This £4 Concealer Dupe Has The Internet Talking and for Good Reason

Enter the concealer of the moment!

Yes, Makeup Revolution has done it again, creating another amazing 'dupe' product in the form of Conceal and Define Concealer that has whipped the internet into a frenzy. It also helps that the product it's duping, Tarte Shape Tape (£22), the best selling concealer worldwide!

Available in 18 shades (7 more to be added in March!), this concealer is lightweight, non-dragging and full coverage. And if that wasn't enough the creamy formula can also be used to highlight and contour with!

Read on to find out how I've got on with Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer and how it fairs against the blogger loved Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. 

While I often class myself as a lazy blogger for doing my own thing and for not getting on every new hyped beauty launch when this concealer launched I knew it was something I would be picking up ASAP. Why? Well for one, it's an inexpensive £4 and two, it's been dubbed a dupe for Tarte Shape Tape which is just flippin' amazing!


The first thing I noticed on my first application of Conceal and Define was the oversized doe foot applicator that I presumed I'd find chunky and unnecessary but I instantly understood why they had gone for it, and it wasn't just to dupe Tarte Shape Tape! Due to the size of the applicator with the creamy formula the application feels glorious, almost like only the concealer is the only thing touching the face and not the wand, making for a super easy and non-dragging application especially on the under-eye area.

The doe foot applicator also looks ideal for contouring with so I will be back into Superdrug next week to swatch the deeper shades and give that a try as well.


Formula wise, as mentioned it's creamy yet lightweight and near enough full coverage doing an excellent job of concealing under eye darkness, redness and blemishes and importantly not settling into fine lines or looking overly matte. However the only minor flaw I can see, and it is minor, is that you do have to work relatively quick with it, no applying directly to the skin and going back to it after you've done your brows say, so it's more of a blend as you go situation.

So far I've used both my fingers and a mini beauty blender style makeup sponge with amazing results, however, I think for even more of a flawless finish under the eyes I will next try blending with a light fluffy concealer brush - my favourite ever blending brush is this £1.29 rose gold bargain (size E) from eBay! 


As for the shade range, it's impressive for a budget drugstore concealer and will be even more so when the extra 7 shades drop in March. With the addition of a white and extra darker shades!

While I can't talk about all the shades, if you are wondering whether to opt for C1 or C2 if you have pale skin (the latter being more available right now) then I would say the difference is that C1 is slightly fairer than C2 with neutral undertones, whereas C2 is still fair but with yellow undertones. I decided to go for C2.


Lastly, I quickly wanted to touch upon the longevity of the concealer. Again, this can't really be faulted. Of course setting with a little loose powder will extend wear time but even without it does pretty good although creasing does happen. Makeup Revolution really has nailed it here as this concealer feels and acts like a much more premium one and in fact trumps Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer with the much creamier formula.

While I like to bring balance to my product reviews I really have only positives to say about this new concealer! If you've been on the fence about whether to buy this or not, simply do as you will be impressed!

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer is available in-store at Superdrug. Or online at Superdrug HERE or Tam Beauty HERE priced at £4.00.

Have you tried this amazing concealer out yet?

Fee xo.

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