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Earlier this week I shared a makeup storage solution (in this post here) I picked up from eBay that's greatly helped me keep my dressing table tidy, something that doesn't come easy as a naturally untidy person! This got me thinking about makeup storage ideas in general as I an update of my own is needed. 

So after having a look on eBay and finding so many amazing new storage solutions I thought I'd share them here! Below you will find not only makeup storage solutions but nail polish storage solutions that I think will help me get organised in that area as well! 

Stainless Steel Gold & Rainbow Tray £6.49 HERE
Although acrylic storage is perfect for storing makeup I always find having a trinket dish on my dressing table handy. I often use it to store the lipsticks I'm wearing the most, tweezers and any other bits that don't really have a place. So when I came across this rainbow chrome tray I had to include it in this post! Both trays are a nice size and either would look amazing on a desk. 

Rose Gold Beauty Sponge Holder £1.29 HERE
While I've seen beauty sponge holders floating around the internet for some time I didn't really understand the full purpose of them until I saw the above image! Now knowing that they are intended to be used for drying sponges on as well I have snapped one up. It also helps they come in either a rose gold, gold or silver finish! 

Acrylic Makeup Palette Holder £7.91 HERE
If you have a large number of makeup palettes, especially large ones, then you will know how tricky it is to store them. So something like this really is amazing at keeping them organised and in one place!  I also really like how it's tiered so you can store both large and small palettes in order of size.

Hollywood Style Dressing Table Mirror £10.99 HERE
Next up I wanted to include this bargain makeup mirror that I thought was a little different to the normal pedestal type mirror. Not only is this a good size at 31 x 21cm but it's also battery operated and available in both black here and white here

Large Acrylic Makeup Tower £31.99
Available in clear, smokey and black HERE
While most acrylic makeup storage is clear I thought it would be nice to find some different colourways. Not only do I love the shape and design of the above storage but I think the black acrylic looks really striking and a great option if you want the longevity of an acrylic tower but don't want your makeup to be not be visible. The other shade option is classed as 'red wine' but I would describe it as smokey orange and although it wouldn't look right in my own decor I think it could look really good in the right setting.

Flamingo Storage Basket £1.99 HERE
When it comes to skincare I like to be a little less organised as products are generally bulky and don't fit into a desktop storage unit as easily as makeup. So a compact basket like this is perfect for the job! I love the flamingo design however you can find other styles in the listing.

Wall Mounted Acrylic Nail Polish Display  Holds 40 - £14.89 HERE
If you're a true nail polish addict then displaying your nail polishes with pride may be cheaper than you think! This clear acrylic display can be easily mounted onto a wall holding over 40 nail polishes in total! For the price this really is amazing!

Plastic Beauty Box Storage £3.99 HERE
If you are looking for something small to store everyday makeup in or a few skincare items this cute storage box couldn't be cuter. Available with either a pastel green or pastel pink pull out drawer.

Large 3 Drawer Acrylic Jewellery Box/Makeup Storage £19.99 HERE
Beautify are a brand that offers amazing quality makeup storage (I've bought from them before on eBay!) and while this isn't meant for makeup the pink dividers could easily be used separately as drawer organisers and the acrylic storage box could be used for makeup instead. With that in mind, I really think this is a bargain!

Mobile Nail Polish Tool Case £14.99 HERE
Onto nail polish storage now as this is another aspect that can get untidy for me, especially with nail art accessories and general nail tools not having a rightful place. This foldable case really does hold quite a lot, as it includes two large sections that are zipped with two more inner zipped sections and two storage section one for loose items and one will space to  hold 18 nail polishes! Really very handy. 

Nail Polish Storage Wrap (holds 12) - £7.99 HERE
Lastly, if you are only interested in a storage solution for your favourite nail polishes then this wrap is an excellent idea! My own nail polish set up includes hundreds of nail polishes but even I think I could benefit from this wrap as it would mean I could have my most used nail polishes to hand and would make them more portable. I really love this item! 

Let me know for favourite storage finds here and if you treat yourself to anything! 

Fee xo.

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