eBay Bargains #83 - Pinterest Inspired Homeware


Gold Stork Scissors £3.49 
Why have normal scissors when you can have stork scissors, right? Perfect for any crafter or desk perfectionist these golden scissors are some truly Pinterest worthy. Super cheap and from a UK seller. 

Cosmetic Mirror with Trays £9.59
Another Pinterest worthy desk item that offers two purposes. I'm thinking the two trays would be ideal for either keeping jewellery to hand or storing makeup sponges and eyelash curlers on. I actually think I could do with a mirror like this!

Gold Pineapple Cocktail Shaker £10.80 
A styled bar cart is something that can be seen all over Pinterest, always featuring an aesthetically pleasing cocktail shaker. But whether you own a bar cart or not this Pineapple cocktail shaker is pretty special looking. Perfect as an accessory in a kitchen or dining room I think this specific one looks more like an ornament than anything a cocktail shaker.

Eames Eiffel Inspired Chair £29.99
I own a rocking chair version of this chair which I bought from eBay many years ago and it's one of my favourite pieces in my living room. This pretty indestructible chair (as they are made from curved thick plastic) makes a perfect statement chair in the corner of a room or as a pretty comfortable desk chair. Very Pinterest and a classic piece of furniture that won't date!

Copper Mirror Candle Tray £7.95
Candle trays are something I come across often on Pinterest, mainly in scandi inspired decors. With a mirrored base the idea is they create a reflection of the lit candles on the tray giving off a lovely glow and cosy atmosphere. This specific tray is one of my favourites and can be also found in silver here. Buy two copper trays for £9.95 here.

Knot Pillow £7.25  
Recently I've been spotting these pretty unique knot pillows/cushions appear on Pinterest... and I kind of like them! Totally impractical but super pretty these are a bit of fun more than anything else. Another scandi decor piece that adds a cosy element to any interior. 

LSA Pastel Rainbow Glass Tumblers £13.37
Although not a bargain I just had to include these amazing glasses! I personally love LSA glassware yet have never seen anything similar to these before. Two tumblers for £13 certainly isn't cheap but they truly are magical and oh so stylish!

Wire Mesh Notice Board £11.89 
Pretty much every desk inspo image I've pinned to my Office Inspiration Pinterest board includes a wire notice board with obligatory motivational quote postcards and prints. Available in a range of sizes this notice board comes in both white and black and is quite affordable.

Gold Foil Bobby Pins Wall Art from £8.99
It wouldn't have been a Pinterest inspired eBay post without including a foiled art print. This one is perfectly Pinterest and comes in a range of sizes and colours. The seller also sells many other lovely foiled prints worth checking out.

Photo Peg Fairy Lights £5.69
If you are looking to create a cute desk area or Pinterest inspired bedroom then these fairy lights may just be what you need! Perfect for pinning up poloroids, Instagram prints or motivational cards these fairy lights are such a clever idea and a total bargain! 

Hanging Glass Planter Vases from £1.07 
Lastly, I wanted to include these dainty glass terrarium planters. I possibly wouldn't include water in these as I'm fairly clumsy but instead delicate air plants or succulents that thrive on a small amount of moss. I imagine these to look so pretty hanging in the sunlight near a window.

Although I've said it before, I think this may be my favourite eBay edit to date! 

Let me know your favourite pieces here. 

Fee xo.
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