How I Practise Summer Self-Care

Today I thought I'd talk about something a little different - self-care. Because self-care plays a huge role in my life and has been one of the main ways I've overcome most of my anxiety problems. 

But with brighter weather and longer feeling days I've realised it's easy to push self-care aside, living life that bit faster and with a little less thought to what makes for good mental health. 

This is sometimes I'm sometimes guilty of, but for me, it takes only a day of feeling a little on edge or over worked to realise I need to give more time to some of my favourite self-care routines. Of course, everyone's ways are different, you may have never actively thought of trying self-care, but I thought it would be nice to share with you a few of my own favourite ways of combining self-care with summer living.

Lazy Pamper Evenings
As I actively practise self-case I 've got lazy pamper evenings down! This generally starts by putting on my pyjamas early and applying one of my favourite face masks (one that's non-drying because relaxation is key) and indulging in my slightly drawn out manicure routine. I may also apply melted coconut oil to my hair and scalp to condition my hair and even use a foot mask. Then while my nails are drying and everything is getting to work I will watch something on Netflix or listen to a podcast. After about an hour or so of pampering and preening myself, I will take a long shower in which I will use my favourite all of my favourite products. Then it's to bed feeling relaxed to either read or go straight to sleep depending on the time. To help me drift off I use this works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray which I was initially sceptical of but found it truly does help. Pampering as a self-care technique often gets a bad rap but I truly believe spending time taking care of yourself in this way, should you enjoy it, can be calming and comforting.

Summer Time Reading
I adore reading all year round but come summer I find it an even more enjoyable pastime that can counteract busy days. From taking time out at lunchtime to read or going to bed an hour or so early to indulge in a few more chapters of my current or favourite book. Reading can transport the mind to an entirely different place, even a different era and I truly believe even a short amount of time reading can have a calming effect and put your mind in a more balanced and relaxed state. After a busy or stressful day, I actively plan an early night of reading in bed and find it the perfect cure for an overactive mind and always find I fall asleep with ease. I'm currently reading a new release, How To Stop Time by Matte Haig (only £4.99 right now!), which I highly recommend!

Simple Days Out
There's something to be said about days out without planning or organising for. I'm talking a trip to a garden centre or a walk around a botanical garden in full bloom. Or if foliage isn't your thing a trip to a near by village for a slice of cake and tea or even a trip to see the cute fluffy animal at Pets at Home, I'm not even joking there! If you have an overactive mind it can be easy to fall into that rut of over planning or preparing for events or days out so simple trips can make a nice change. My favourite kind of day out generally includes being in nature so a walk around a nature reserve always does me good but alternatively, I do enjoy an afternoon of shopping especially when it's without a shopping list.

Technology-free Weekends 
I've been experimenting with technology-free time for quite awhile now. Starting with the odd evening without the use of all devices, then leaving the house without my phone to now happily spending weekends off grid. It is kind of sad that it required stepping stones to get to that point but I was realistic and never going cold turkey was never going to work or make me happy. I, of course, don't do this every weekend but I'm aware of when it would be beneficial, which is generally when I've had an overly busy week or I'm feeling deflated with what I've been consuming in the way of online media. Taking time away from your phone or even just social media can naturally make you more present but it can also give you the break you may need to feel a little more refreshed with life. I highly suggest giving it a go!

If you practise self-care I would love to know what helps you especially come the summer months.

Fee xo. 

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