamy concealer to my collection. So as I was picking up Boy Brow I decided to go for the Phase 2 Set £35 HERE as you save £8 and it includes free shipping and comes in a gift box - basically I couldn't resist it (worth using my link here for an extra 10% off)! While I like the general aesthetics of Glossier the concealer does look a little higher end with the glass jar and metallic mirror finish lid so that was an instant plus for me. However what wasn't so much of a plus was the lack of shade options, of which there are only 5, which for a forward-thinking on-the pulse brand doesn't make a lot of sense, however at least their dark shade are actually dark and don't stop at beige - though it would be nice to see more shades added in the future. As I'm pale I went with 'light' which just about matches my skin tone on my face but for my undereye is just a touch too warm (thankfully come summer I will be able to use it as an undereye concealer!). However, for now, I'm satisfied enough using it over red patches and areas of pigmentation as it covers a dream, looking flawless and non-cakey on the skin, especially around the nose. As for on blemishes it really depends on the level of the spot as it isn't full coverage, however, little blemishes can definitely be concealed with it as the creamy non-drying formula is perfect at keeping spots from looking flakey and noticeable. While this concealer hasn't blown me away I'm totally satisfied with how it performs and know the little 4.8g pot will last me forever!

Glossier Generation G £14
While a sheer matte lipstick wasn't something I'd go for from Glossier it was in the Phase 2 Set, so after looking at all the shades I decided to go for 'Cake' a subtle peachy nude that gave the idea that is would be a your-lips-but-better kind of shade. On receiving the set my first thought was that it looked like an incredible cheap lip product for £14 and this is something I stand by (if KIKO can produce lipsticks with quality lip packaging for around £6 so can Glossier). Crappy lightweight plastic packaging aside, on first swatch I could see the idea behind this lipstick which is described by Glossier as giving the look and finish of just-blotted lipstick, which it definitely does achieve and it a flattering look for light makeup days or if you don't like the look of a full-on lip. As for the formula, it's neither hydrating or drying on the lips which is fine for me however it does feel like more of a balm product than a lipstick so it does wear off pretty quickly. Shade wise I was very pleased with my choice as it's a subtle shade that makes my lips instantly more pigmentated in a natural way and suits all makeup looks. Although I'm happy with this lip product, for £14 I wouldn't be buying another one as they really are glorified matte balms/tints, albeit nice ones. 

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Although I've had mixed thoughts about Glossier products I think on the whole I really like them. My advise if you are wanting to try out the brand is to go for products that will last you, such as the Stretch Concealer, Cloud Paint and Balm Dotcom, along with the raved about Boy Brow and Milky Jelly Cleanser! However, I do think the Makeup Phrase 2 Set for £35 is worth it to try out a range of Glossier's makeup products!

Do you own anything from Glossier? Let me know! 

Fee xo. 

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