Barely Mentioned But Truly Loved Makeup & Skincare

With endless new beauty products to talk about, I've often realised I do not share any of the products I love the most! They may have been featured once or twice on Makeup Savvy but really they deserve so much more exposure and praise. 

Which is why I decided to sit down and share with you six products I really do get a lot of use from and truly love. These are products I feel most people will enjoy using so hopefully you will find a few new items to add to your beauty wish list. 

Kat Von D 'Tattoo Liner' Liquid Eyeliner 
£16.00 (on sale £13.60 HERE
Awarded the Best Liquid Eyeliner by Stylist Award in 2017 this is a true favourite of mine, in fact, it's the only liquid eyeliner I now use! 

The reason for my strong love is down to the pigmentation, a liner which gives jet black pay off even when applied over shimmer/glitter eyeshadows and it's waterproof/smudge-proof formula. Plus even with such a long-wearing formula that literally lasts the day, there isn't that typical tight pulling feeling as it dries down.

It's also worth mentioning that the brush also makes application precise and speedy with its fine flex, but not too flexible, nib that simply couldn't work better. Can you tell I have a lot of love for this eyeliner? 

MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette 
£21.25 HERE
Next onto a stunning compact palette from MAC which I initially picked up to try out a good range of MAC eyeshadows (without the cost) as the palette contains a good mix of lustre, satin, matte, velvet, and pearl finishes in 9 gorgeous shades. 

Over the past year, I've used this palette often and really do adore most of the shades, especially the matte dusky shades and the full-on shimmers that offer great pigmentation.

I also love that this palette offers excellent value for money as each small pan contains 0.8g compared to 1.5g for a full pan costing £13.50 so effectively if this palette contained 9 full size pans it would cost a whopping £121?! So even if you halved that due to the size of the pans in this palette you would still be looking at a saving of over £40 - which is amazing! 

A really affordable way of trying out MAC eyeshadows and perfect for travel. I really do like this palette a lot!  

Clarins Double Serum 
£49.25  HERE 
If it's good enough for the skincare goddess that is Caroline Hirons then it's certainly good enough for me.
Although I'd heard of Clarins Double Serum as it's won countless awards I only took notice of it when it got the Caroline Hirons seal of approval last year due to the brand removing the mineral oil from it. Now I don't know too much about the negatives of mineral oil in skincare but I listened up and loved the sound of it - an all-in-one anti-aging treatment for all skin types! 

As I'm approaching thirty while fine lines aren't visible just yet I have noticed a change in my skin texture with more noticeable pores and sometimes a sallow complexion that needed perking up. 

This lightweight serum does that! One pump both morning and night after a chemical exfoliator if you are using one and before the rest of your skincare and really does last a long time which is a very good thing due to the price point! 

It's soothing, non-greasy, soaks in a dream and basically improves the look of the skin! I really do think anyone that is looking for an anti-ageing product to add to their skincare routine should give this a try. 

Yes to Cotton Comforting Micellar Cleansing Water  
£6.99 HERE
Onto a much less sophisticated skincare item now, but one that's been so handy to quickly remove makeup as soon as I get home, before doing a full cleanse later on in the evening. Like most micellar cleansing water this doesn't thoroughly remove makeup but I find it very water based feeling and it importantly doesn't leave a film or tacky feeling on my face. 

I also love the pump dispenser! Of course, it isn't needed but pressing a cotton pad over the pump is beyond easy and a nice extra that most micellar waters don't have.  

Clarins Loose Mineral Powder 
£26.40 HERE
While I have quite a few powders in my collection the one that really stands out for me both for how long it's lasted (it is a huge 30g after all!) and how silky and beautiful it feels on the skin is this Loose Mineral Powder from Clarins. 

The ultra-fine lightweight powder is a dream to apply, setting makeup, dulling down excess shine and diffusing pores without looking heavy or enhancing fine lines. It also makes a nice base for eyeshadows to blend over and I often use it to diffuse the look of pores and uneven skin rather than for its makeup setting abilities. 

Truly a wonderful powder that excellent value for money when you look at the per gram price. 

eBay Makeup Brush Dry Clean Tin 
£1.99 HERE
Lastly, I wanted to include a bit of a random item that I've had for years now and use everytime I apply makeup. This simple little tin really is a must-have that I think most people aren't aware of! Effectively this is a dry makeup brush cleaner that spot cleans eyeshadow and powder makeup from your makeup brushes so that you can use one brush for different eyeshadows/products. 

After using a makeup brush and wanting to dip into another shade you simply swirl the brush over the dry coarse sponge in the tin and after 10 seconds it's clean! It really does work like magic without damaging brushes.

Inexpensive and beyond handy! 

Have you tried any of the products I've featured here? 

Fee xo. 

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