The New Ciate Glitter Flip Lipstick Shades You Need In Your Life

Last year Ciate launched the world's first transforming glitter lipstick and while I was interested in the concept, the shades just didn't appeal to me as I'm not one to wear anything remotely bold or vampy!

However, they became Ciate's best selling product in 2017! 

So today I'm here to share with you 6 new shades that are to be added to the existing lineup for spring/summer 2018 that are in an array of more wearable muted shades that I really believe a lot of people as going to enjoy.

Ciate Glitter Flip Transforming Glitter Liquid Lipstick £17 - available from Ciate London from January 30th HERE.

Before I share the new brand-new line-up I feel I need to explain the concept as just by looking at them they look like any other liquid lipstick. However, these are total game changers if you love a metallic lip or the idea of wearing glitter on the lips but have never found it practical. 

The innovative liquid lipstick applies as a metallic matte with a smooth opaque colour coverage; once dry (around a minute or two), simply press your lips together to see an instant transformation of multi-dimensional glitter! Super easy and with no gritty feel or fallout! 

If you spotted these the first time around then you may be aware the deeper shades appeared to be the most glittery so as the new line-up has more muted everyday tones you can expect a more subtle glitter finish with these which I personally prefer. However, there are two bolder shades that should satisfy anyone that wants a more striking glitter finish.

The new Ciate Glitter Flip shades include: Undressed, Chaos, Whisper, Valentine, Trouble and Surreal. 

Although I was tempted to try one of the deeper nude shades first I decided to go outside of my comfort zone of only wearing nudes and try Valentine (baby pink). Once dry I smacked my lips together to reveal the micro violet glitter which although looked pretty did clash a little with the liquid lipstick itself and in some lights appeared frosty. Not an awful look but it somehow reminded me of 90s makeup. 

So on to Whisper (mink taupe) as this was my usual kind of liquid lipstick. Thankfully on rubbing my lips together to transform the formula, the glitter had much more contrast to the lipstick shade with the glitter being a light gold shade. Very pretty indeed! 

As for how these feel on the lips and wear... I will be honest, I did expect a little more on both fronts. While the matte formula isn't as drying as some I've come across, it is slightly uncomfortable as it dries down. That typical tight/dry feeling that leaves you wanting to lick your lips, but nothing you want to instantly remove! I guess this is the price we've got to pay for such prettiness! 

On the wear time front, I was pleased they lasted through drinking however when it came to eating they soon disappeared from the inside edge leaving a ring on colour/product on the lips that has to be removed as touch-ups with this just aren't possible. 

While I LOVE the concept of these there are some drawbacks for the price however the stunning glitter effect does make them worth it!

Lastly, it would feel wrong not to mention the packaging. Oh, the packaging! The smooth glitter effect lids are everything and really do make these liquid lipsticks stand out. 

All in all, these are on the pricey side, although Ciate is a mid-price to premium beauty brand after all, so it may be a case of picking your favourite shade out of the new line-up. I fully recommend Whisper and Trouble  - such stunning shades. 

What do you think of the new shades in the Ciate Glitter Flip collection? 

Fee xo. 
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