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Like many, a new year for me means new plans and goals, so what better time to up my stationery game with foiled motivational stickers, a new planner and basically anything that will look pretty on my desk. But with Christmas just behind me I personally don't want to spend too much hence my first eBay Bargains post of the year! Here you will find some fab stationery buys from only 99p! 

3 x Moomin Erasable Gel Pens £1.06 HERE
Until last month I didn't have a clue that erasable ink pens even existed until I discovered an erasable ink pen from Muji and was beyond impressed with it. So I was even more excited to discover this set of three Moomin branded pens with the same clever function. Not only do these look cute but the erasable function is pretty handy and they're a total bargain at £1.06 for the set!

Gradient Sticky Notes Memo Pad 99p HERE
If like me you're a list/note writer then you will find sticky notes incredibly handy. Although the standard sticky notes do the job I really prefer the larger list size and these benefit from being aesthetically pleasing with the lovely gradient colour to them.

Black Monthly Planner £3.39 HERE
If you are still looking for a monthly planner for 2018 then look no future! eBay always have so many lovely designed notebooks and planners but these really caught my eye. I love the foiled geometric detail against the black cover and the planner itself looks like it's designed well, covering the entirety of the year.

2 x Multi Sticky Notes Memo Pad £2.32 HERE 
If you're currently studying, wanting to mark new recipes to try out in the new year or simply want to be more organised them this set of sticky notes which include page markers and list style sticky notes will come in handy. I simply couldn't resist these with their cute cactus designs!

Eiffel Tower Scissors £2.49 HERE
Last year I picked up a pair of copper Eiffel Tower scissor which although I still love, I clearly overspent on as they were £8! So I had to include this listing as these are not only a bargain but come with an amazing oil effect finish. Now I'm wondering if I can justify picking up another pair as they are just too pretty!

Glitter Ballpoint Pen £2.49 HERE 
While I haven't a clue what these types of pens are called I've always marvelled at them! Although they aren't as popular these days I still find them fun and great when procrastinating as you can turn them upside down and watch the glitter fall down. My favourite has to be the gold pen with the mixed glitter or the all rose gold pen - really lovely!

Letter Writing Set £1.99 HERE
If you are someone that still loves the idea of sending snail mail then this listing of stunning letter writing sets may be for you. Each set is wonderfully unique in design and contains 4 writing paper sheets and 2 envelopes. The 'Baby Deer' set really is lovely! 

2 x Marble Sticky Notes £2.20 HERE
Back to a pad of sticky notes with these very blogger-esqe marble style ones. Perfect to use as both a blog prop and for staying organised! 

2 x Donut Correction Tape £3.78 HERE
While I haven't used correction tape in years I couldn't resist including these donut-shaped ones that look oh so cute! For the price, you get two donuts in different colours, very kawaii and perfect for on your desk.

Pink and Mint Planner Stickers £2.80 HERE
If creating a bullet journal isn't your thing or feels like it would take too much time then a great alternative is to customise your own planner/diary for 2018 with cute stickers! This set of stickers would be perfect for the job as it has header-like stickers and a lovely pint and mint colour scheme with foiled finishes. 

Let me know your favourite budget items here! I think my favourite finds have to be the super cheap Moomin pens and Eiffel Tower Scissors! 

Fee xo.

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