eBay Bargains: Pinterest Inspired Homeware Finds

While Pinterest is a fabulous place to waste time procrastinating over what your dream home would look like it's not the most ideal place to shop from. Along with eye-watering prices for homeware pieces, I'm often disappointed most items are US based. So today I thought I'd bring you a bunch of budget-friendly and accessible homeware finds inspired by Pinterest!

Glass Dome Lamp with Feathers
£9.99 HERE  
Pinterest is awash with pretty fairy lights under cloches so I had to include this stunning lamp when I came across it. A lot of this style of decoration/lamp comes with natural wood bases and without feathers and while they are nice this is definitely the prettiest version I've come across to date! I especially love the addition of the white feathers that look so delicate and add a bit more interest to the cloche.

Home Sweet Home Doormat
£8.99 HERE
Once you have your own home strange things start to happen. You start lusting after a copper draining board and wanting a fancier doormat for no other reason than it makes boring household items that bit prettier! This is me, well mainly on the doormat front. I've scoured Tesco, Next, even Homesense to not much avail and then I come across this one! The most pin-worthy doormat I ever did see! It's not exactly cheap-cheap but it's kinda' worth it seeing as they last forever! Should I buy it? I think so! 
Seagrass Woven Baskets for Plant or Storage
£3.99-£5.59 HERE
For the past year I've been seeing these large woven baskets used for both storage and plants all over Pinterest but the problem is the price. Normally coming in at £20+ they have always seemed overpriced to me... until now that is! Available in  3 sizes all with budget price tags these really are a bargain. Painted pastel versions are also available linked within the listing. 

Fake Swiss Cheese Plant Leaf
99p-£1.29 HERE
If you're a plant lover but find you tend to kill plants then fake ones it is! I have a mix of both for that very reason and often use fake plants are blog props. One of my dream plants would be a Swiss Cheese plant, again seen all over Pinterest as they suit almost all rooms and interiors, but I simply cannot justify the price due to the risk of killing it within a few weeks of owning it. Which is why I had to include this listing for anyone that feels the same. For the low price per stem, I would personally pick up a few in varying sizing and arrange them in a vase.

Stainless Steel Holographic Flower Spoon Set
Set of 8 £5.45 HERE
Okay, so I haven't seen anything like this on Pinterest before, however, cutlery is certainly getting more stylish and fun as of late with copper cutlery sets along with holographic sets becoming more widely available. This set of eight spoons caught my eye because I've simply never seen anything similar and love how unique they are! Perfect for if you have guests around for tea or even as a gift... or because you just want them! They also come in rose gold, blue, purple (LOVE!) and black.   

Modern Plant Cushion Covers
£1.89 HERE
Obviously it wouldn't be an eBay homeware post without sharing my latest cushion finds! eBay is my go-to place for picking up cushion covers as they are beyond cheap and can make such a difference to how a room looks. This listing contains lots of plant themed covers which I love and I'm definitely tempted to stock up on a few for using outside this summer especially as they are made from a strong woven material. 

Modern Geometric Cushion Covers
£2.39 HERE
Another range of cushion covers that really caught my eye were these stunning geometric design covers that also come with a few motivational quotes and saying to them. For the price, these are just amazing value! Fingers crossed their good quality as well!  

Handmade Macrame Wall Hanging
£9.99 HERE
Macrame wall hanging are beyond popular on Pinterest and generally range from £20 to £50 in price so I decided to see what eBay had to offer. Prices aren't that low however this one is still worth the £9.99 price tag for the interesting style and size. I really love how this macrame incorporates wool but you can also find different sizes and colours linked to the listing.

Micro Wire Fairy Lights 3 Metre
Star, Cactus, Rabbit, Heart options £2.49 HERE
If you want to create your own fairy light filled cloche or simply decorate a room with more elements of lights then eBay in the place to look. I own quite a few micro copper fairy lights (battery operated) here which I use to decorate shelves and as blog props but if you want something a bit more special then you may want to check out this listing. My favourite sets have to be the mini cactus and star lights! 

Grey Felt Letter Board
£14.23 HERE 
Lastly, I wanted to share a lovely letter board I came across. Forget light boxes, it's now all about the letter board! This specific one comes with an oak frame and can be stood up ( it has a kickstand) or wall hung and includes 340 letters. I recently picked up a similar version in white and although I love it it's made of plastic and not felt which does give it a cheap feel, so I really do prefer how this one looks!

Let me know your favourites from my homeware picks! I think mine are the home sweet home doormat and the woven storage baskets which are such a bargain! 

If you have any themed eBay posts you would like me to do in the near future simply let me know in the comment section below.

Fee xo.

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