Beauty Brands I Want To Discover More From

For the past year I've felt a bit overwhelmed by the amount of choice there now is when it comes to beauty products. So much so that I gravitate towards new releases for ease instead of exploring brands I already know I love.

This does mean I'm discovering more new beauty products that I could potential love but also that stable brands I know can always rely on get forgotten about both in my makeup collection and when beauty shopping. 

Realising this has made me aware that I need to appreciate the beauty brands I've loved in the past and make a conscious effort to explore more of in the future! Below are five brands I plan to embrace and try more from in the coming months.

ELF Cosmetics
Since ELF has made a comeback I've yet to try anything from them! This is mainly due to shopping in Boots over Superdrug but also because I just don't know what to try out. For once I think I may be leaning toward their skincare, something that didn't use to appeal to me, but it's seems they've have had a re-vamp and their skincare line now looks quite Korean inspired, with an interesting bubble face mask amongst other lotions and potions. I think I will seek out a few online reviews of both ELF's new makeup and skincare offerings and head to Superdrug in the next few weeks.

Tarte Makeup
Since launching with QVC UK, Tarte has become a much more accessible brand, with the products I have tried being a total hit. But it's been minimal, just a compact eyeshadow palette or two and a single mascara and lip product. All of which I've loved but now I think I need to try out some raved about base products; I'm thinking Tarte Shape Tape to start with and the gorgeously packaged Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation. This really is a brand that excites me that I need to try more of ASAP!

NARS Cosmetics
Other than a few powder blushers and my staple Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer I really haven't tried much from Nars. Not a single foundation or palette... which is pretty surprising seeing as both are so often raved about online! I will be honest though... for the high price point the packaging does put me off. I know it may seem beyond fussy but I just can't stand makeup fingertips over the hard to clean almost silicone feel packaging - it drives me crazy! Of course, I have to put up with it with my trusty Nars Creamy Concealer but I don't think I could with anymore compacts, especially larger ones. But I do want to discover more from the brand and even pick up a good multipurpose palette I can take on holiday with me... so I slightly undecided for now!

Makeup Geek 
Makeup Geek is a brand I really got into in the latter part of last year, however, it was purely their amazing eyeshadows. I now have quite the collection of Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans in two Z palettes which I absolutely adore but I just don't know what to try next! So far I've found Makeup Geek amazing value for money so I'm hoping to be pleased with whatever I decide to go for. I do know it won't be pan based products, just because it seems a bit samey, definitely not because I don't rate them. So I may have to look into their liquid lip products!

This may seem a strange one as L'Oreal is a very accessible and affordable beauty brand and one I've feature quite a lot of on Makeup Savvy. However I seem to stick to the same types of products, them being L'Oreal hair care/styling products and base products. They do both types of products incredibly well along with their skincare range and I've been pleased with so many of my purchases. But I'm finding I've never really discovered nail polishes or lip products from them and I'd like to! I think my next purchases from L'oreal will have to be a delicate pink nail polish I recently spotted online along with an Infallible Matte Lip Paint, again in a neutral shade. Any L'Oreal makeup recommendation would be appreciated!

Do you have any beauty brands you want to try more from?

Fee xo.
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